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John Burgstiner Shares Special Insights on Bone Health   4 y  
Before we can understand the link between weak bones and aging, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and a host of other ailments, we need to first understand the critical roles our bones play in our health:
Hello friends, In my humble opinion, this post will be life changing for anyone who will fully embrace this article content. If you want to better understand and initiate functional, preventative health care, then this article by John Burgstiner holds ”huge” potential towards securing fundamental future health. This clearly illuminates the critical roles our bones play in our health. ”Enjoy!” Strong Bones - The Ultimate Anti-Aging Strategy By John Burgstiner Founder/President of Logos Nutritionals, LLC Picture in your mind a forty year old woman in her prime standing tall an ...   read more

Its All In the Terrain   5 y  
An continuing dialogue further exploring health care and holistic medicine. A comprehensive history and closer examination of the factors inherent to healing through restoring the bio terrain.
Hello Folks Much of our traditional healing knowledge and personal health empowerment has been lost over the years, as medical advances and “letting the doctor handle it” have become our way of life. Having surrendered personal responsibility for our health at the altar of technology, we have witnessed the emergence of a global conglomerate “sickness industry” that is so pervasive that health care is now possessed with the lucrative business of treating illness rather than promoting health. Medical schools no longer adequately teach disease prevention or proper diet and exercise as ...   read more

A Wonderful Read   6 y  
The Gift of Recovery Can Come From Anyone
Hello Folks I have not posted here in quite a while. I have been busy with furthering my career and helping people individually with understanding Toxic Disease. I remain healthy and whole and I am free of Morgellons symptoms as I write this today. I want to share part of an article found on the ”He Cures All” Foundation web site. The URL is hecuresall.org. It is a most compelling artcle on Morgellons and I want to share it because I believe it can be profoundly useful to help support those who are newly stricken. I hope the message content will serve to find financial help for them. ...   read more

Raw Glandular Extracts…What they are…How they work.    7 y  
Glandular therapy is based upon the notion that glandular substances are biologically active in our body, or that “Like cells help like cells.”
Hello Folks John Burgstiner, CEO of Logos Nutritionals once said something that fascinated me. He said that glandular therapy is based upon the notion that glandular substances are biologically active in our body, or that “Like cells help like cells.” I found this fascinating because I already knew that Logos’ Liver CS Plus and Complete Thymic Formula - two of the foundational supplements included in their   read more

More Unique Perspective on Our "System of Modern Medicine"   7 y  
Recognizing that our external symptoms are not our disease.
Hello Friends I have been quiet in submitting regular posts because there is already much truth here that for now, should stand alone. I remain in remission, with only Hep C and other viral considerations. One other ongoing challenge that remains is modulating inflammation and maintaining an aggressive, yet balanced immune response. But I am well! What I bring for you today is another significant message that again upholds and defines the truth. It is taken from a post written by John Burgstiner, (CEO and owner of Logos Nutritionals) that was published on the ”How I Cured Morgel ...   read more

Calling Joni Mitchell   8 y  
An honest update and review for readers who seek the truth about the real potential for remission. The unnecessary plight of Joni Mitchell.
Hello Friends Most everyone who grew up in the 70’s has a fond regard for Joni Mitchell. It breaks my heart to see how a proven successful Morgellons treatment protocol gets lost in the messy business of online predators and the chaos and confusion of people trying to understand what the disease is, where it came from and who is responsible. Even celebrity status and financial means have not enabled Joni Mitchell to find any answers. If you have Morgellons, you can rejoice in the fact that some have come to understand the disease and have developed a sensible and effective strategy ...   read more

Past Truths More Relevant Today   8 y  
Identify symptoms as indicators. Let them teach you.
Hello Friends Some of what will follow is taken from a Case Definition Study of Morgellons Disease collected from the archives of The Medical Advisory Board of the Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF.) Although this rigorous case study was compiled years ago, the real value to you today lies in one simple truth. Underlying symptoms, with time, become apparent to people who get well! This means your protocol must focus upon them and your protocol must address each at a causal level. SYMPTOMS Musculoskeletal Effects and Pain is usually present, manifest in several ways. Pain ...   read more

