Fasting to heal
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Day 9   6 y  
In better mood.
No hunger.Energy OK. Not much sleep. Walking around I walked slower and going up stairs my leg muscles felt stiff, so I went slow.   visit the page

Day 8   6 y  
going through some kind of psychological detoxing
No hunger. Energy good. Last night got irritable again and moody but didnít crave foods. Get bored with things so easy, everything bores me, only when Iím moving around doing physical activities like cleaning I feel fine. Noticed one leg ankle is bigger than the other, it doesnít look swollen just bigger. It was like that when I was really fat, but I was so fat I just donated it to the obesity. I am hoping fasting can fix that.   visit the page

Day 7   6 y  
One week down! (weighing once a week)
I am surprise I made it a week! Last night I was getting irritable by little things, crying over little nothings and had psychological cravings for food but no hunger, glad I stuck it through, feeling better today. I have a lot of energy today. No hunger. Iím not sure but I think my vision is improving (nearsighted). More slimy BM. Iím getting to obsessive with the scale. I think I will weigh myself and the end of the weeks instead. I will gain back some water weight anyway when I started eating again.   visit the page

Day 6   6 y  
  Normal energy for the most part today, a little wobbly when I get out of bed but not lightheaded. Took advantage and did some cleaning before I get tired again.   Having some dark liquid bowel movements.   The bulge I have on my left upper abdominal is showing more, I think because as I am losing weight it just is. I looked back at pictures of my when I weighed 245 lbs and it was there but hardly noticeable.  It does scare me, cause I donít know what it is, but motivates me to keep with the fast to heal whatever it could be. Hopefully. I included a p ...   read more

Day 5   6 y  
Less energy. Walk around real slow. Have to get up slowly out of bed or get lightheaded and seem to have less coordination at first getting up from sleeping. No hunger.   visit the page

Day 4   6 y  
Not really any cravings but getting groggy tonight. Get lightheaded when I first get out of bed, have been taking naps on and off through out the day and night. Also, get BM that donít really look like feces just slime. My system must be really cleaning out.   visit the page

Day 3   6 y  
Made it through the 3rd day. Not much cravings. Time has been going by fast which is good. Walked 3 miles around the park, not really to exercise but because I wanted to get out in the sun. I plan to tone up and do a lot of exercising when I start eating again. Being lighter after fasting will make jogging a lot easier. My weight is still the same today. I guess I lost a lot of water weight and now the real fat is coming off slow.   visit the page

Day 2   6 y  
Made it through the second day. Nothing much to report. Not much cravings or hunger yet.   visit the page

This womans 56 day fast   6 y  
inspiring fasting video
inspiring. She is started out around my weight and is around my age. If she can do it maybe I can. Still take it day to day, but if I can go that long I will. Donít know. Itís so hard for me just to do a few days, but will have to see, would like to do at least 2 weeks.   visit the page

RESTART: Day 1 (again)   6 y  
Ate popcorn late the other night. But made it through day 1 today. Felt fine. Keeping busy helped. Some slight stiffness and stuff on left upper abdominal side but I donít expect that to go away this quickly.   visit the page

Day 1   6 y  
The stiff feeling on my side subsided this afternoon but there is still that bulge. Itís the evening time and no hunger or cravings yet. Energy is great. Feel very determined to do this. Weighing myself every morning, today itís 197.   visit the page

Why I am fasting   6 y  
I don't plan to fast forever. Just to recover my health and then eat a natural diet with little or no processed foods and exercise.
Have a stiffness on my left side under my rib and a slight bulge. Ignored for a while, then developed bulimia in December 2011 trying to stop binge eating on junk foods. Noticed that vomiting from the bulimia seems to aggravate that area more. It scares me enough to stop with the bulimia and get healthy. Itís only been a few months of the bulimia so I think itís early enough to quit. Fasting my seem anorexic like behavior for someone like me but I know itís not in my case. Anorexics have distorted body image and see themselves fat when they are very thin. I weigh around 200 lbs at 5í6. ...   read more


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Fasting to heal any damage done to my body from a short stint with bulimia and bad eating habits. more...

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