Juice Feast Journey to Better Health
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day 25 to 29 sort of...   11 y  
day 24 - 29
Well my attempt to dive back into my juice fast is failing miserably. My heart is just not in it anymore and after íawakeningí my digestive system itís pretty well like starting all over again. So for the last 4 days Iíve been drinking juice, having soups, and a bit of rice. I gave it one last attempt yesterday to just drink juice and made it through the day, but I am not feeling it like I was before my cold. I think 23 days is pretty good anyways! But I am also not ready to just dive back into the world of eating. I feel like I still need some cleansing and part of me really wants t ...   read more

day 21 - 24   11 y  
day 21 - 24
Well obviously I have been neglecting my journaling. Itís been somewhat of a bumpy ride since the weekend. I started to get a sore throat on Sunday. Then from Monday until the end of the week I have been flat out with a cold, cough, fever. I broke my cleanse by having some soups. I just had to have something warm and nourishing other than juice. So I have been eating soups (organic, purely liquid soups I got from the health food market) and also juicing but less so. No stomach problems and am still doing the parasite cleanse and enemas. Iíve been on the fence whether to just call i ...   read more

day 19, 20   11 y  
day 19 20
The last day or so has been a bit tough. I actually ate a small piece of cheese today... I know, horrible! It tasted so good... but now my stomach is not feeling so good. Itís making lots of strange sounds and feels íwrongí. I donít know what came over me. My mom had a plate of cheese out for the kids and I just popped one in my mouth! I feel so guilty, especially after 20 days of just juice! But I am continuing on. Minor setback and I will still drink my juices. I plan to give myself an enema before bed to clean out any residual ícheeseí! A true moment of weakness. It was not e ...   read more

day 18   11 y  
day 18
Finding it hard to drink the juice sometimes. Boredom? Some are better than others and at least there is some variety unlike the Master Cleanse. That gets old really fast. Today I had apple, celery, and cilantro. Cilantro is very strong and I think I put a bit too much in... Supposed to be great for detoxing. I ordered humaworm parasite cleanse and got my package the other day. I am thinking to add it to my detox regime and will start tomorrow. I will have to make sure I drink more water than I am though and daily enemas. Right now I am doing an enema every other day. Good detoxi ...   read more

day 17   11 y  
day 17
I am starting to call this a íjuice fastí and not a íjuice feastí as I am definitely not drinking the required 4 litres a day of juice. Today I am lucky if I had half that. Itís not easy when I am at work all day without a juicer. Often when I come home I donít even feel like having more juice and will just have some tea or coconut water. I feel fine with so little juice, but a tad weak at times. I felt like I was walking quite slow this afternoon. Maybe I should try and increase my juice intake. Only 13 more days until 30. I am pretty sure once I hit 30 days, 10 more to 40 will se ...   read more

Day 15, 16   11 y  
day 15 16
Still truckíin along. The days seem to blend into each other, drinking my juice. Iíve definitely lost weight as some of my clothes that were a bit ísnugí are much looser on me. Some of the girls at work commented on how I look like Iíve lost weight. Peopleís reactions are interesting when you tell them you are on a juice cleanse. I donít advertise it and only tell them if they ask. Today I told one girl at work it was day 16 and there was a collective gasp! And then the usual comment ĒI could never do that. I love food too much!Ē I think anyone can do it if they put their mind to ...   read more

Day 12, 13, 14   11 y  
day 12, 13, 14
I should really try and write in here every day as now the days seem to be blurring into each other... Ok, Day 12... friday. I had a busy day at work. Felt pretty energetic and clear minded. Was a bit tired by the end of the day and a few mental food cravings but all in all it was good. Day 13... saturday. I had the day off which was great. Did hot yoga finally! I was a bit weak and not my usual vigorous self, but I managed not to lie in childís pose and got through the class feeling good. I will go again tomorrow. It felt good to sweat, do some breathing exercises, stretch, and ...   read more

Day 11   11 y  
day 11
The day didnít start out the greatest. Woke up with a bit of a headache, again behind my left eye. I had the morning off so I walked my dog, drank some juice, and gave myself a coffee enema which seemed to help. Then I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, broke the arm off my sunglasses, and got a speeding ticket on the way to work! Ahhh! Good thing bad luck comes in threes because the rest of the day was pretty good! Headache never returned, drank my juice, worked,my cell phone still works, bought new sunglasses, and now I am sipping some juiced tomatoes with a bit of garlic and herb ...   read more

Day 9 & 10   11 y  
day 9 and 10
Yippee! Day 10! Seems like it went by fairly quickly. Day 9 had alot of anger and frustration come up. I felt really agitated and didnít want to do much of anything. Itís one of my busier days at work as well. But I got through it and kept drinking my juice. Today, day 10, was pretty good. Felt quite clear headed, went to restorative yoga which was wonderful, and restocked the fridge with more fruits and loads of greens. I can smell everything so clearly. One of my coworkers was eating a warm wrap for lunch today and it smelled sooooo good... but I didnít really feel any hunger, ...   read more

Day 8   11 y  
Day 8
Had a good day today. I had more fruit juice and less greens which seemed to give me more energy. This morning I juiced grapefruit, pear, and cucumber. Then I added more greens later in the day with a apple, lemon, cilantro, celery juice. I had a reflexology session from my friend who is just learning. It was really relaxing and may have contributed to my higher energy level as well. Overall I feel awesome. My mind feels pretty clear, I am not tired, and I donít have many cravings (more for taste than anything). Happy Juicing!   visit the page

Day 7   11 y  
day 7 down
Day 7 down. Didnít drink near enough juice today or liquids really. I am probably quite dehydrated although I feel ok. Itís alot of work juicing so much, cleaning the juicer in my small kitchen, chopping up fruits and vegetables... The Master cleanse is way easier, just mix lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. No clean up or chopping. But the juice has more variety as the MC drink gets real boring after awhile. Sometimes I canít even get it down. At least I can enjoy different flavours. Today I had apple, parsley, cilantro, and cucumber juice. The cilantro gave it a nice flavou ...   read more

Day 5 & 6   11 y  
Day 5 and 6 of juice feast
Last few days Iíve had no detox symptoms, although my energy level has been slightly low. Generally I feel pretty good. Still not able to drink the 4 litres of juice which is maybe why I feel a bit hungry at times. Itís not easy to drink so much! Thatís alot of juicing as well. I try to drink it as fresh as possible but when I have to work I am taking mason jars full of juice with me for the day. Yesterday I had a great shiatsu massage. