My Unusual Road of Life....
by kerminator
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There’s not just one way to feel or express love.   5 h  
The kind of love that we feel towards our significant other is likely to change over time. At the start of a relationship we feel anticipation about seeing our partner and we are excited every time we see them. Love is a complex and powerful force, one that plays out in a number of emotional, cognitive and social ways.
My List Discover Collections Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind There Are Six Styles of Love. Which One Best Describes You? Keep in mind, you may still possess some elements of the others. The Conversation Rachel Grieve Read when you’ve got time to spare. The Conversation More from The Conversation What happens to men who stay abstinent until marriage? 160 saves Narcissists and psychopaths: how some societies ensure these dangerous people never wield power 249 saves CBT? DBT? Psychodynamic? What Type of Therapy Is Right for Me? 78 saves There’s no ...   read more

Fires - floods fighting the Natural Elements!   23 h  
I have fought fires several different times & places with training that kept people and property safe, which was necessary when helping others! Have been thru several different occurances of a max dangerious nature - more later! Learn how to be productive and useful in this Earthly Existence! Direct confrontation is the only real way!!
There is an old song that said ” You don’t know the troubles I have seen! ” - Which is a part of life which has often been an ugly unnecessary event! Yet it is the unusual experiences and happenings in life that determine, who we are in history! In looking at the life of one of my Heroes ” John Newton ”, who left a trail for many to follow and learn the Truth of God in their lives! By Melissa Petruzzello • Edit History John Newton Born: July 24, 1725 London England Died: December 21, 1807 (aged 82) London England Most Notable Works: “Amazing Grace” John Newton, (born J ...   read more

This was a real fix for the Male home base!    32 h  
There are several different foods, herbs and other supplements available - for the proper operation and the best way to have a good sex life! This is a major part of the Prostrate Gland and Control funchion in the adult male?
Blog: My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator Prostrate Problems and the help for winning the battle! What is the full story on the Prostrate Gland and control? Date: 5/30/2022 ... viewed 113 times What works and why? Start with below from Reader’s Digest: *** How D-Mannose Compares to Antibiotics ************ Antibiotics kill not only the target diseased or unwanted micro-organisms, but they will also kill many friendly micro-organisms. Many different bacteria that live within our digestive system which are essential for proper digestion and good health. ...   read more

Blog: Systemic Candida by Jhan   32 h
Blog: Systemic Candida by Jhan Le traitement du Syndrome de candidose chronique Comment traiter le syndrome de candidose chronique, comment s’assurer qu’il s’agit bien de candidose et comment savoir quels traitements sont nécessaires dans chacun des cas, légers ou lourds. Date: 8/26/2009 7:37:02 PM ( 13 y ) ... viewed 10899 times Voici un petit test pour aider à déceler si c’est la candidose chronique. Il est difficile de déterminer le diagnostique de la candidose. Il faut garder à l’esprit que des maux similaires tels la maladie de céliaque, la fibromialgie et la co ...   read more

When why and where?   59 h  
There are several real reliable sources and ways to get the real truth! Only the truth should win your favor and understanding!
Sad but much of the NEWS and other info is only partly right, so who are you going to believe? **** The truth is the key to most of our problems today! With thousands of news reports, how can we really know what is right and correct? There are certain valid ways and methods to use! We will look at some here! There are many things which can help and or provide elements into your life that will bolster the quality of your understanding! One way I found help was; to read articles and take courses which led to personal improvement! Like Dave Ramsey, Andrew Wommack, George Was ...   read more

What do you know, folks? Covid test??   59 h  
A negative COVID test has never been so meaningless
Question marks with a COVID virus as the dot The Atlantic; Getty June 23, 2022 The past two and a half years have been a global crash course in infection prevention. They’ve also been a crash course in basic math: Since the arrival of this coronavirus, people have been asked to count the meters and feet that separate one nose from the next; they’ve tabulated the days that distance them from their most recent vaccine dose, calculated the minutes they can spend unmasked, and added up the hours that have passed since their last negative test. What unites many of these numbers is the ...   read more

