My 14 Day Water Fast
by Castiel

Day 8   10 y  
Day 8
Iím feeling so acidic.... I might have to cut my fast short tomorrow, my boyfriend is coming over and I KNOW for sure that he would not let me fast while he is here. Iím not sure though, I might be able to get away with it, who knows.   visit the page

Day 7   10 y  
Day 7
Ah! I did it, one week of fasting... :-) I feel better today, no pain, but my mouth tastes horrific & Iím still quite weak, and I have some serious acid reflux going on. Weirdly enough I dropped 3 lbs overnight. One more week to go!   visit the page

Day 6   10 y  
Day 6
Cold, woozy, headachey. Leg pain still here but less so. Almost 1 week done.   visit the page

Day 5   10 y  
Day 5
Last night I started to get the most intense muscle & joint pains in my legs. I barely slept. The pain is still here. I hope this is very short-lived because this is something I just canít push through... Above all else I NEED sleep to get through this. :(   visit the page

Day 4   10 y  
Day 4
My migrane (!!!!) has subsided & I feel better. Last night was very, very painful. I am not horrifically hungry, but the room does spin when I move around too quickly. I am a little nauseated still, but trying to drink. Edit: Hours later and I almost ate. Well, almost BINGED, but... I didnít. The urge to eat is very, very strong though. I really do hope this disappears.   visit the page

Day 3   10 y  
Day 3
I have quite a headache. Iím very hungry, but not thirsty. I am trying to drink what I can, but I just do not crave the water. I feel weak, but plodding onwards, one day at a time. Edit: Hours later and my headache has intensified greatly. Incredibly painful. I hope this passes soon.   visit the page

Day 2   10 y  
Day 2 Of Water Fast
Today I am a bit hungry. I am drinking plenty water but naturally craving food. So far itís manageable. I havenít weighed myself yet & Iím not sure if I will... And if I do Iím not sure how frequent it will be. Will weighing myself keep me motivated? Hmm.   visit the page

Day 1   10 y  
Fasting Day 1.
Hello, all. I have done many short fasts but not any long or extended fasts, but I feel like now is the time to embark on my newest 2 week water fast. I am following this water fast with two weeks on the Master Cleanse for no other reason than íI want to!í, then I would like to have a week of juicing following that. Anyway, today, my first day, was easy! Sure, I am a little hungry, but thatís all. :-)   visit the page


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