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"Green" Chemistry   13 y  
Pollution and progress are not synonymous! "Green" chemistry aims to solve environmental ills BEFORE they develop, with the use of chemical processes that are safer for the environment, use less energy, and produce less waste.
For years, I’ve thought of modern chemistry as ”the enemy” because of the environmental degradation and ill health of living beings caused by chemical processes and products, particularly since the 1950’s with the rise in the development and use of chemicals for manufacturing and agriculture. Yet my heart soared after reading this article from the June 27, 2005 edition of Chemical & Engineering News, titled ”Green Success: Presidential awards honor chemists for developing cleaner and economically viable technologies.” We have a very long way to go in cleaning and greening our environment ...   read more

Sungazing/Barefoot Walking   13 y  
Hira Ratan Manek promotes sun gazing and barefoot walking. Except for occasional tea, coffee, or buttermilk, he has not eaten food for 10 years, and relies on sunlight, water, and barefoot walking on bare earth for his energy!
Hira Ratan Manek’s writing about barefoot walking caught my eye. I’m seriously considering starting the sun gazing method; I’ve already started the barefoot walking! Love, Liora Leah Excerpt from the Sun Gazing Process ”After nine months or when you reach to a 44 minutes level (of gazing at the sun for 44 minutes straight during safe times--within an hour before sundown or within an hour after sunrise), you should give up sun gazing since solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care. The body will get discharg ...   read more

Live8 Concert NOW!!   13 y  
"There are 10 concerts taking place around the world NOW that will be broadcast to a potential 5.5 billion people - 85% of humanity. The focus is on 'make poverty history'...
...The focus is on our ONENESS, and arising from that knowing, our desire to ’make poverty history’ and bring healing and justice to humanity. We are not being asked for money, but for our participation in order to bring direct pressure to bear on the decisions of the 8 world leaders who will meet in Scotland for the G8 summit next week. When the collective consciousness of humanity is focused together in a positive way it forms a vessel to receive the vast amounts of love and light needed on our planet to manifest Heaven on Earth. During the worldwide concert, let us pray and meditate ...   read more

Barefoot Poem 2   13 y  
More barefoot poetry, inspired by re-connecting to Mother Earth through the soles of our feet...
The Eye of the Mother   The Eye of the Mother dark and intense gazes at me beckoning me to go deeper, deeper, into Her depths What will I find there in the darkest abyss but the long-lost remnants of my Soul   Liora Leah July 1, 2005   ...   read more

Worm Composting A-Z   13 y  
Recycle your kitchen waste into soil for your lawn, garden, or houseplants -- all with the help of thousands of new friends!
FEATURE ARTICLE - MAY/JUNE 2003 from CO-Op America Worm Composting: All-Natural Recycling Like many of us, Jeannette Stewart didn’t always pay attention to what happened to her garbage after she tied off the tops of her trash bags. But when she learned that the landfill near her Fairfax, Virginia home was so full it had to close, she started noticing how much garbage she and her neighbors generated, and resolved to reduce her output of waste. “I saw our enormous trash bins being filled up with these plastic bags ...   read more

Barefoot Poem   13 y  
Walking barefoot at the Nature Center today, I experienced a Mind's Eye Vision of a brown Vortex drawing me into the Earth's Body...
  Earth Vortex What is this whirling, swirling in my head, this strange "dizziness" that intrudes upon my vision? What is Mother wanting to tell me as I plod, barefoot, upon her flesh? It is a brown, speckled spiral leading down, down, down, into the Mother’s Interior Space where all walls dissolve away, and all Truths become known Liora Leah June 29, 2005     "Mother Earth Poems"  See my other blogs on barefoot walking ...   read more

Barefoot Practice   13 y  
Barefoot Mick and Sunshine Sam of the Barefoot Academy offer specific exercises to strengthen our re-connection to the Earth through our natural ball-to-heel barefoot walk.
From Mick and Sam: We study a lot of walks, it is our life’s work. One of the things that we have observed is that when the human bipedal animal first begins to walk as a toddler, they step on their front paw and then bring the heel down, stepping from the core of their body. It is later that wearing shoes and the walk of domination is taught to our children. This domination walk causes so much pain in the body, as well as the community and the earth. The body tries to respond back by showing the natural walk, and this is why you see old people shuffle like they do. It is the body wisdom t ...   read more

Worms,Compost,Bacteria   13 y  
While looking to buy earth worms for my compost pile, I had a strange encounter with a store employee that "weirded me out" today.
I had a weird day today.  I had a chiropractic appointment this morning, and was feeling pretty good afterwards. I went over to Wild Oats to get some organic food, and then on into the PetCo next door to buy worms that Your Enchanted Gardener recommended for my compost pile. When I walked into PetCo, I asked a young employee there if they had worms; at first she looked at me kinda funny, so I told her I wanted to get some for my compost pile.  ”OH,” she said, and added that the store had some insects for feeding other animals but she wasn’t sure about worms, pointing off in some vagu ...   read more

Healing Homes   13 y  
Janus Welton, Eco-Architect, discusses Healthy Building Design Principles utilizing the concept of Bau-Biologie (Building Biology)
This excerpt is a companion piece to ”Creating Healthy Buildings”: You can find both articles in full on the Feng Shui Seminars website at: For Janus Welton’s website, go to: Be in good health! Liora Leah ************************************************************************************ Excerpt from: ”Healing Homes” with Feng Shui and Ecology by Janus Welton, A.I.A., Architect, EcoArch DesignWorks To Read the Whole Article, go to: htt ...   read more

