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Water Fast 2: Pre Fast Day 3   10 y  
Water Fast 2: Pre Fast Day 3
So the pre fast is techincally over. Made some unwize eating choices for sure today, but never the less my stomach does not feel as backed up as before my prior fast. Has some fruit but and kept it simple through the day. Ate a good dinner though at home. I had some laxative pills just to see if I can get out any of the stuff tomorrow. Anyway, I am excited about starting my fast tomorrow. I think its good that I did some pre cleanse stuff. Even though it was far from perfect it should help me acheive a deeper cleanse this time :) lets see. Cant wait to start tomorrow.   visit the page

Water Fast 2: Pre Fast Day 2   10 y  
Water Fast 2: Pre Fast Day 2
Again the morning went well - watermelon, more watermelon and then sugarcane juice and then I went out with the boss for some tea and snacks. Was not too bad. Ate light at night and am skipping dinner. Feel light. Will have some psyllium husk before going to bed. Tomorrow is the last day of pre cleaning. Thursday onwards only water!!! cant wait.   visit the page

Water Fast 2: pre fast day 1   10 y  
Water Fast 2: pre fast day 1
Today I started the day well ... Watermelon, acv, fruits, sugarcane juice.. However in the afternoon work got stressful and I got a headache and have been burping. So I had a sandwich for dinner along with a pain killer. Had some personal issues resurface too. Still have a headache and am completely stressed out.   visit the page

Pre Fast Decision   10 y  
Pre Water Fast
So this morning I though I would dive into a water fast tomorrow. However after a day of eating out -- but relatively healthy food I have changed my mind. I also posted about this on the forum and got a response that was not specific but very helpful. I will be delaying the Water Fast until my body feels clean by consuming raw veggies, fruit and juices. I dont know if it will take one day to get that clean feeling or 1 week. However, this time I am going to do things right and go by my own intution. Plan for tomorrow is - - Watermelon throughout the morning. - One glass of ap ...   read more

Pre Fast Confusion   10 y  
Pre water fast
I wanted to maintain a clean diet prior to the fast but its just not working. I think it would be good to maintain a clean diet so that on the fast I feel more clear in my mind and also spiritual. And I also do not want to go through the entire fast feeling backed up like the last time. However, its just not happening. Daily I have some social occasion and I end up eating out. I think I need to just dive into the water fast or it will just not happen. But I am not sure of the impact of diving into a water fast. Can it be dangerous? I have posted in the forum about this. Hopefu ...   read more

Updates after the first water fast   10 y  
Cleanse, Water only fast, fast
A lot has happened after I broke the fast. Unfortunately I had many dinners and lunches outside after the fast. The first week or so after breaking the fast I was okay. But then last week my stomach pained when I consumed anything. So I ate less. Eating less did not do anything my stomach pained the next day too. Psyllium Husk did the trick. After 2 days on psyllium husk and I was eating normally and eliminating much better too. I also got a little congested and have started drinking apple cider vinegar. That took out a lot of yellow mucus and made me feel better. As for weig ...   read more

Day 10 - Water only fast - End of Fast   10 y  
Water only fast day 10
6:45 am - Woken up due to an emergency at work. Got informed that there will be weekend work too. This is bad. Cant wait for Sunday. 1:00 pm - Woken up again at 9 am and then slept until 12:30 pm. So I will be late to work. Lots of pressure at work and will be working this weekend. There is a chemist strike here which means I can not do an enema which I wish to do. In the shower I was looking for signs to continue the fast. I will look out for some signs throughout the day. But if its too difficult to manage work along with the fast then I may end it by juicing for a few days ...   read more

Day 9 - Water only fast   10 y  
Water only fast day 9
10:45 am - Woke up at 7ish and went back to sleep. Then woke up at 9:15 am. Woke up with a headache that almost disappeared. In fact I need to really focus to realize that my head is aching. Weight is down to 79.5 Kgs but still do not feel empty or light. Anyway, need to remember to have more water today, only focus on making it to day 10 for now which seems very achievable. Will also try to have more hot water today instead of cold or room temperature water. I dont feel weak for most of the day but I walk very very slow and people have commented on that too. I am not sure ho ...   read more

