16 Day Fast - Giving up during the holidays
by BeingHere

Day 18 - Continuing the Fast   10 y  
I reached my goal of 170 pound. I also decided to extend the fast for another 7 to 10 days.
† Two days ago I finished the fast. That was a Sunday. On Monday, yesterday, I decided to just continue. Today I started the master cleanse. I had only heard about the master cleanse and did see two co-workes atempting it once. They failed... and manage to make the cleanse looked awful too. I know Iím not done fasting, my tongue is still white... and it would be much easier to†continue†than to stop and start again so,†I am.† I am using raw honey from a co-worker who doesnít need it. I bought† Solaray Cool Cayenne Capsules†($8)†and† Organic Pure Lemon Juice†($7) from Whol ...   read more

Day 8-11 - Smooth Sailing into the New Year   10 y  
As of January 1, 2012 weight 173.8lbs
Hunger has pretty much deminished and truthfully it has not been an issue at through out this whole fast. Cravings were though. Iím not sure how to explain it but I can clearly identify hunger with cravings now. What I do experience is small moments (30/40 seconds) my stomach grumbles then settles and not another word from it until possibly the next day. I stopped drinking the carrot juice because I was tired of it, felt like a task. Things like this happen: I also often get up in the middle of the night to pee and want to grab a few dark choclate chips from the fridge, the kind y ...   read more

Day 5-7 WHOA What day is it?   11 y  
I went to Whole Foods and picked up some fruit.
I missed a few days of blogging but Iím still fasting! Hmm what to say? I had a strange weird film of white on my tongue. Brushing helped a little yesterday but not much. Todayís brush helped a lot and itís either going away on its on or Iím unsure.  I went to Whole Foods and picked up some fruit. Five apples in a pack, one pink lady apple (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT ONE), one pear oh darn I forget what it was. All organic. Definitely I notice a difference with organic. My mouth gets all these little knots and itchy when I eat even local fruit.  No reactions from the organic.Ií ...   read more

Day 4 - Some bad cravings last night   11 y  
Warning I mention food: I list my cravings in paragraph 5, you might want to skip over it.
Slight headache last night but passed quickly. 181.6 lbs is my weight, thatís 5 lbs down. Not bad. I have increased my water in take. Itís mid-day and Iíve already refilled my pitcher.† Iím going to look around my house for the apple cider supplements I have. Going to add them to the list. Also going to start the collagen supplements.† I want to go for a walk tonight but Iíll probably procrastinate and not go. This is where a buddy would come in handy. Okay so what I will do is 15 reps with my hand weights. Not much but better than nothing. I might not leave this house fo ...   read more

Day 3 - I got a new camera Panasonic LX7   11 y  
6/16/2013 ~ 140 lbs .... this is my healthy weight goal
Iím not sure how I feel about my new camera. Itís a panny LX7. I like it but Iím not feeling the head over heels love I was hoping for. The bokeh is not what I was hoping for. I did take some before pictures that show all my fat rolls ): I was wanting to just eat already and taking these pictures helped me get refocused. Eating whatever I want is not going to get rid of these rolls. Iíve practically not been hungry at all. Which proves that I just eat to eat. Thatís not something I didnt know. I KNOW I eat to have something to do. I enjoy eating. Itís my hobby. I should probably ...   read more

Day 2 - Headache whoas have passed!   11 y  
I've had a lot of time to think about it and I had unknowingly been in taking an increased amount of caffeine this past week leading up to my fast.
About 30/40 minutes ago I was getting ready to write my new blog and I was going to title it something like ĒOH MY HEAD!Ē but the pain is gone. Iíve been suffering from a headache since about 7pm last night. I think it was faintly there since maybe 4pm. It started on the right side. Then early this morning I noticed it had moved over to the left side. It is now 4 pm Sunday and for the last 15 minutes its been gone. I havenít had even two minutes where it was absent so I hope this is the end of it. Iím going to take a soak in the tub in a little bit. Iíll make sure I donít get the wate ...   read more

Day 1 - Off To a Good Start!   11 y  
Going to up my water intake.
†No hunger pangs and itís five hours into my day. Stepped on the scale and as I predicted Iím back in the 180ís {188.8lbs} Going to up my water intake.† †   visit the page

3 hours until the fasting begins!   11 y  
My last few weeks at work have been unforgivingly busy. With that in mind, I figured 'maybe I should do some kind of weaning into the fast'.
Starting a fast at midnight might seem silly but Iíve been known to be a night owl eater. Also, we fast at night anyway so Iím giving my self an easy start. After some consideration I did decide to have some apples the first few days. Maybe Sat and Sunday.† I was hoping to sleep in tomorrow morning but I might need to go run an important errand. I almost was going to have to be away from my house this evening. That was making me very uneasy. I didnít like that idea one bit. I felt the need to be home when I officially started the fast. But something got canceled thus freeing me. So, ...   read more

The world is ending today?   11 y  
I am t-minus 26 hours until the start of my fast.
  So, the world is supposedly ending on 12/21/12 but it also was going to end on 12/12/12 ? The world has a lot of deathdays. Iím failing to keep up. I am t-minus 26 hours until the start of my fast. I just had to do the calculations and decided Iíd cut off my eating at midnight on Friday. I have not weened my self into the fast. Part of that is because Iíll fail if I do so. Having nothing at all and probably sleeping  and reading a lot will be my weening period.  I started browsing around YouTube for fasting videos, its good for motivation. I somehow landed on a ...   read more

Preparing for my 16 day Fast   11 y  
I would love to have a fasting buddy.
My first preparation was to pick out the fasting days. How did I get here? Iíve been gaining weight and eating badly for a couple of months now. I was a solid 170/175 lbs. I weighed myself yesterday and I am 189 point something. For you folks not on the metric, thatís 13.5 stones. Almost 200 lbs. In 2009 I was 240 lbs and crossing back over to the two hundreds scares me. I did some fasting when I lost the initial seventy pounds and Iíve kept the weight off for two years and only recently with bad choices have I been gaining. Iíve tried to fast a few times but fail after a day or a few ...   read more


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I will intake juice occasionally and water only for 16 days straight. I am also eating one piece of organic fruit a day for energy. 12/22 - 1/6 more...

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