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DUH is not just for dummies... or me!!   12 y  
Duh you should stop your stupid mistakes and get yourself on the Right track again... But you can always screw up and have a DUH day...
While we must always seek to not have a DUH day it happens to the best of us... What we will be doing is using a fictitious story line; about persons who made up, and any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coinsidencial... DUH not real...   The idea is to show how Duh days happen and what we can learn from it!! Today we find the Eagle Rangers; Ranger Joan and Ranger Joe,  out on the trail once more; preparing to save and instruct those of us with lesser outdoors knowledge...  Lets look in on their activies... "Where are we o ...   read more

Life is a story; your story so live it well....   12 y  
Write your life's story so it will say what you feel about it...
What do you want out of life??  Money? Fame? Important position? Great body? All those things are vain and crass....   That is not to say that having money or being famous, or holding an Important Position, and or having a great body is necessarily evil...  But these should not be your life’s ambition(s).... DUH....Rather they should be what ever comes your way, after you have your life in order... Well how do we get our life in order???  Lets look at some other people and see what transpires...  First I must mention a minister who has sat by many{hu ...   read more

You have think out side of the box, to really see life... DUH!   12 y  
Life is action, and most of history is about people who got beyond the box... Don't get boxed in friend...
Some DUH days will happen, what we need to do is cut down on these stupid occurances...  Diminish the odds against us...  Get outside the box, that society, has placed us in..... A lot of people want you (us) in a box....  The reason that is how they know what you are doing, thus it is a control mechinism...  Like keeping your dog in a fenced yard, you can look out  and know that it will be with in that area.... CONTROL.... {Key word today} Always look for my theme and this will direct your mind to expand and enjoy a better life... [See Brain Boot camp Bl ...   read more

The DUH factor, how high is it in your life??   12 y  
What is well known to some; is a stumbling block, and hindrance to many others in their walk thru this life...
Dear friends this is an evaluation of what we need to know to cut the DUH factor down in your life....  First you need to sharpen your brain to be able to react when the DUH factor strikes....  IF you do not have a program to sharpen you dull brain, then tune to the "Brain Boot camp "  blog and follow the lessons...  We are walking thru building the Better Brain Program.. What we have found in past lessons, is that you can expect improvement directly to the amount of time and effort you exert following the Better Brain Program... If you do not partic ...   read more

WHERE you will spend ETERNITY is DUH to some people, and not even a consideration for many others...   12 y  
Most people are so worried about getting their what ever(s) ; that they have no idea where they will spend ETERNITY... DO YOU??
GOD blessed each human with a brain, thus thought patterns, this should give us the ability to seek answers....   But some people do not, either exercise their abilities, or try to develop new opportunities in order to solve the problems of life.... There are many different answers in life, what we really need to do, is first seek all possibles, or solutions; then make a judgment based on those items... If we use truth and deduction most difficulties will be over come...  This may not be the easiest or quickest answer, but it should be the valid or most sound one.. ...   read more

It seems that life comes up and slaps us in the face ready or not..   12 y  
We all need to be ready to answer "All Bells"; a nautical term which says that we are ready to respond to every request...
Here we are again, this time I must admit that life slips up and grabs you ready or not...  I try to be proactive, and keep my options ready...  But then it seems that the more prepared I think I am the farther out I become...  Though I feel that I live a simple; people tell me...  That  I am high energy, speaking to almost any who come in my pathway..   So say I am a flirt.. Though I don’t see it that way, maybe it just that I have gotten over being shy...  Then I used to not be very much for hugs and hand holding stuff...  But now m ...   read more

What most of us, have not figured out yet is to stop, look and listen...   12 y  
Life is an opportunity to learn, and help our fellow man... Duh days must be expected, but never planned!!
Another day another, DUH day, they say....   Yes it happens despite the best efforts of mice and men.... We screw up... DUH.. The thing to get in our cotton picking minds is don’t stay on the other side of stupid...  Things will happen, but you do not have to accept defeat, and gloom.... What you need to do is say what am i going to do about this.... As a electrical engineer, i have seen many DUH days.....  Some sneak up on you like a opossum at nite time picknic.... Those things are scary in the dark....  What i have learned to do is ...   read more

What we learn today should help us tomorrow....   12 y  
Don't let the DUH factor(s) stop you, learn and over come!!
This has been a wonderful (not) month have been involved in equipment, up grades, maintenance, and parts procurement...  This has taken part of or all of my weekends... Getting a bit much...  But thru it all i blog and plan with a friend with whom; i hope we can make a better existance... All of this depends upon our intelligence and application of street smarts and general know how...  Can’t tell you all our secretes, yet...  But we; this somewhat of a mystery woman and i, feel that we can over come the odds and actually succeed....  Make a better life, ...   read more