Protein is a key to your health and well being   71 h  
** This test is called Amino Acid Utilization, or AAU. Let me show you how it works: If a protein food has an AAU of 100%, that means there is no nitrogen in your urine; 100% of the amino acids in the food are turned into proteins to rebuild your body. That’s great! On the other hand, if a protein food has an AAU of 10%, that means only 10% of the amino acids are turned into proteins. 90% are turned into sugar! That’s not good. Using the AAU test, scientists now know which foods are truly good sources of protein. And they found that the best one is breast milk, which has an AAU of 49%. Well, that makes sense, since babies need an efficient protein source. But we’re not babies, so what’s the next best protein source? It’s whole eggs, which have an AAU of 48%. But it has to be the whole egg. If you take out the yolks, you reduce the AAU to only 17%. Why? Because egg yolks are loaded with an essential amino acid called methionine. So next time you have eggs, make sure you eat them whole, not just the whites.
This is a remnant from our hunter-gatherer days. Back then, food was scarce. So our bodies had to be able to turn protein into glucose to make energy from whatever food we ate. But today, food is abundant, and most of us don’t need the extra glucose. Since we are less active than our ancestors… and since we live longer than they did… we need less glucose and more protein. How much protein do we get from our food? Well, the amount varies from food to food. Some foods give us more protein than others. We know this because scientists have figured out how to measure it. Scientists ...   read more

Stop giving out your number - is a stupid idea!   4 d  
Stop Giving Companies Your Phone Number. Do This Instead. It is a tricky web we weave and many traps are there about!
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Stop Giving Companies Your Phone Number. Do This Instead. Facebook and Twitter admit that marketers accessed the phone numbers people gave them for security verification. Here’s how to protect yourself without handing over your digits. Fast Company Sean Captain Read when you’ve got time to spare. Fast Company More from Fast Company 7 digital privacy tools you need to be using now 2,814 saves Cheap smartphones have a disturbing secret 312 saves It’s time to ditch Google Analytics 875 saves First it was Facebook, and then i ...   read more

Why do people become so infatuated with failure in life?   5 d  
Life can only be lived successfully if and when people learn how to cooperate with the positive Blessings which can guide us!
Most of the tragedy and harm in life; tends to come from poor judgement and/or the lack of understanding the Truth!! Yet while we seek the truth, we must realize that it only comes one way! TRUE!! When and where do we start getting a positive application of what is true, plus the positive understanding of our own existence? Why do so many seek alternatives, which do not help to live the Blessed Life Which God has given us? Mainly because people have not developed the mental dexterity and/or have not learned all the principles of living a Blessed Life Existence! So what are t ...   read more

Dates on canned foods = R suggested dates only   7 d  
Labels On Cans: Canned foods don’t have an expiration date. Rather, the two main labels you’ll find on cans include the “best-by” or “use-by” date. Here is what these terms mean: “Best-By” Date: This is the recommended time to use the product for the best physical and/or sensory quality. The date is recommended by the food manufacturer. “Use-By” Date: This term refers to the final days that the product will be at its peak freshness, flavor and texture. After this date, the quality of the food deteriorates, but it is still edible. This date is recommended by the food manufacturer.
Foods dates are helps in keeping your food rotated! Jack F/Getty Images By: Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. When was the last time you cleaned out your cupboard of canned goodies? I recently went into a friend’s pantry and found some cans dating back to 1988! Needless to say, those babies got tossed out. But what about cans that are past their “use by” dates by a few weeks, months or even years? Here are some guidelines for what to toss and what to keep. *** Here is a Personal encounter: some years back when I served in the Navy, while on a Destroyer. during an over seas cru ...   read more

When the People have the power to rule themselves!   8 d  
Carry Permit: “Our holding decides nothing about who may lawfully possess a firearm or the requirements that must be met to buy a gun,” - “Nor does it decide anything about the kinds of weapons that people may possess.”
Supreme Court What the Supreme Court’s Gun Ruling Means For Gun Control By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux Jun. 23, 2022, at 1:20 PM STEFANI REYNOLDS / AFP via Getty Images The Supreme Court just dramatically expanded Americans’ right to bear arms. In a 6-3 opinion, with the court’s Republican-appointed justices in the majority, the court ruled that a New York law that heavily restricts the ability to carry a concealed handgun in public violates the Constitution. This decision is a big deal. Previously, the court had only said that the Constitution protected the ability to have ...   read more

4 foods to eat because they are good for you!   9 d  
his post originally appeared on MIT Press Reader and was published January 4, 2022. This article is republished here with permission.
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind 4 Plant-Based Foods to Eat Every Week (and Why Science Suggests They’re Good for You) As a laureate professor in nutrition and dietetics, people often ask me what I eat. Here are four plant-based foods I have on my weekly grocery list. MIT Press Reader Clare Collins Read when you’ve got time to spare. Advertisement MIT Press Reader More from MIT Press Reader Vegan and Vegetarian Diets May Lack Certain Nutrients—Here’s How to Get More of Them 24 saves Heart disease risk from saturated fats may depend on what ...   read more