Amino Acid Profiles...Important to Remission   9 y  
Amino Acids directly assist with remission from disease.
If you are fighting Morgellons, look at the following amino acid profiles. It allows you to see more clearly the properties protein brings to bear towards restoring the immune health and the cellular integrity that Morgellons has eroded. Here is valuable discovery if you are serious about getting well. It is taken from: * Moringa Oleifera: Magic, Myth or Miracle - Dr. Howard Fisher – 2011* 18 Amino Acids Isoleucine – ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID – builds proteins and enzymes, stimulates the brain, promotes muscle recovery after physical exercise, regulates blood sugar levels and is u ...   read more

Looking Deeper. Co-infection Defining Morgellons.   9 y  
The Root Causes are The Bigger Conflict of Co-infection."Each one of our battles with Morgellons can end in calm and victory over each stage of the bigger conflict.
Hello Friends I want to continue to speak out about the root causes of Morgellons. I define Morgellons this way. When two or more pathogenic micro-organisms inhabit the same corrupted space it is called a co-infection. In my opinion, when this process is allowed to advance unimpeded, it can evolve into a full-blown multi-infection syndrome that is, Morgellons. My Morgellons unfolded as a chronic, degenerative disease that most definitely involved an autoimmune dysregulation component. It happens like this. (1) Toxic contamination of a local environment in the body occurs under the ra ...   read more

Circumstances plus perspective equals experience.   9 y  
"To heal Morgellons, it is much more important to you to recognize the existence of your own Guidance System"
Hello Friends ”I am trying here to continue to provide a creative, sustained approach to telling the truth to the sick and the public, and continue to challenge the often jaded public opinions of Morgellons and long term treatment.” The Truth ”To heal Morgellons, it is much more important to you to recognize the existence of your own Guidance System, and to utilize it, than it is to be deemed correct by, or find approval in the current dogma.” Morgellons represents a fundamental change in one’s metabolism where their ability to produce energy at a cellular level has been alt ...   read more

Lets get to the real truth!   9 y  
"You can't control the wind, but you can adjust the sails." More suggestions on where you should take your resarch.
Hello Friends ”You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails!!” In this blog, I want to continue to introduce what I believe are the more significant issues surrounding better understanding Morgellons Disease. To remain true to my blog title, here are some real ”Eye Openers” that I think will further allow you to heal. Since I remain mostly in remission, I hope you will also come to realize today and in the future certain ideas that will speed you along the path to recovery. However, please remember that what follows is merely my opinion. MORGELLONS ”IS COINF ...   read more

Protein Synthesis is vital to recovery.   9 y  
More information is provided to better fullfill the physical restoration needed to recover from Morgellons. Also, the gift of friendship and mentoring with love.
Hello Friends I once read that “the single most important thing in the life of any individual is another individual.” I would like to share in this post how that became “true” for me during my struggle to get well. I have come to realize that it is very important to embrace the notion that treating and healing Morgellons, or any other disease, should include understanding human physiology. Healing, “first and foremost,” is a process of restoring the integrity of the bioterrain. Mainstream medicine alone won’t heal you. That is the body’s job, which it will do very well when given ...   read more

JOB # 1 TOWARDS REVERSING MORGELLONS...Create and maintain proper blood pH   9 y  
The importance of understanding the role that Acidosis and proper blood pH plays with regard to Morgellons Disease.
Hello friends JOB # 1 TO GETTING WELL....CREATE AND MAINTAIN PROPER BLOOD pH. Medical studies are confirming that body acidity(acidosis) is a condition that weakens all body systems and is implicated in almost all disease, and especially Morgellons. Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from vital organs, bones and teeth to buffer (neutralize) the acid and safely remove it from the body. The body can suffer severe and prolonged corrosion due to high acidity as a condition that may have gone undetected for years. Alth ...   read more

