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Hello CureZone!   12 y  
a brief hello and check in.
Facebook takes up most of my time on the ’net these days. Sometimes I think about CureZone though, and tonight I have dropped in for a visit. I miss my CureZone days. All of the amazing and fascinating information contained within CureZone cannot be found anywhere else in cyberspace, really. I used to spend hours here. And you know what? I’m not sure if what I’m doing now with my time online could be considered progress in the years since CureZone, really. Mostly I’m online while I’m at my office. At least when I used to spend so much time on CureZone I was learning about pr ...   read more

My Recent Experience with Zeolites   13 y  
Zeolites are wonderful and miraculous for many people. I wish they had been for me, too.
Having read and heard much encouraging information about Zeolites, I decided last week to start taking the powdered Zeolites daily. I purchased the HealthForce ZeoForce powder at a local health-oriented pharmacy. I do take a few different pharmaceutical medications for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation. So I asked at the pharmacy if the Zeolites would have any sort of reaction with my medications and the pharmacists stated that they did not know enough about Zeolites to give me an answer. I asked one of the workers in the store part of the pharmacy,and she was very very enthus ...   read more

I Still Love Curezone...So I'm Checking In   14 y  
v8 has missed curezone
Oh Curezone, I think of you often. You are my first blog. I have gathered lots of information here of importance to me and perhaps helpful to a few others along the way, as well. I like what I learn from Curezone. My life has been so busy, I have not been checking in as often as I would like. I am still plodding along with my little alternative health business. Rarely do I make enough to cover the office rent. Any practical person knowledgeable in the financial planning realms would have advised me to close up shop a long time ago. I do still have 10 or so loyal customers. That ...   read more

Healing Herbs   14 y  
a bit of a discourse about medical marijuana
Here in Vibrational Health Village (my name for Boulder, CO in this blog), within a very short period of time, medical marijuana clinics have sprouted up - well - everywhere. I honestly do not think that when the Colorado voters ok’d whatever it was that has caused all these clinics to sprout up all over the Front Range that anyone knew it would look quite like this. Sure, I’m part of a generation that for the most part smoked a lot of pot in it’s day...but I don’t anymore. I am pretty sure that is not what colours my opinion though. I’ve thought about it a lot over the past several ...   read more's everywhere   15 y  
watch out...msg lurks in unexpected places
I found out something new today. For years I had thought that MSG (monosodium glutamate) was found only in Chinese food. How wrong I was. It is everywhere. I was at a popular new Japanese restaurant in the suburbs near where I live, and the substitute chef told me there is MSG in the miso soup, in the all sorts of foods they serve. He told me that adding msg to the food is a common practice at Japanese restaurants. But it is not limited to Asian restaurants. I have also found out it is in many commercial brands of salad dressing, as well as other processed prepared fo ...   read more

Hello Curezone!   15 y  
a deer in the driveway, Tibetan Medicine, my wonderful gardens, and listening to 2 marvelous healers I know talk...all in one day!
How I have missed you, Curezone! I must admit that I have gotten quite addicted to Facebook and don’t quite know why, really. I have a very limited island of time to spend on the internet, and have spent much of that time during the last few months amassing friends and taking lots of wacko quizzes on Facebook. So here I am, thinking about health and healing again, and that always brings me back to Curezone, a veritable wealth of healing information! Today was amazing for me...I brought an acutonics healer I know to meet and visit with a Thai massage therapist (who just recently r ...   read more

Today   15 y  
light & darkness; love & hate...
Today, in memory of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., I would like to share a quotation with you:                      *************************************** "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."             ~~Martin Luther King, Jr.     read more

Important Organic Farming News!!!!   16 y  
if you are concerned about genetically engineered crops, please take the time to read this
hello! Today I received this email, and checked the facts. It’s true. So I felt an urgency to share it: ******************** Friends, This is very concerning, I hope you all will sign this. It is time to exercise our democratic voice again! In spite of 20,000 e-mails from organic consumers and, in apparent contradiction to his announcement that he wants an organic garden at the White House, Obama has chosen Tom Vilsack, a strong bio-tech proponent supporting genetically engineered crops, cloned animals, etc., to run the Department of Agriculture. As you will see below, V ...   read more

Holiday Dreams, Visions & Decisions   16 y  
contemplative on the Day After
And so another Thanksgiving in America is over and done with. While many are out engaging in rampant consumerism this ”black Friday”, I’m in my little office being semi-contemplative. Sure there’s a lot that I’m grateful for. Grateful to not be in Mumbai, first of all. And sending my thoughts and prayers there. So much going on here on our dear Earth where healing is needed. How the heck do I in my sheltered little world know what others clear across the globe need, anyway? Ponder that, if you please. If you choose. Or not. I like this page about the huge Thanksgiving trut ...   read more

Quantum Pulse   16 y  
it's all about energy
So many of you have contacted me over the years this blog has been on Curezone, with questions about the VIBE Machine. I started my blog talking about my adventures discovering the VIBE Machine and then expanded to cover all the different alternative treatments I was trying in order to improve my own health situation. In respect to the VIBE Machine, I wanted to let you know that Vibe Technologies is no longer manufacturing VIBE Machines. They are manufacturing the Quantum Pulse. What has changed? Honestly, I am not legally prepared to go into the details. You can find out more ...   read more

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