How to be more responsive to the world around us....   12 y  
The better you think the better you will react....
This is a plan to begin some easy, and i like easy....  Programs to help each of us not have such DUH days...   Learn to build our memory and recall....   One of the first things to do is get your brain; refer to "Brain Boot camp" blog for more ideas, trained to respond to what you already know...  Start by jotting down a short story of your life..  a brief bio...   It has been proven that when someone misplaces or [loses} something that one of the best methods to find same is to rethink what you were doing just before the i ...   read more

Ever day is another DUH day, if you don't watch it....   12 y  
Life requires effort(s) and is a mystery to be experienced!! Its tough being a human, some times...
Folks life requires that we be awake and look outside some times.... Everyone seems to want to wait for someone else to do almost everything for them...  DUH ...  Guess what, you have three guess, and the first two do not count... Yes, you must be responsible for your self and and children and dependents upon which you support....  So lets get it to gather, folks...  Refer to "Brain Boot camp" & "Absolute Truth some Wisdom and Intercourse" blogs for more details on this line of thought...   It is kind of the thought of ...   read more

Is there really any answers in Life??   12 y  
Set boundaries so others know where you stand... If you do not stand for anything, then you will fall for everything... DUH
When I started writing this blog it was suppose to be  easy....  Life is never really easy...  or so we eventually find out.... Things happen wither we want it to or not...  So just get ready to handle it...   DUH Because ready or not here life comes...  full bore, uncensored, happening right before your eyes...   What we need is to be prepared for life....    Things will happen beyond your control, so DUH...  Just handle it....    When ever something occurs, this doesn’t mean that ...   read more

What did you say??   12 y  
Life is difficult, but when you seek answers, they are there waiting for you... They may not be the answer you wanted but that is life...
Yes it is that time again....   This will be a short update until i get my act together, personally... We have been reworking our back (sun room) porch, had new windows installed.. One of my sons works for Home Depot, so we get a break...  Any way on to the blog.. Heard a bee that had came in thru a 1/4 inch crack in the wall (it will be caulked today) flying with great zeal against the closed windows....  i open the screen door to the outside world, but alas it did not know to go out ....   This reminded me of we humans ...   read more

Another DUH factor day.... You just never know!!   12 y  
What we don't know will many times bite you in the butt...
Well here we are again.....  Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do; the DUH factor slaps us in the face...  Well today was such a time... Last week, finally got around to changing out my cell fon...  The AT&T model did not have the  battery available any longer... {there are economic factors at work here}  So had to purchase another... nothing really new here, except the money... Well now they are Cingular, the best thing since sliced bread...  Of course they try to sell the $169 model, with camera, Internet, games ...   read more

What we don't say can help someone else!!   12 y  
People say some stupid things.... DUH!!
Some DUH; statements... which w e have all heard some time or other...  Lets start: Things like if you are at a movie theater, and the person behind you ask " Did you see that?"  DUH... My answer is " No, I paid to come in here and look at the seats..." How about the advertisement that says something is "New and improved" this is another DUH, statement....  Because which is it?? If it is new, then there has never been; so how could it be improved...    Then further, if it is improved ...   read more

Duh... It happens to us all...   12 y  
Trouble will find you, your job is to stay ahead of it if you can.....
Well i should talk,  just now after a two Mile hike around the local hills.... Returned and prepared to transfer some photos of my three year old granddaughter. {OK so now you know i over forty}, and i had noticed earlier before the hike that the printer had not completed three projects....  What i was preparing to do was  transfer photos down loaded Sunday, to a couple of 80 Gig remote drives, where we keep photos, and other personal stuff...   We power them up when ready to use, this also helps with the firewall....   So here i si ...   read more

Don't let life come up and slap you in the face... DUH!!   12 y  
It take time to stop, look, and listen and learn to not let the DUH factor take over ...
We have just got to start thinking, i have been thinking.... What does it take for most people to stop look and listen to life...   This is not rocket science here folks...  just plain everyday life...  It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people drive for an example...  This is not about defensive driving courses, though most people could most likely use one....  I just completed one for the state of Fla, last month...  Have had several over the years... we will save this topic for the "Road of Life" blog.... W ...   read more

What is that???? DUH!!!   12 y  
There is a big difference between ignorance and stupidity.. and/or doing the right thing..... DUH
We will attempt to show some of the stupid things people do.... Most of which they get away with because most others do not know the difference... Everyone is ignorant of some things!  Therefore it is to our best interest to learn... Stupidity is when you know better and still do it or do it wrong anyway.... What we would like to show is how to organize and use what GOD has given each of us... a brain!! In other words think... Go to "Brain Boot camp" for more training....  " Remember ignorance will always be governed by knowledge...&qu ...   read more

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