A Skepticís Fast
by skepticgal

Day 10   11 y  
feeling of accomplishment
Its 10:45 pm on day 10. 1/5th of the way through...the whole day today, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of accomplishment. These last 10 days have tested me quite a lot. It feels good...Iíll give you that..to fast. Other than that, as far as ramifications are concerned..things have been pretty positive..skin looks good..hair looks good..head and eyesight are quite extra clear...so no complaints. 10 days gone..bring it on..   visit the page

Day 9   11 y  
It does get easier
Its 8:18 pm on day 9. It does get easier...I do feel that. I still am thinking about food a LOT but sleep is getting better...and I get up very fresh in the morning...thats good...and something my mom made me notice...my skin does look good...see ya later.   visit the page

Day 7   11 y  
Its 9:30 pm on day 7. So I have been doing this for a week now and I am just about starting to get into a rhythm and into a somewhat comfortable place. Symptoms are nothing unusual. I feel hunger in bouts...not all day...I donít feel much weakness. no particular cravings as such. But the funny thing is...I think about food ALL DAY...lol...see you tomorrow.   visit the page

oh....   11 y  
Sorry...I forgot...
Right...sorry...if anyone is interested as to how much weight I have lost in these 6 days...I am not really interested in that...I am more interested in the physical reactions and ramifications of fasting...but if you are looking for that information...I have lost 7 lbs...   visit the page

Day 6   11 y  
spending days watching cooking shows and contests
Its 8:30 pm on day 6...the physical hunger has kinda given up for now I guess...I donít really feel it...didnít feel it all day...only a strong mental desire to munch something. The funny thing is...I have a sweet tooth...a naughty one...but beyond the first 3 days or so...I am not craving any sweets at all...that has made me a lot more comfy through the process...so spending days watching cooking shows and contests...and drinking away...will keep u posted as regularly as I can.   visit the page

Day 4   11 y  
Its 7:46 pm on day 4.
Its 7:46 pm on day 4. Hmmm....fasting aint for the faint heart..I think the most difficult thing is being around food..any food...even food one would normally scoff at...seems like a feast. So yeah...temptations galore...but I hate leaving anything mid way...so I am just carrying on...as for symptoms..some physical hunger..mostly mental hunger..a little lethargy..not much as yet since its only day 4. Other than that things seem ok...the body is adjusting...the mind is trying to fight and take over...and sleep is a little erratic..thats it for today..   visit the page

Evening of Day 3   11 y  
Day 3
So as I had thought I stopped and started again...and eventually reached the evening of Day3. No special symptoms to report. Nothing out of the ordinary....just hunger and cravings and a slight dizziness when u get up fast. Other than that...its all good as of now...Day 3 (7:02 pm) Later...   visit the page

Day 1 - October 17, 2012 - Wednesday   11 y  
It's midday on Day 1.
Itís midday on Day 1. As of now, I donít really feel anything. I mean...yeah my tummy is rumbling a little bit...but other than that, I donít feel anything much. So..I have read that I am about to get a raging headache some time today from being on an empty stomach. Other than that, other symptoms today are gonna be cravings..for me these cravings should be of sugar mainly because thatís my weak spot, and weakness and a bad taste in the mouth. Letís see if these symptoms manifest themselves during the course of the day..all or some of them. I donít think I shall feel a lot of weakness thou ...   read more

Is this for real?   11 y  
So...for the last couple of months, I have been reading about the concept of fasting.I am the kinda person that attempts very few things but whatever I do attempt..I kinda have the tendency to do the most difficult or the most advanced version of. For the next 50 days...I shall get to know 'fasting'
So...for the last couple of months, I have been reading about the concept of fasting...detox...healing...etc...etc...I am like that. Whatever I decide to find out about, I find out EVERYTHING about. So for fasting, there are very very few links left for me to read. Anywho..now that I have read up on fasting and weight loss and the whole shabang, I am confused...confused about whether this is all for real or a hogwash. If the internet content is to be believed, its something magical that makes you a whole new person...inside and out. I am not sure what to believe. I have been overweight mos ...   read more


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I am a non believer in fasting...but I wanna do it and see what the ruckus is all about...so for 50 days...here I go... more...

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