Confessions of a Food Addict: My journey towards a healthier life...
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Day almost over.   11 y  
I feel good :)
Guess what? I ate some of the noodles earlier, plus I ate 4 slices of toast with a cup of tea right after. As soon as I ate some of the noodles, The cravings started to kick in at full force. But, what surprised me was, I controlled myself. Today’s Meal: 2 cukes (mini cucumber), 1 small banana, 1 cup of tea, 1 cup of noodles, 4 slices of toast with butter. So about 1600 calories all together, compared to my daily 3000++ calories. Then I went for a long walk, followed by a 10 min slow jog and 10 min Yoga. I feel so good, no cravings at all and I have a few hours until bed time. I will ...   read more

Update on My day so far   11 y  
Raw Vegan
Well, it is about 2:30 pm..I didn’t do water fasting..I found it very difficult. I had a really hard time. Perhaps I shouldn’t jump right in to the water fasting. I had a great cleansing affect from the Salt Water Flush. I ate one banana and 2 cukes(cucumber)..and lots of water. Which isn’t bad for a food addict. I had to cook dinner for the family, I made noodles and it smells so good. I want to eat some so badly. It is so difficult to cook for the family going this whole food addiction ordeal. My mind is saying ”eat some, you can start again tomorrow”. I hope I don’t give in to ...   read more

Salt Water Flush   11 y  
Monday-Starting Over
I really over did it on the eating over the weekend..that it made me feel so sick. I have developed allergies and I have never every had allergies in my life. I get really irritated easily, especially with 2 kids to take care of. Sometimes all the stress drives me insane, lol. My eyes are really itchy, nose stuffy and I’m sneezing like crazy. My pains are surfacing, my back, hips and knees. I feel like an 80 year old woman instead of a 38 year old. Yesterday I had to go to a I had to dress up etc..I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how much older I look. I used to alwa ...   read more

Day 2: I Tried :)   11 y  
Pizza Friday
Okay so this is day 2 of my battle with food addiction. I went almost half day with only having a cup of grapes and water. I felt so good, I wasn’t even hungry. I still ate and ate myself sick. Starting Weight: 167 Yesterday: 164 Current: 165 It’s Friday, so that means PIZZA. Why can’t I get control over this..It is like a disease. I try again tomorrow.   visit the page

Why, Why, Why?   11 y  
Caved in to the Cravings.
My cravings kicked in and I ate and ate and ate some more, plus I had chocolates and ice cream. OMG! How am I ever gonna battle this food addiction? So here I go, starting all over again. I won’t give up. Perhaps I need to totally abstain from food for a while. They say a water fast for 40 days will break the food addictions and introduce me to healthier way to eating. I really wanna do this..   visit the page

hungry   11 y  
I want Food
It’s about lunch time now and I am starting to feel hunger, and getting cravings. I am not even sure if it is ’real’ hunger or just the fact that I am used to eating whatever and whenever. Can I get through this water fast until tomorrow morning?? This is so hard.   visit the page

Day 1: Officially starts   11 y  
Wow! I never knew coffee had such an affect..
So I have begun my journey today. It is now 10:00 I had rice, with potatoes, and 6 slices of toast for breakfast. Yes, you read right. 6 slices. However, I couldn’t finish it for some reason. I couldn’t finish a meal is a first for me. I think it was the ’liver flush’ supplement I took this morning. I feel sick to my stomach. This will be my only meal for today..over the next 24 hours until tomorrow 10:00 I will only have water and herbal tea. Yesterday I had coffee and I’m not a coffee drinker, but had cravings for coffee. It gives me heart burn and migraines. But I had a cup yesterda ...   read more

MMMMmmm...Chocolates   11 y  
My stomach feels like a bottomless Pit
I just ate about 10 chocolate covered biscuits. Now I feel like eating something again. My stomach feels like a bottomless pit and it is almost my bedtime. One night I actually got up and cooked something to eat. I feel so guilty, but it was so Yummmy and my health is deteriorating. My birthday is in 3 weeks and my goal is to at least, lose 5 lbs and start eating a healthier diet. Tomorrow, I plan to cut back on sugar and add more raw veggies and fruits to my diet...and drink lots more water, going for long walks. Right now, I plan to do some reading to get my mind off of Food. I am re ...   read more

French Bread and Cheese...   11 y  
I wanna eat NOW
Okay, since I don’t start this whole ’makeover’ ’diet’ until tomorrow.I can still eat whatever I want today. I am craving french bread and and cheese. OMG! Can I really do this tomorrow? Will I be successful? I am drooling just thinking about french bread and cheese....   visit the page

The Beginning...   11 y  
Starting on my journey.
As I sit here, I am thinking of what I can eat next. Can you believe it? It is so frustrating...I keep trying to diet, exercise and I end up Failing and feeling sorry for myself. I’m a stay at home mother of two wonderful kids. I do it all, cook, clean, take care of the home and the kids..and the little time that is left is for sleeping. I have no time for ME. I need to make more time for me. I guess the easiest thing for me to deal with the daily stresses is to grab something to eat. Food makes me feel GOOD, happy..but just temporarily. All that has lead to a 45 lb weight gain over the pa ...   read more


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