Eco-Bathroom   13 y  
REVISED: We can lighten our impact on the environment by adopting water-saving practices and using recycled paper products in the bathroom!
RECYCLED PAPER PRODUCTS Regarding toilet paper and facial tissue:  Greenpeace has a campaign going to boycott Kimberly-Clark, the largest tissue-products company in the world, makers of Kleenex, Scott, Viva and Cottonelle brand products, because the company is clear-cutting ancient forests in Canada, including the Heart of the Boreal Forest, to produce their paper products. Alternatives to Kleenex and other "mainstream" commercial tissues is to buy toilet paper and facial tissue from companies that use recycled paper ...   read more

ECO-Action:Pesticides!   13 y  
Toxic chemicals in our environment are linked to increasing rates of human disease, including breast cancer. TAKE ACTION to ban human testing of pesticides, protect farmworkers from pesticide poisoning, and support biomonitoring of toxins in our bodies!
Support new legislation that would place a moratorium on human testing of pesticides! An amendment to the Interior and the Environment Appropriations bill that would implement a one-year moratorium on human testing of pesticides was introduced in the House by Representatives Hilda Solis (CA) and Timothy Bishop (NY), and will be carried in the Senate by Senators Boxer Barbara (CA) and Bill Nelson (FL). There may be a floor vote on this bill in the next few days and help is needed for it to pass! Please join PAN and partner groups in signing the open letter to Congress. Support legislati ...   read more

ECO-Action:Whale UPDATE!!   13 y  
Your ECO-Actions make a difference! City in South Korea will abandon plans to build a proposed whale & dolphin meat processing factory! Now, Save Humpback Whales! Beautiful photo!
Thank you for Taking Action to Save the Whales! Love, Liora Leah **************************************************************************** Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 Subject: Save Humpback Whales: Next Steps From: Fred O’Regan, International fund for Animal Welfare Please Spread the Word About Japan’s Hunt for Humpbacks Dear All: Several weeks ago, you sent more than 10,000 letters to several key countries asking them to vote against Japan’s proposal to reopen the hunt for humpbacks in international waters. Your heartfelt activism has already made an impact: In ...   read more

Barefoot Walking: The Four Disciplines   13 y  
Barefoot Mick of the Barefoot Academy discusses The Four Disciplines that are used to teach the principles of barefoot walking and re-connection to the Earth: Movement, Endurance, Strength and Balance.
"Walking in the city is a wonderful and painful experience. It is part of following our feet out of the shoes, out of the city, and back into the touching of the natural surface areas. But we need to take what we learn of rooting our feet into the natural places again, awakening our natural walk, and then taking these roots back into the city, and working them back into our community. It is useful to remember that the mountain will not come to you; must go to the mountain, touch it, and then carry the teachings from this touch. We have also found for so many that returni ...   read more

Creating Healthy Buildings   13 y  
Dr. Balwant Saini speaks of ways, using ancient principles of Life-Force energy, of "greening" modern buildings, homes, and cities.
Excerpted and summarized from: ”From Grey to Green: Creating Healthy Buildings” by Balwant Saini Emeritus Professor of Architecture, University of Queensland, Australia To read the whole article, go to: ”ABSTRACT There is increasing evidence that the destruction of the natural environment, the increase in industrialisation and urbanisation and the corresponding increase in pollution levels have begun to affect our health. When we deny ourselves the essential sources of life-force energy, we decrease vitality and ...   read more

ECO-ACTION:Rainforests   13 y  
The South American rainforest, which used to be called the "lungs of the world", now contributes to global warming because of human activity.
I read in the newspaper today that 10,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest was destroyed last year. 10,000 acres. Over the past 25 years, South American rainforest acreage the size of the state of California has been clearcut. Every year during the dry season, after trees have been clearcut from a rainforest region, farmers burn the stumps and vegetation that is left to make the ground ready for crop planting or cattle grazing. The air during the ”burn season” is so thick with CO2 (carbon dioxide, for those of us who are ”chemically challenged”)from the fires that it makes the children of th ...   read more

ECO-ACTION:Boreal Forest in Canada   13 y  
The traditional ways of life of the Indigenous communities in Canada's Heart of the Boreal Forest are threatened by clearcut logging, roadbuilding and industrial hydropower development. HELP SAVE THE HEART OF BOREAL FOREST BY ECO-ACTION!
From National Resources Defense Council (NRDC): ”Canada has named part of the Heart of the Boreal Forest as a potential World Heritage Site, which would mean urgently needed protections for this imperiled region. But the Manitoba government is delaying protection against industrial development in the meantime. Please go to and send a message urging Manitoba Premier Gary Doer to grant interim protection to the traditional territories of the Pauingassi First Nation and the Little Grand Rapids First Nation. Interim protection wo ...   read more

Compost's Up!   13 y  
Yesterday, my good friend Your Enchanted Gardener came over and helped me to start a compost pile, something I've wanted to do for a couple of months, and something he's wanted me to do for the past 5 years!
It was fairly simple, and the Enchanted Gardener and I put a small one together in about one and a half hours. Most of the art of composting comes with layering--a layer of food scraps, followed by soil, followed by water, then greens (either fresh cut grass or yard clippings) followed by more soil and then water, followed by leaves, more soil, water, food scraps, etc. until you run out of ingredients. Your Enchanted Gardener added a special ingredient to my compost pile--some Holy Water from the Tierra Miguel Foundation Farm, infused with Life Force from the Earth, Heavens, and the Holy-p ...   read more

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