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Update on supplements   4 y  
Update on supplementation
Iím up to 14 vitamins and supplements a day now, and the latest ones, Hawthorne Berries, CoQ10 and more B-12, seem to be doing some good. Iím also taking the Dopa-Mucuna and the Acetyl-L-Carnitine on a more regular basis, and started back on a low dose of MSM. I really think the Hawthorne Berries have been the most helpful. I am not having nearly as much pain in my joints, especially my feet, and I think itís because most of it was caused by fluid retention. The only problem is that the minute I stop taking the Hawthorne Berries, the fluid starts building back up, so there is something ...   read more

Peeling Lips   4 y  
parasites in lips
Iím getting so sick of these worms in my lips. They peel down or up on my bottom lip in long strips, attached firmly at the ĒheadĒ end. I canít pull them out, or they leave a hole in my lip, so I bite them off and wait for the head to die and roll out on its own. Then there are the disk-shaped larvae that stick up out of my lips and have to be pulled out. They are very sharp and hard. These are the same things that used to come out of my mouth, but not so much in my mouth anymore, just in my lips now. When I was on the Iver/ABZ protocol, the peeling stopped, but now they are back again, ...   read more

Sorry I havent' posted in so long   4 y  
Kasima says hi
Hi Everyone! Iíve been very busy with some life issues, and havenít been cleansing at all. Iím going to be doing another round of Ivermectin shortly, so will get back to posting then. Still working on setting up a new blog over on Blogger, but no date for that yet. Iím feeling o.k. I got out of a very stressful situation, so my health improved just from that. My new blog will have a lot about my new lifestyle, not just parasites! I truly believe a healthy body keeps these buggers at bay, and Iím working toward that. Iíll also be writing more about my supplementation regimen for my lu ...   read more

About this mucoid plaque thing   4 y  
Is mucoid plaque real?
Iíve been reading, and it seems that most people pass this stuff, whatever it is, after taking a P&B shake or a colon cleanse. Well, I did neither of those things. I just took a tablespoon of psyllium twice in one day. After I passed the long, black rope of about 12 inches and a few smaller black ropes, I took more psyllium, but nothing came out but clumps of fiber. I have taken bentonite clay in the past, but only 1 tsp. in 2 ozs. of water occasionally (maybe once a month) to relieve diarrhea. I donít see how that much could have built up on my colon walls. My rope wasnít really black, ...   read more

I think I got excited for nothing   4 y  
Mucoid plaque - is it real?
Well, Iíve read up on Ēmucoid plaqueĒ and I donít think I believe in it. I think it may be a scam, and what came out of me was just the psyllium fiber in a long rope. On the other hand, the psylliuim is helping to end my bloating and water retention, so whether mucoid plaque is real or not, itís doing me some good. I need a good colon cleansing anyway, so whether it brings out parasites or not, itís worth it.   visit the page

So depressing that these parasites are not going away   4 y  
Update on Parasite Treatment
Sorry I have not posted in so long, but I have real life stuff that is taking precedence. Iím so frustrated that these parasites are still coming out of my skin, and probably still eating up my insides. I donít know what to do to stop them right now, because I have to work and canít take the Iver/ABZ. Anything I take that kills them makes me have die-off, and I canít think to work, so Iíve had to stop doing anything but the ABZ and Iver once a week. Once I get past this really crazy busy time, Iím going to take the whole 5-week protocol again. I was on the Iver for 4 weeks, and the ...   read more

May need to take Prazi next   4 y  
Parasite Treatment
The things coming out of my mouth and skin are definitely tapeworm larvae. A friend brought over his microscope and we took a look. Unfortunately, no camera, but there it was -- the scolex, the neck and the fat belly of the larvae. Looked a lot like the dwarf tapeworm, which I was diagnosed with at some point. I am still taking the ABZ and Iver once a week, and the ABZ seems to be what is driving these tiny ones out. Pretty sure that itís tapeworm in my lip too, because the same round paper-like disk things are coming out there again, along with long, papery strips. Iver doesnít seem t ...   read more

Still have larvae coming out, but not much   4 y  
Strongyloides treatment
Since I took my dose of Iver and ABZ last week, I still have larvae coming out, but not much. Mostly itís the little ĒsandĒ things coming out of my eyes, the mucus strings coming out of my nose, the white disk-shaped things that come out of my mouth when I brush my teeth with baking soda (I think these are dwarf tapeworm larvae), or an occasional larvae coming out somewhere else. My scalp sores are healing, which is nice, because they hurt when you brush your hair. Iím starting back on putting the VCO/castor oil on every night for awhile, and have started back taking all my vitamins an ...   read more