Your pathway to the future - use it correctly!   9 d  
This is the open door which is before each of us! Learn how to use it on your pathway to the future, because it really works!
Blog: Ya’ think?? by kerminator Do you live in the false state of self control? Either we are spirits of God, allowed the time and intelligence to grow in the Grace Of Almighty God or we will become failures in our Eternal desire save ourselves - from the evil! Only God is the path and saves! Date: 7/19/2020 ... viewed 562 times Each of us has been set apart and designed unique - yet the world system tends to blend and bend us into self-centered souls driven by pure self pleasure and purpose! Since we can not just determine how to live a Blessed life - we should becom ...   read more

Birth Trauma & Chiropractic   9 d  
Experts are suggesting that birth be handled as a normal and natural process. Many experts suggest the birthing position of choice is in an upright position of either sitting or squatting.
Blog: Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator Birth Trauma & Chiropractic ** For decades chiropractors have been warning the public of the danger to newborns from the currently common birth processes used today. Birth is a natural phenomenon that should not be viewed or treated as a medical condition. ** Date: 12/15/2014 ... viewed 1549 times ----------------------------- Monday, December 15, 2014 Birth Trauma & Chiropractic Birth Trauma & Chiropractic Science is now star ...   read more

Opening a book may help improve brain function, So Read!   9 d  
*** Why exposure to books in childhood fosters valuable skills later in life, but the study offers further evidence to suggest that reading has a powerful effect on the mind. And so home library size might be important because, as the researchers note, “[c]hildren emulate parents who read.” { I have over 800 good quality, " Honest No B.S." books in my home library!} It has definanly helped me - Many times!!
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind Research suggests that exposure to large home libraries may have a long-term impact on proficiency in three key areas. Smithsonian Magazine Brigit Katz Read when you’ve got time to spare. Smithsonian Magazine More from Smithsonian Magazine The Science of “Little House on the Prairie” 234 saves The Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries 1,326 saves Using Statistics to Reveal the Secrets of What Makes Great Wr ...   read more

What is Marriage about is it Love or Lust?   11 d  
This article on sexual lust originally appeared here and is used by permission.
Blog: Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator Commit to purity. Repeatedly This article on sexual lust originally appeared here and is used by permission. Date: 6/23/2022 8:40:31 PM ( 32 s æ ) ... viewed 1 times Thriving Marriages = Ways to Increase Spiritual Intimacy Ways to Increasing Spiritual Intimacy Date: 1/6/2021 3:28:38 AM ( 17 mon ) ... viewed 597 times Thriving Marriages 7 Ways to Increase Spiritual Intimacy So, how do you win over lust for the sake of your spiritual and marital health? Here are the basics: Seek the truth and stay in t ...   read more

The choices you make on a daily basis play a major role!   11 d  
** Any type of support needs to be shaped around their personality, their history with food, and the details of their life. Because The process of changing any habit in a person’s lifestyle, such as physical activity, diet, smoking, or alcohol use, doesn’t happen overnight, or even over the course of several weeks.
Health News How to Make Lifestyle Changes That Can Lower Your Risk for Diabetes New research shows that diet and exercise are the best ways to avoid, as well as manage, type 2 diabetes. Getty Images A healthy lifestyle can lower your risk for developing type 2 diabetes by 75 percent, according to new research. Living healthy can also lower your risk for cardiovascular disease by 49 percent. Experts say a lifestyle plan should take into account a person’s behavior patterns, culture, and surrounding environment. The choices you make on a daily basis play a ma ...   read more

wireless personal hotspots.   11 d  
GoGo - If you’re not getting the speed you need even standing close to your WiFi router, you’ve got a problem with your ISP. That could be a technical glitch — or you’re being ripped off.
This post originally appeared on The Washington Post and was published April 29, 2020. This article is republished here with permission. Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Bad WiFi Is Slowing You Down. Fix Yours Without Spending a Dime. Our five-step guide will help you speed up your Internet connection and eliminate wireless dead zones while you’re stuck at home The Washington Post Geoffrey A. Fowler Read when you’ve got time to spare. A guy tweeted an ingenious hotel-room hack⁠ — and Twitter responded with their own 2,664 saves Is it safer to fly or d ...   read more

Why Heroes? Who will stand in the gap of danger?   11 d  
Here is what happens when Heroes are asked - Why?? What makes real Heroes? They have learned how to forget about themselves - and then have got to the point where they truly "Love thy Neighbor"
Blog: Ya’ think?? by kerminator Why Heroes? Who will stand in the gap of danger? *** Many times when heroes are asked why they put themselves in jeopardy or harms way to save someone else, they reply that they didn’t even think about themselves at the time. All they thought of was the danger and necessity of helping the other persons. *** Date: 11/29/2015 2:00:37 PM ( 7 y ) ... viewed 1113 times What makes real Heroes? *** Many times when heroes are asked; why they put themselves in jeopardy to save someone else, they reply that they didn’t even think about them ...   read more

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