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Improved Miracle Adrenal Mix (IMAM)   10 y  
High Sodium Chloride mix for Bromide detox and Lyme treatment
Why (for now see Original Post + thread) Latest Recipe (changes) Dosage Saline IV Original Post IMAM Plus (+)  IMAM on the Go Malic Acid     Why  Latest Recipe Makes 2 Liters (Quarts) of mix. The idea was to produce a palatable delivery that contains sufficient water to push the salt and toxins past the kidneys . - 2 Liters (Quarts) of the purest carbonated water. - 4 rounded tsp of Pickling\Canning Salt. Pickling\Canning Salt is generally larger in size therefore the rounded spoons. ...   read more

Mind and Head - Metals   11 y  
Mind and Head - Metals
Mind and Head - Metals [edit] by  Newport   3 year   569 CADMIUM SULPHURATUM - Unconscious. Vertigo; room and bed seem to spin around. Hammering in head. Heat in head. TELLURIUM METALLICUM - Neglectful and forgetful. Pain in left side of head and in forehead above left eye. Distortion and twitching of left facial muscles; when speaking left angle of mouth drawn upwards and to left. Fear of being touched in sensitive places. Congestion to head and nape of neck, followed by weakness and faintness in stomach. Itching of scalp; red spots. PLUMBUM METALLICUM (L ...   read more

Lead and Sloan Kettering   11 y  
Lead and Sloan Kettering
Re: Lead and Sloan Kettering  RR by  Newport   5 year   1,388 If you are over 40 then you can thank Dr. Kettering for that, he did such a good job for the shareholders of GM that they named a hospital after him: No toxic substance has been more widely distributed throughout man’s environment than the lead additive Tel in gasoline. For over seven decades, millions of autos of all descriptions have successfully dispersed this toxic substance to all corners of the world. How did such a toxic substance ever gain approval to expose hundred’s of millions of ...   read more

Electric shock as first aid for poisonous bites   11 y  
Electric shock as first aid for poisonous bites
electric shock as first aid for poisonous bites by  Newport   3 year   4,294   Dr. Beck / Zapper Sup / Electro-Me from: I received the following account of scorpion bites from Don and JoAnn Mansfield in Mali. Don works in agriculture; JoAnn runs the clinic. ”The missionary I replaced had told me how to treat scorpion stings with a pair of `electric shockers.’ Frankly I did not believe it. Three weeks after we arrived a woman we knew came to the clinic. She had been stung on the side of he ...   read more

Are our Livers Brominated?   11 y  
Are our Livers Brominated?
  Are our Livers Brominated?   RRR by  Newport   5 year   1,666   Iodine Supplementati So yesterday I decided to do my first liver flush. I had been reticent in the past about this since I have done quiet a few coffee enemas in the past and couldn’t imagine how my liver could still retain stones. When I first started with Iodine I had a rush of small gallstones, more like sand, come out and plug up my bile duct. The SCIO machine was handy and I had a treatment once a week for 3 weeks until this was over. But lately I have been getting larger ...   read more

methylation   11 y  
Methionine rant
Contains two relevant posts about methylation How to fix your methylation cycle   1 to 20 of 47 1 by  Newport   28 mon   2,187   Rife   First let’s understand what methylation does. ...   read more

Borax + Antidote   11 y  
Borax + Antidote
Borax by  Newport   69 min   20 First you do realize I always recommended Tri-Boron (including Asparatate) not Borax. But here is a list from what I call observational medicine. Note the homeos are 1-3x which is nearly mother tincture strength. Also note the Dose suggestion at the bottom where they give dosage for simple Borax not homeo. Now the one diff between a homeo vs a box of borax is purity and electrical charge. The first you can fix by buying better grade borax the second by using techniques from Rever ...   read more


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