Day 8 - Water only fast   10 y  
Water only fast day 8
1:30 pm - Woke up with a headache at 10:00 am that went in minutes after moving around. This happens often. I am positive its related to gas issue. Had to run to complete some errands so did not get time to do anything. Didn’t have any water until 1:30 pm apart from 2 sips. Taste in mouth is foul. Experienced some pain in left knee just for a few minutes. Hope its healing. 2:30 am - Its 2:30 am and I need to wake up at 9:00 am and yet I am messing around and not sleeping. I watched some TV for 2 hours and then started browsing the forum. My body is tired but I just dont w ...   read more

Day 7 Water only fast   10 y  
Water only fast day 7
10:30 am - Woke up an hour back. Could use some more sleep. Weighed 80.6 lbs this morning. Negative thoughts about work are racing through my mind. At times I just get lost in though and think about a scenario in different ways until I realize and stop myself. Anway, no headache so its a good day. I am waking up congested everyday and I think its because I am allergic to something in the room. Its been going on for a long time prior to the fast. Hope it does not adversely impact the fast or healing process. Eyes are less red than last night. Hope they become clear real quick. ...   read more

Day 6 - Water only fast   10 y  
Water only fast day 6
Morning : Woke up at 5 am and then went right back to sleep and woke up at 10 am... with a headache. As soon as I started to move around the headache became more mild. This morning I weighed 81.0 Kgs. Thats down 5.6 Kgs (Over 12 lbs I believe) from when I stared in just 6 days :) I dont feel like drinking water anymore which is bad... I will make it a point to sip on water frequently. Mouth is really dry. Urine is still yellow and not clear. 12:00 PM - To my surprise I checked my toe nail while putting on my socks and the black fungus is gone. Its vanished!! I hope the nail ...   read more

Day 5 - water only fast   10 y  
Day 5 water only fast
Morning - Had to wake up early today for a meeting. Woke up at 830 with aslight headache. Thankfully the headache stopped as I walked around. Most likely I have some gas troublt that hopefully is getting sorted out. As soon as I burp I feel better. Color of urine is not clear anymorp. 8ts dark yellow or orangish. I think this is because I am not having enough water. I dont feel like having too muxh water since yesterday. ... guess I need to remind myself about drinking more water. 1:00 pm - feel like resting but can’t. Got to go out for hours today and it will not be fun. I ...   read more

Day 4 - Water only fast   10 y  
Day 4 - Water only fast
3:45 PM - Woke up late... and then went to sleep again. I think I woke up at noon. Feeling okay since there is no headache. Smell of food is very tempting. At times I just want to smell food. At times I imagine wolfing down entire meals and buffet spreads. Around half hour before I was just thinking that is it really worth it to always control myself while eating???? and is it possible for me to control the temptation and avoiding having the things I love to eat... One thing is certain - I plan to do an intermittent fast once a week every Tuesday to maintain I also realize that m ...   read more

Day 3 - Water only fasting   10 y  
Day 3 - Water only fast
Night - I woke up around 5 or 6 times. I kept on burping. Had the feeling like I wanted to eliminate and was experiencing a bowel movement. However when I went to the restroom I could not eliminate. Hence I have decided to do the enema thing even though I do not know anything about it. I will not be doing a salt water flush since I do not want any of the salt to be absorbed by the body. This is a water only fast. 10:00 am - Woke up late, without a headache and with a slightly stuffed nose. Thank god there is no headache. Went to the rest room and had a very weak bowel movement. ...   read more

Day 2 - Water only fast   10 y  
Day 2 water only fast updates
Getting to day 2 is awesome!!! And no signs of headaches this morning is great too. Lost 2 kgs4 lbs in a day which is good.Here are the updates. 10:00 am - had to force myself out of bed. Just wanted to lay dowg and relax. Had a few gas problems last night but feeling great now. 11:30 am - nose is congested and blocked. This happens to me regularly. Maybe I am allergic to something in my room. Feeling great about fasting. I think this one will be a long and very beneficial fast. Afternoon commute to work was insane with a full bladder. Also the heat did not help and I wa ...   read more

Day 1 - Water only fast   10 y  
Plan for a water fast, why I want to do it, things that will help and risks.
Hii all!! Here is a bit of a background I have related to fasting - The maximum duration for I have water fasted in the past is one day I now want to take it further and do one for 15 - 28 days. I have done a 40 day master cleanse in the past and have never felt better. From what I read the water cleanse will be more beneficial.... a lot more beneficial. I plan to start the fast NOW. Here are reasons why I want to fast: - Want to get into the state of mental clarity. - Want to do some thinking and planning about my relationship with food, where my life is going, etc. Need a bre ...   read more


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