Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally...
by whenwillitend
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Youtube link-Healing Symptoms Known as Autism   9 y  
Link to Kerri Rivera at Autism One 2014 AMAZING
Chlorine Dioxide is one of the chemicals used as well as castor oil, neem, diatomaceous earth, mebendazole or the Kalcker Parasite Protocol Over 100 children are autism symptom free after following the instructions in this video. This was started by a mother who’s child suffered from autism. Check out the 40 inch ropeworm that came out of a 17 year old boy. This video is PACKED with information!   visit the page

Enhanced Photo of My Right Eye   9 y  
Enhanced photo of my right eye
Universally enhanced photo of my right eye using picsart. Contrast, sharpen, hdr, and one of the art filters that added they grey tone that highlights what is inside my eye used. Nothing added via photoshop or any other program   read more

Photo of my right eye   9 y  
Original photo of my right eye   visit the page

Close Up of My Eye   9 y  
Photo of my eye and morgellon's
This photo is universally enhanced using auto awesome’s editing tools on google+. color, contrast, and sharpeing only.   visit the page

Secret Testing on Texas Prison Inmates with Mycoplasma   9 y  
Texas prisons did secret testing on inmates in several towns in the 80's before the Gulf War resulting in it spreading to the towns
”Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus) has been tested on the Texas Department of Corrections prisoners in the late 1980s prior to the Gulf War. It was tested on death row inmates as well as other inmates in Huntsville, Texas. The guards then contracted it from the inmates, and the guards then gave it to their families and community. This mycoplasma vaccine testing was funded by the U.S. Army, and today there is an outbreak of 350 people in the Huntsville area with a strange disease resembling GWS.”--Dr Nicolson ”Researchers Dr. Garth Nicolson and his wife Nancy have found a tiny bacterial m ...   read more

Dr. Garth Nicolson Weaponized Mycoplasmas,HIV,Gulf War Syndr   9 y  
Weaponized Mycoplasma, HIV, and Gulf War Syndrome youtube link   visit the page

M pic number 1   9 y  
first in a three shot series of Morgellon's rapid changes in a skin sample
View the changes that rapidly happen to my skin sample. This is photo number one, the next is two with the third as the last.   visit the page

M pic   9 y  
view the changes of three different pics over seconds   visit the page

M pic   9 y  
M pic   visit the page

Circle Gets The Square M pic   9 y  
Morgellon's Pic   visit the page

Morg the Borg pic   9 y  
Morgellon's photo   visit the page

M photo   9 y  
morgellon's photo   visit the page

Morgellon's Eerily Beautiful photo   9 y  
Photo of Morgellon's on a fresh skin sample and the beautiful lights that one doesn't normally ever see   visit the page

Morgellon's Photo   9 y  
New photo showing Morgellon's and it's LIGHT   visit the page

The Link Between Morgellon's and the BP Oil Spills   9 y  
New light shed on the origins of Morgellon's and the link between Corexit, Synthia, and the oil eating super bacteria of the BP oil spills
A Facebook friend of mine gently steered me in the direction of the oomycetes and oil eating bacteria that was used to clean up the various oil spills that have taken place over the years. At first I was extremely skeptical, but then last night and this morning I did the research. I think he is very, very correct. These microbes later would be taken up and then would fall across the world in the form of RAIN. Here are some links to get you started doing the research for yourself and I think you’ll find that the evidence speaks for itself. High ...   read more

Bio-Bots! Link With Photos and a VIDEO   10 y  
Link that contains photos and a video of Bio-Bots!   visit the page

A Better Detailed Look At My Eye   10 y  
A Look At What Makes Up My Eye To get this I took my normal photo uploaded it to pixlr and solarized it, then inverted it, then went into curves and used chrome for black and white, sharpen, denoise, then the unsharpen mask   visit the page

Link To Extremely Interesting Article   10 y  
Inside info on Derpa's Black ops Projects   visit the page

Photo of My Eye, Derpa Darpa and the SyNapse Program   10 y  
A pic of my eye, a link to some M truth, and Derpa Projects by Derpa (spelling intentional) PRISM Hero Medusa Pegasus ect. ect. These are all small projects to prepare for Project Blue Beam   read more

My Light Goes Crazy   10 y  
Photo of M and the Craziness I deal with   visit the page

Photo of Hair   10 y  
pic of hair still attached to my head   visit the page

My deviantart link   10 y  
link to deviantart with more photos More photos are here   visit the page

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