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Can We Make Our Telomeres Longer?   8 y  
Does Astragalus actually lengthen telomeres
Though the part of telomeres play in growing older continues to be not completely understood, researchers believe that DNA with the shortest telomeres bring about a process that triggers a dramatic modification in how normal tissues function. Tissues with the shortest telomeres die too soon. Telomere shortening is avoided by the initialization of telomerase, an enzyme essential for tissue regeneration. Lengthy telomeres reflect higher telomerase activity, and so are considered an excellent predictor of greater cells regeneration and longevity. What can be done about the length ...   read more

Selecting A Kinesiologist   11 y  
Choosing a Kinesiologist
If you are after a sense of total wellness, wellbeing and balance, consulting with a kinesiologist could help find it. Kinesiology is really a program of complementary organic therapy that utilizes biofeedback by means of muscle monitoring to learn the proceedings in a person’s entire body - whether you have an imbalance in your bodily, energetic, emotive or spiritual body. Which Kinesiologist? Select a kinesiologist that has completed a training course accredited by a business association including the Australian Kinesiology Association, or perhaps a practitioner who has ...   read more

What Is Bowen Therapy?   11 y  
The Bowen technique is an alternative type of bodywork
The Bowen Technique is a holistic and multidimensional way of pain alleviation and healing that has achieved spectacular effects over the past fifty years. Tom Bowen, its creator, who lived and practiced in Geelong, a small town near Melbourne, believed that the underlying result in or supply of several musculoskeletal, neurological, neuromuscular as well as other health or pain related problems might be present in the soft tissue. Fascia is just a specific form of connective tissue that forms a three dimensional net surrounding every tissue within the body. Fascia could be the physique ...   read more

Eight Facts About Cholesterol   11 y  
Cholesterol Isn't Bad For You
1 Cholesterol isn’t a lethal poison, but a compound crucial to the cells of most mammals. You will find no such thing as good or poor cholesterol, but psychological stress, exercise and modification of body-weight may influence the amount of blood cholesterol. A higher cholesterol isn’t dangerous alone, but may reflect a harmful condition, or it can be totally innocent. 2 A higher blood cholesterol is thought to promote atherosclerosis and therefore also cardiovascular system disease. But many reports have shown that folks whose blood vessels cholesterol is reduced become in the same w ...   read more

Reducing Your Blood Pressure Naturally   11 y  
Natural Ways to Reduce Your Blood Pressure
You have recently been informed you possess raised blood pressure. Now what? Well, there are several natural strategies you can use to lessen your blood pressure. We take a look at some that might help. The Details on Raised blood pressure It’s an easy task to avoid, yet leads to almost 25 % of deaths in the USA. That’s because raised blood pressure may lead to stroke, coronary attack, aneurysms, kidney failure along with other serious illnesses. Some medicines may cause serious unwanted effects. So before you get any blood circulation medication, make sure you understand the ...   read more

Organic Or Non Organic   11 y  
The Great Organic Debate
The great organic meals debate warmed up again, following a report that showed organic meals are not more healthy than non-organic varieties. In the following paragraphs, we examine the analysis, its findings and just why it’s ignited a fresh chapter in the natural and organic vs non-organic debate. Concerning the New Research The Stanford University study examined a lot more than TWO HUNDRED reports into natural and organic and traditionally-farmed food items. A group of TWELVE scientists examined research comparing the amount of vitamin supplements A, C and E in conventiona ...   read more

Should You Eliminate Wheat From Your Diet?   11 y  
Should You Cut Out Wheat?
On my naturopath’s guidance a year ago, I reduce all wheat products and dairy products from my diet plan. The proof will be in the wheat-free, dairy-free pudding: Personally i feel less heavy, leaner, my pores and skin appear clearer and my digestive system is finally working just how it should. If you have been considering eliminating wheat, this guide can help you on your own quest. Should you Eliminate Wheat? Most medical researchers will let you know that you should not cut right out any food group if you don’t possess an intolerance, allergy or another clinically diagnos ...   read more

Six Reasons To Switch To Coconut Oil   11 y  
Try coconut oil
If you happen to have not noticed, coconut oil may be the cool new kid on the market. Everyone’s talking about it - it’s being chucked into smoothies, curries, muffins and also rubbed on the skin. But how come coconut oil is taking the dietary community by storm? And just why should you utilize it? Let’s have a look… Coconut Oil May be used in Elevated Temperature Numerous cooks are replacing some other oils for coconut oil in food preparation. It may be because coconut oil is really a medium-chain saturated fatty acid, therefore it has an increased smoking temperature than ...   read more

Six Natural Ways to Combat Stress   11 y  
A list of six natural ways to beat stress
Feeling a little on edge? Seeking an all-natural way to stress less? We have put together six natural approaches to beat stress and anxiety, without swallowing a pill or pulling the hair on your head out. 1. Cut out Caffeine fully When you are feeling only a little tired, a walk can be a fast solution. But it also adrenaline to surge through the human body, raising anxiety and stress and anxiety levels. Then when you’re stressed, exchange a mug of the strong material for herbal tea. And cut fully out sodas, chocolate and black tea, mainly because these include caffeine too. 2. E ...   read more

Benefiting from Natural Therapies   11 y  
Getting the Most Out of Natural Therapies
Many years ago, I tried to fix my health. Planning to cure a couple of nagging conditions, I contacted acupuncturists, spiritual healers, naturopaths and Traditional Chinese Medicinal drugs experts. I moreover tried counselling. Dilemma was - I went to the first consultation and never adopted a good attitude (sprouting a million excuses, when certainly I was simply just lazy!). And so i was not in a position to really obtain the incredible benefits of natural treatments. I've since wised up and discovered a couple of helpful tips to get the absolute most out of natural well being. ...   read more


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