Don't just be strong, don't be just committed, but also be NOBLE and provide hope.   9 y  
Bringing forth faith and hope for healing through contributing and getting involved.
Hello friends, Don’t just be strong, don’t be just committed, but also be NOBLE and provide hope. “Who will continue to answer the call to lead efforts to heal those stricken with MD now and in the future?” This is a question that sometimes keeps me up at night. Who will respond and join the small group of dedicated and caring individuals who currently commit to helping others cure this insidious disease? My conversations with others stricken with MD across the country and throughout the continuum reveal that I am not the only person wondering how we will survive the numerous obst ...   read more

There are many protocols and many products.   9 y  
The significance of finding, choosing, and getting to know reliable and trustworthy product suppliers.
Hello Friends, There are many protocols and many products one can find on line that purport to treat and cure Morgellons Disease. Unfortunately, too many of these are produced by individuals whom I would categorize as on line predators who are more interested in making money than curing disease. Then again, how does someone like myself, who is actually close to being in complete remission, properly endorse a protocol and treatment model that is working? This is a very sensitive issue. For me personally, I don’t wish to presume that the protocol that I am using is the only effec ...   read more

The specifics of my protocol   9 y  
Here is a more detailed view of the process I used to reverse Morgellons.
Hello This week, I would like to provide some specific details about the methods I utilized for the last 20 months that have brought me to almost complete remission from MD. To begin with, through my early research and my relationship with others who have the disease, certain principles became apparent to me that I just knew I would have to follow. The first of these was ”do no harm.” This lead me to a specific protocol that was both sensible and fixed. Second, I had to except and be firm in the notion that ”there is no silver bullet or quick fix for MD.” This lead me to embrac ...   read more

My journey back from the horror of Morgellons.   9 y  
How my journey back to health unfolded
Hello As I proceed with this blog, I now want to provide a slightly detailed chronology with more of a picture of how far I have come on my journey back to health. My message this week is both simple, yet profound. Truth be known, this disease is most definitely curable. It is also a disease which may require dietary considerations that should probably be in place for the rest of your life. Believe me, I am convinced to a certainty that I do not have anything outside of the scope of what nature often presents to any biological form of life when toxic overload compromises function ...   read more

Morgellons (MD), is a re¬sult of a unique combination of an acquired vulnerability and an environmental exposure.   9 y  
I have for some time now embraced the notion that MD involves multiple spirochete co infections together with heavy metal and general toxicity, immune suppression and hormonal imbalance.
”Most disease, and especially Morgellons (MD), is a re¬sult of a unique combination of an acquired vulnerability and an environmental exposure. As I see it, tics and mites (transmission vectors) and over 40 years of toxic life style represent the cause of MD for me.” As a Morgellons sufferer who is clearly getting well, I have for some time now embraced the notion that MD involves multiple spirochete co infections together with heavy metal and general toxicity, immune suppression and hormonal imbalance. In my opinion, Lyme disease and other spirochete driven infections are a very rel ...   read more

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Morgellons   9 y  
Explanation as to the role heavy metals may play with Morgellons Disease. Chelation and how to reduce toxicity.
Heavy Metal Toxicity Their are similarities between common Morgellons symptoms and those of heavy metal or other cumulative chemical toxicities which we might group together under Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS.) Certainly some of the symptoms that typical Morgellons patients deal with are directly related to toxicity. These patients find relief in detoxifying the body. However, many patients, like myself, are dealing with multiple infections and infestations that also directly contribute to those same symptoms. I believe that the underlying toxicity is what is creating the environ ...   read more

Hello...beginngs   9 y  
A brief introductory message describing the scope and sequence of my intended cotent. A quick bio.
http://curezone.com/upload/ClipArt/tn_peacedove_1_.gif I am creating this blog with the hope to inform and educate readers about what I have learned along the path of my 2 year journey overcoming Morgellons Disease. There is something very precious that is captured when one recovers from serious, debilitating illness. I would like to share this gift. I further believe that many could benefit from my understanding of other related health issues, such as Lyme and spirochete disease, together with specific knowledge that I have developed through the blessings of my returning health. I a ...   read more


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