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UT for a cure
Sorry I havenít been on guys, but I did start back with UT on Monday 2 days after my period. I started feeling a tingling feeling on Sunday like I was about to get a ob. I went out in the rain Saturday with sandals on, in which one broke, and nothing over my head, I walked across the grass barefoot and the next day I had a really bad sore throat. So Monday morning I drank a 1/4 of urine and hours later the tingling feeling went away. My sinuses opened up immediately and my sore throat went away. My appetite is still going strong. And it feels so good not to be constipated. Hands down no ...   read more

ut day 5 and 6   11 y  
Day 5 and 6 of UT
Guys bible study was great Tuesday night. We did more worship then anything. Prayer and worship that was needed. I have been asking God to take away any unforgiveness I may have. But I do have my episodes at times and start thinking about the butthole that gave me herpes. Itís been four years since I have talked to him but I slipped up and txt him to tell him that I was gonna expose him and sue him for knowingly giving me herpes. I know I was wrong because I shouldnít have had unprotected sex with him. But I can recall that idiot telling me that what now I know as an ob, he called a ...   read more

Day 4 UT cont'd   11 y  
Day 4 cont'd
Just want to let you guys know that my menstrual flow has increased but not as heavy as normal but still no cramping, but Im still a little crabby, especially when my kids start getting on my nerves. I plan on going to bible study tonight, Lord knows I need some inspiration. Good night guys, and remember, May God be the Glory.   visit the page

Day 4 of Urine Therapy   11 y  
Day 4 of Urine Therapy
Ok guys, this is day 2 of my menstrual cycle and I have not cramped at all. As a matter of fact, my flow is so light, I almost forgot that I was on. Every month I have heavy flows, I would have to wear two pads at a time, and wear shorts so that it want leak unto my bed while Iím sleeping. This is so crazy, Iím wandering if this is normal to have such a light flow. Iím not even constipated anymore. I am looking forward to going off my period, because I am so excited about this UT. No obís, my appetite feels normal and I have even gained 1 pound since saturday. I donít know but this UT ...   read more

Day 3 of Urine Therapy   11 y  
Day 3 of UT
Ok Guys it is Day 3 and Im not going to do UT for the next 6 days because my menstrual period is on. But I did not have any symptoms that it was coming. Usually I would have cramps letting me know my period is about to come. I stopped counting days because my period is irregular and I never come on at the same time every month. I didnt know until I went to the restroom and after I wiped I saw spots on the tissue. Wow this has never happened, I will keep you updated everyday to let you know if I experience any cramps. Iím still having easy bowel movements. Like I said something is goi ...   read more

Day 2 Urine Therapy   11 y  
Day 2 of UT.
Drank less than a 1/4 of a cup this morning. No side effects. Not feeling bloated and after meals. The first time in a long time not constipated. Dont know what it is but something is happening. I should have my cycle in a few days and no signs of an ob, but will keep you posted. I know this is crazy seeing results immediately. My appetite has come back and yesterday I did not get that full sensation before completing my meal. I do fix hungry man plates, large portions. God day people!!   visit the page

Day 1 of urine therapy 11/3/12   11 y  
Day 1 of my journey using UT.
I am a female, early 30ís and contracted hsv 1 and2 in 2008. I have been blessed not to have many complications like some have faced. But I do have painful obís in my genital area days before my cycle. I just want to live a normal life again. I have occasional UTIís, and was in the hospital for 3 days because I found out I have diverticulosis. My weight also fluctuates and I just want a curvy figure. My upper body is fine, but my lower half is straight up and down. I was told I may have a hormone imbalance. I refuse to take valtrex and other meds for my obís. After researching alternat ...   read more


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I created this blog beacuse I am on a journey to getting my life back. 4 years ago I contracted HSV 1 and 2. 6 months ago I found out I have diverticulosis. I am also struggling with my weight, in which it fluctuates, and I want to have curves like a lady and not like a teenage boy. I also have a hormone imbalance. I have been researching urine therapy and I am going to try it.Ö more...

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