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Juice fasting transition to raw eating   18 y  
Juice fasting to raw food plan
Oncologist visit yesterday. It takes me a full day to get myself back under the peace of God after visiting her. She’s as supportive as a doctor whose advice her patient is flagrantly disregarding can be, but the statistics she throws at me always upset me. I can certainly see how SCARY life can be without God. I would not have the strength to make the no chemo decision without faith in my Abba. It’s downright scary to hear things like: "Because you’re not doing chemo, the chances of CA returning to some spot in your body within the next five years is over 40%!". Percentages a ...   read more

Day 12: Ick! Stinky detox!   18 y  
Day 12, decisions, and detoxing!
[color=indigo]I’m certainly detoxing!  I can’t get away from myself.  I’m reeking through every pore.  Ick. I hadn’t felt much discernable effects of the fasting until recently.  Perhaps those crackers were preventing or slowing the ability of my body to address the fasting issues at hand. There is a distinct chemical odor surrounding me constantly.  I suspect this is just one of many detox cycles I’m beginning now.  I know I’m pretty toxic.  Not only due to my toxic environment (simply living on the earth, I mean), but the past six mon ...   read more

Day 10, Friday May 20   18 y  
Hit the hunger wall! BANG!!!
Well, last night I hit the hunger wall for the first time in these ten days! Wow, it was just as strong and powerful as I remembered it to be! And the power of my fleshly rationalization and attempted deception by the enemy was - if I hadn’t been in the thick of the battle - almost downright comical, it was so ridiculous! <shaking my head in amazement> I could eat because _________! God wanted me to eat because_____! This fast was unnecessary and foolish because _______! All of you who have fasted for even half a DAY can fill in the blanks with the utterly ridiculous lies the enem ...   read more

Thursday, May 19...Day 9: All clear!   18 y  
good pathology report, day 9 of fast
May 19:  I must start with a rejoicing... My pathology reports show that there is no more detectable cancer. The surgeon was able to remove ALL of the cancer with good margins! There are no more lymph nodes left in me that are cancerous, either! This is wonderful news. Thank You, Abba! You know that my life is all about You whether I live or whether I die. Thank You for having a plan to glorify Yourself in my life. Show me what to do with the life with which You’ve blessed me, please! The comments and prayers all of you have written lately have been a source of great comfort and e ...   read more

Tuesday, May 17   18 y  
Day 7
Tuesday, May 17) I do often listen to music or sermons online. I’ve often thought that God has blessed me so much! In what other generation could a person listen to great, Godly sermons any time, any place they wanted? It’s a glorious blessing! But when I’m sick, I’ve found that reading is my best meditation catalyst. Even yesterday, I read just one chapter of Andrew Murray’s _Abide in Christ_ and took one sentence out of it that I knew the LORD wanted me to think upon. I wrote that sentence down, and then took the thought into prayer. During the day, I’d often just go back in my thought ...   read more

Monday, May 16, Day 6   18 y  
Day 6 of the fast
Thanks to you all for your encouragement! I have been ’living off’ your encouragement and prayers these past few days, believe me! Things are going very well, although of course I feel discouraged. Anyone would be a little discouraged so soon post-op! Part of it is because I can’t DO anything...even shower or wash my hair! That’s downright icky. But this phase will be over soon, and I’ll be able to get around better. I had no idea that my right arm would be so affected. I don’t know HOW I didn’t notice that before surgery. Somehow, I thought the left mastectomy would be the ’big boo-boo’ ...   read more

Saturday, May 14   18 y  
I'm home from the hospital and am doing well on the fast
I was discharged from the hospital this morning, and am now resting at home. My arms and chest are tremendously sore, but I can do a short note. THANK YOU --all of you, for the encouragement and prayers. They certainly DO help! So far, everything is going according to my plan. I am not at all hungry, of course, since I passed the early ’hunger stage’ while under the influence of morphine and oxycontin. I’m cutting down the dosage beginning tonight, and feel pretty good about it. The only thing that is unsettling is that I have that ’kinda sick fasting feeling’ that makes me a little ...   read more

Wednesday, May 11, DAY ONE   18 y  
Day one of the actual fast-Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Day one is here!  I’ve been fasting since 9pm last night, but I’m counting a ’day’ as starting in the morning and ending in the morning, so this is officially day one. My surgery is tomorrow.  It’ll be over soon, and then I can come back home on Friday.  What a relief THAT will be!  If all goes well, this will be my last surgery for a VERY long time.   I have some fears, of course, but for the most part I’m looking forward to having a summer at home, recovering.   When was the last time I could spend a whole summer at home, ...   read more

Tuesday, May 10   18 y  
Some spiritual aspects of this fast
Galatians 2:20 is one of my bedrock verses right now. The idea of Christ living through me in this life I am living, and the faith by which I live being not something generated within my own efforts, but that of Him, is very strengthening to me at this point in my walk. HIS faith, which HE gives me, not some generated good feeling worked up by my little heart! The enemy is haunting me with the fleshly idea that I can mistakenly make bad decisions while trying to follow God’s will with a sincere heart... like since I have chosen to refuse chemotherapy and radiation, I could possibly die b ...   read more

Short bio   18 y  
short bio and pic
I’m 47 years old, special education teacher, happily married 27 years, two young adult children attending college.   visit the page

Sunday, May 8th, 7:30am   18 y  
Sunday, May 8th, 7:30 am
I was reading someone else’s blog in which she fasted 30 days with water.  I was greatly encouraged, because she had a few setbacks, but still continued on.  That’s why I’m here; I need encouragement.  This is the exact right thing for me to do, but it is going to be very difficult.  Not only do I know from past experience, but I add to it because of the surgery coming up, and the other special challenges i know I am going to have to face. Although my family is generally supportive, they might get frightened, especially as time goes on.  They sup ...   read more

Saturday, May 7th, 9am   18 y  
'm quite a bit scared. To be honest, in my heart I know that this upcoming fast is vital...
I’m quite a bit scared.  To be honest, in my heart I know that this upcoming fast is vital for me both on a spiritual and a physical level, but I’m entering it with a great deal of trepidation.  I have water/juice fasted for 24 consecutive days previously.  Let me explain what I mean by a water/juice fast.  I fast solely upon water unless my detox symptoms are severe, or I have an energy crisis.  At that time, I allow myself as much juice as I need (usually four ounces or less) to get over the hurdle, or at least ease the discomfort and fear somewhat. ...   read more

Introduction   18 y  
introduction to a long-term water/juice fasting regime for cancer control
Here is my committment to you, my readers. I will be honest. I will not withold my true experiences. I will describe my spiritual, emotional, and physical journey through this long term fast. I will begin to prepare for my long term fast by eating all raw, no salt or additives, vegetarian food (like salads and raw fruit and veggies) for a week. My actual fast will commence on May 11, 2005.  I’m sure you’ve already read the blog introduction, so all you really need to know is that I am a 47 year old woman who has been fighting cancer for th ...   read more


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I have been diagnosed with breast cancer that has invaded my lymph system. I have endured three major surgeries. I have refused chemotherapy and radiation in favor of long term fasting as a way of fighting the progression of this disease.… more...

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