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The Best Scene of Full Metal Jacket   7 d  
Honoring the late, great R.Lee Ermey
Rest in Valhalla LOL...   visit the page

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Challenge    63 d  
learning and reinvigorating the brain with D&D dice!
Fasting with Ormus   76 d  
Ormus warrior queen rising!
New Year, New Me   83 d  
Happy New Year...deadlifting about 150...I need to write it down lol
The Story of Philemon and Baucis   4 mon  
A wonderful story about entertaining the gods unawares
According to ancient Roman mythology and Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Philemon and Baucis had lived out their long lives nobly, but in poverty. Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods, had heard of the virtuous couple, but based on all his previous experiences with humans, he had serious doubts as to their goodness. https://www.thoughtco.com/philemon-and-baucis-112315   visit the page

Great Release Program 2013   5 mon  
Older version of her great release program. I'm not giving up! lol
Get ready for this year’s Magickal Release Program — 30 days of helpful tips, guidelines, and creative ways to get rid of the junk, clutter, negativity and unhappiness in your life! Each day we will work on a new challenge, dancing our way to a delightful new you! Don’t miss this once-a-year holiday treat that begins on 1 December and ends on the 31st. Best of all? Its FREE! You can do it! What You Will Need to Work Through the Program: Courage Willpower An Open Mind Cleaning Supplies A Goal — something you wish to work on this year — it can be anything you desire White Te ...   read more

Bikram Yoga Audio   5 mon  
Got yoga? No matter what people think of bikram himself... I think his class was the best imho
Feel Rich documentary   5 mon  
I love the FEEL RICH concept!
Raw ReBIRTHday countdown   5 mon  
raw reset,cleanse, build up to my birth day
I’m doing a rawfood reset till my birthday, eating as much rawfood, juices and water as I can with as little coffee as possible. Starting this TONIGHT. I have two days off from work, time to detox, fast and get started. I will be juice and herbal tea fasting tomorrow from 9am to 3pm and break the fast with a YUGE protein rich salad. Following Jinjee’s plan. Maybe I will resurrect my rawfood blog.   visit the page

Turkey Trot Half Marathon FINISHER- A recap   5 mon  
LONG post alert...F word alert...TMI alert
My menu ended up being... banana with chia and coffee...half cafe and vitamins. I don’t think I ate much. I sat around like a sad sack. Think Auntie Flow had something to do with it. Plus I was a little bummed out. Left excited and when I arrived at the race start I was...underwhelmed lol... it turned out to be a small town fundraising style marathon. Also the crowd were ”elite” fast runners. This was not a beginner or a back of the pack runner like myself. I’ve done enough races to know better how to prep. I thought my prep was better BUT what really messed things up for me was t ...   read more

Gas and bloating with green smoothies!   5 mon  
Switching up formulas and also my half marathon menu plan
I am switching to green juice to see if the smoothies are giving me a huge belly. My green juice formula: kale ginger...lots of it! carrot cucumber celery add on’s angostura bitters cinnamon spirulina for protein Today I do 16 ounces. Tomorrow I will do a YUGE jar of it after my half marathon. Menu/eating plan for finishing my half marathon. Pre-breakfast: jar of water enhanced with salt Breakfast: plantain and other slow carb and protein. Haven’t decided what the protein is going to be. Snacks in my water pack: quest bar, raw rev bar, water with pinches ...   read more

OMG...Spiritual guides...no...coffee too?   5 mon  
No...I wanna say...gtfoh...no coffee. I stopped drinking coffee at work today. I will probably have decaf Starbies in the morning to cuddle up to and cry with LOL The Healing Team believes fully in my ability to heal myself. I'm glad they have such faith in my ability to cut out meat and coffee. Jeepers...lol
The Reluctant Vegetarian...j/k meatatarian4life?   5 mon  
How do I know that spiritual guides are real? They want me to stop eating meat...wtf lol...nooooooo. Maybe it's time to CARB THE F UP!
I have resisted a message from my spiritual guides and they want me to stay away from meat lol...nooooooo...lol I will give it my best try haha but if someone offers me free chicken wings... I don’t eat a whole lot of meat to begin with. I’ll eat meat again when I feel like having some. Still taking my fish oil and eating my quest bars but I will replace the quest bars since my doctor (a real medical doctor) doesn’t want me eating dairy products. Raw Rev bars are pretty good and not too high in sugar. Don’t believe vegetarian or vegan is healthier or makes a person more spiritual. ...   read more

Joe Rogan Green Smoothie challenge   6 mon  
Joe Rogan green smoothie challenge till my birthday. I'm always experimenting with breakfast. I'm about to hit the gym so let's see if this smoothie holds up.
I am replacing breakfast with a ”Joe Rogan” green smoothie till my birthday in November. It’ll be about thirty days of breakfast green smoothies to feel good. It’d be great to lose weight, to lose the rest of my bellyfat now that I’m out of the FUPA zone LOL. I’m looking to feel good and up my fitness game and be ready for long distance cycling in the spring. I cut out the garlic as it irritates my stomach, added two tablespoons of pea protein and a serving of BCAA.   visit the page

Silver Bugle   6 mon  
Silver Bugle...a song I discovered on NPR driving to school one day. I had a transformative experience while driving, almost left my body! lol
Git-R-Done...lol   7 mon  
No LuLu Lemon perfection here. It's sweaty boobs, hair all over...hot mess workout LOL
Go The Distance!!! Monday running motivation...   7 mon  
I'm out for my long dog walk...I'm using the 13.1 trainer but lately I've been doing a 3mi walk after my session is over. Peace runs through superior coffee!
Wed Chat and 13.1 Trainer   7 mon  
First full day of half marathon training...yes honey! YES! Yaaaaaaasssss...even haha derp!
I moved a blog post to my spiritual blog about channeled messages. It’s neat. Check it out. Otherwise, I am doing a half marathon in November using 13.1 Trainer. Check out app in google play. I had coffee with my vitamins and a banana with chia seeds and peanut butter mashed up with nutritional yeast flakes LOL...and afterwards sat my bum on the couch and did a little writing in the novel. I get the best ideas when I walk and run and workout...Read here about getting in the ”zone”...http://www.thepeacefulrunner.com/alpha-state-of-mind.html What is the alpha state of mind and why w ...   read more

Today's Workout   7 mon  
my bumcakes died...when I wake up, it will be a peach cobbler! ;-)
Cargo Bicycles for African Coffee Growers...   7 mon  
more about cargo bicycles in Africa
Throughout 2011, the customers of Yuba Bicycles were invited to donate money to send several Yuba Mundo longtail cargo bikes to Level Ground’s HOPE Project in Tanzania. Yuba matched the donations on a dollar per dollar basis throughout the year. In the end, six bikes were donated to the Ileje, Tanzania, coffee growers collective. The donated bicycles arrived at the coffee growers collective on December 22 and have already made life easier for the farmers. The HOPE Project works with coffee farming collectives to leverage the power of direct fair trade to improve lives. In Ileje, they ...   read more

Marley Coffee...a coffee bike!    7 mon  
a brief story on a coffee bike haha
I'm Back...on a new mission   8 mon  
my newest mission is spiritual elevation and transformation through physical culture and also trying various diets...I'm BACK baby.
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