I Truly Believe All IBS is Caused by Parasites   4 y  
Parasites and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I had severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. It got so bad that I would get up several times a night and sit screaming in pain in the bathroom. It just would not stop, no matter how I changed my diet. I started reading about parasites when they moved into my eye. I wish I had kept some of what I read, because I canít find some of it now, but there were several places I read that IBS is caused entirely by parasites, and in 100% of the cases, once the parasites are gone, the major symptoms stop immediately. After the gut has had time to heal, the IBS is gone. My first parasit ...   read more

Peeling lips cured and new protocol   4 y  
Strongyloides treatment change in protocol
The long strings that peeled off of my bottom lip were firmly attached at one end, and I always thought they were worms. Looks like I was right. I had started putting Ivermectin onto my lip during my protocol, and they peeled worse than ever for awhile. They have never gone this long without peeling, but they have not peeled since the last day I took the meds. Unfortunately, Iím starting to feel the squiggling in my right eye again, and itís watering some in the morning. A little bit of white ĒsandĒ coming out of the corners, but not much and not every day. Still, evidently, I will not ...   read more

Thinking of taking both meds once a week   4 y  
ICU's Strongyloides Protocol
Parasite symptoms are coming back, especially on my right side. My right eye is watering and I woke up with pain in my shoulder, neck and underarm lymph nodes, and a slight headache on my right temple. Iíve read up on Albendazole a lot in the last few days, and it seems that the normal dosage is either 400mg for two days, then a break for two weeks, or 600mg or 800mg one time only. Since the side effects usually start to show themselves on day two, Iím thinking about taking 600mg of ABZ with the Iver once a week. There was a study I read (sorry, donít have the link) that said that a ...   read more

I have the worst headache today   4 y  
Strongyloides treatment
I donít know what is causing this headache, but it really hurts. Iíve taken OTC meds (Aleve) but they havenít helped much. My ears will suddenly ĒpopĒ and start ringing, just like they did when I was taking the Albendazole. I wonder how long it takes it to get out of your system and how long things will keep dying.   visit the page

Still taking weekly Ivermectin   4 y  
ICU's Strongyloides Protocol
I will take my weekly Ivermectin during my break. I want to keep things under control, but the Albendazole is just too harsh for me right now. Iím also going to be moving the blog to another site, so Iíll post the link soon. Thanks for reading!   visit the page

Update: I'm stopping the protocol   4 y  
ICU's strongyloides protocol
I have a lot of bills that I have to pay in the next two months, and I canít work feeling this bad. I am going to stop the protocol and do the last two weeks in a few months after I get past this. I just canít function in this much pain, and I donít believe itís the die-off that is causing it, because the day after I stop taking the albendazole, it goes away. Iím sorry if you are disappointed, but my life right now demands that I be in good health, and this stuff is just making me ill.   visit the page

Day 31: ICU's Strongyloides Protocol   4 y  
ICU's strongyloides protocol
I donít know what is going on on the right side of my head, but something is. There is a sore on my top gum where something evidently exited and ripped it open. I have pains from that spot up into my head every time I take albendazole, and my right eyelid occasionally twitches. This is the side where I had the squigglies in my eye. I donít feel them anymore, but there are shooting pains in the sinus over that eye. I always have joint pain on my right side when I take ABZ. I really hate this stuff. Last night my gut burned so badly I couldnít sleep, even after taking Aleve for the pain. ...   read more

Day 30: ICU's Strongyloides Protocol   4 y  
Round two of Albendazole
First day back on Albendazole after the break. Took it an hour ago, and have already started having pains in my right temple. I hope I donít have those horrific abdominal cramps this time around, or I may just stop taking it altogether. Soaked my feet in hot water with borax and Epsom salts last night, and got a lot of stinging. Scraped the dead skin off my feet with a dull knife, which I find does a lot better than a pumice stone. The weird thing about the skin on my heels is that it sometimes peels off in long, thin strips that seem to have a head, but it just looks like skin, so very ...   read more

Morgellon's confetti?   4 y  
Strange happenings on Strongyloides protocol
I had the strangest thing happen today. I had just gotten in from the library when I noticed black flecks of shiny stuff all over the inside elbow arewa of my right arm. Iíve seen this stuff before, but not like this, usually just the odd square black piece on my hands after I put on coconut oil or cocoa butter. I thought maybe something had flaked off of the bag I was carrying, but it doesnít have anything black that could flake off. Anyway, I brushed it off, sat for awhile and then went to the grocery store. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked, I notice many more of these s ...   read more

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