Aladia's first Master Cleanse!
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Post Master Cleanse Update #3   18 y  
I wanted to know before starting the fast, "Will the weight STAY off?"
I decided to post again, because when I first thought about doing the Master Cleanse, the burning question in my mind was, ĒWILL THE WEIGHT STAY OFF??Ē. Yes, except for 2 lbs., it is STILL off. Iím gearing up to do another Master Cleanse within the next 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, Iíve bumped up my calories and am hitting the cardio a few times a week, and recently fell in love with dumbbells. I have ALWAYS hated weight machines, but was intimidated by anything else. Thanks to Joyce Vedral, I feel very comfortable now and use them regularly and my biceps are looking verrry nice. ...   read more

Post Master Cleanse Update #2   18 y  
The weight you lose on the Master Cleanser WILL stay off...if you exercise and eat right!
So far, so good. Iím in the thick of PMS, when I usually have a 2-4 lb. weight gain, and the scale read 161.5, late in the afternoon, after having eaten breakfast and lunch (there wasnít a scale where I woke up this morning). I expect to be back to 158 this time next week. Iíve noticed that, during the day I feel more clear-headed and energetic. I have been conscientous about maintaining my exercise plan. I do 45 minutes of cardio 5 days each week, usually on something called an ArcTrainer, like an elliptical but much more fun. I also ride my bike to do all of my little errands ...   read more

Post Master Cleanse update   18 y  
Trying to keep the weight off isn't so easy!
Things are okay...I must be diligent this week so that I donít end up in binge mode since itís PMS week! Scale is back up to 162 Iím eating lots of salad, veggies, fruit. Some tofu here and there, hummus, etc. The numbers on the scale have changed but the inches have stayed off. I bought more maple syrup yesterday so that I can go back on the fast in a few days. I have been INCREDIBLY regular. A BM every morning, afternoon and night, no fuss, just moving right along. My lower back was hurting like crazy yesterday, and it hasnít hurt for a long time. I think that losing so ...   read more

Master Cleanser - breaking the fast day 3   18 y  
Continuing to botch the break...
I will definitely only do 10 days next time. I would have been able to break this fast much more easily if I had not gone so long that I got a little out of control! Yesterday, I had juice and soup...then a Bikram class, which left me ravenous. I ate some walnuts and feta cheese, and, God help me, some crusty bread. Not something I normally ever eat. I paid for it last night, too...I woke up a few times during the night with painful cramps. This morning, OJ, walnuts, feta cheese and a raw food bar. I am eating mindfully and slowly, and will not allow this to turn into a binge. ...   read more

Master Cleanser - breaking the fast day 2   18 y  
Easing back into solid food
So after my little beef incident yesterday, I was full and had zero appetite and zero cravings for the rest of the day.  I felt very satisfied, no tummyache or anything.  I ate very little and chewed well, mindful of not having had solid food for 12 days prior.  I had to remind myself to drink water because I felt so FULL. Scale says 158.5 .  Ba$tard scale   read more

Master Cleanser - breaking the fast Day 1 cont'd   18 y  
I'm so embarassed!
My sisters asked me to go to lunch with them and my mother (and you know what happens after this...). I was doing SO well! And, I could have declined. I told them initially that my stomach was bothering me and I wouldnít be eating. I chose to go because the reason we were meeting was so my mother could give us each a significant sum of money she owes us from our grandmotherís estate. I thought I could be strong...but they met at a steakhouse of all frigging places, and Iíve been craving beef (I know this is because my iron is low). So I broke down once I got there and had a few bites ...   read more

Master Cleanser - breaking the fast   18 y  
Orange juice isn't as exciting as I thought it would be...
Yup, despite all of the encouragement to stick it out, I decided to break today. I woke up this morning feeling great, and it felt right. I thought about it long and hard last night and discussed it with DBF, who chided me for being hard on myself for ĒonlyĒ going 12 days when my original intention was to do 3 :) My weight loss has stalled out, and I am missing intense exercise very very much. My skin is clear, my tongue is pink, and I feel good.My plan is to do another 7-10 days in two weeks.I have some fresh-squeezed organic Valencia orange juice in was a little anti-c ...   read more

Master Cleanser - Day 12   18 y  
Awakening from weird dreams of eating veggies
Ooooohhh, this is getting kinda freaky now! I woke up this morning at 5ish for some reason, then went back to sleep. I woke up several times after that....because I was eating in my dreams! My mouth would close and I would start to chew and I would wake up. The last thing I remember eating in my dream? Carrot sticks. Yup. NOT steak or fries or ice one dream I was eating a HUGE plateful of Chelsea salad that I get at Star Pizza. Tons of greens, spinach, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. Yummm...... Scale says: 158 - kinda sucky, I think.†† Reminder to self: ...   read more

Day 11   18 y  
Using aromatherapy and grooming to combat cravings...
I was much hungrier yesterday and drank extra lemonade. I was very comfortable by the time I passed out in bed in the wee hours of the morning. Scale this morning says: 158.5 I canít believe these numbers on the scale...I havenít been this size/weight for nearly a decade and itís strangely not as exhilirating as I expected. Partly because...Iíve learned enough now to know that losing weight is the easy part, and maintaining is the bitch. And Iíve also learned that losing the fat isnít enough, I must stay in shape and build muscle, otherwise Iíll look ĒskinnyfatĒ. You know those peopl ...   read more

Day 10   18 y  
Sinus problems are getting me down..
I supposed technically itís day 10. Itís 2:55 am! Right this minute, I am satisfied with my decision to continue for at least another 4 days beyond my initial goal of 10. I wasnít too sure as I went to bed early last night with stronger cravings than Iíve had for several days, but my tummy feels fine now, not gurgly and growly. Iím up because my sinuses are killing me. Which, in a way, is a good thing....I have been prone to sinus infections throughout my life, and suspected food allergies. Now that Iím experiencing an infection after going without food for 10 days, I am pretty sure ...   read more

Day 9   18 y  
Day 9 of the Master Cleanse and I've decided to go for 14 days.
******Days 1 through 8 can be found online at the previously posted URL******** Stupid scale says 161.5 today. But I think that is probably because of the nasty SWF yesterday . More water retention. Oh well! My energy is way up today. I woke up with thoughts on my mind of doing yoga and going for a bike ride, having forgotten temporarily that I had an appointment today. I will definitely exercise tonight! I have decided to continue for 14 days total. I feel so good...and of course the prospect of losing more weight is very tempting. I am still not ruling out 21 days...but Iím ...   read more

Check out my Master Cleanser blog   18 y  
Here is a link to the day by day blog I've been keeping of my first Master Cleanse experience for your amusement!
at Update: I deleted this blog, but thought I had saved the posts...apparently I did not. Iím very sad...bah.   visit the page


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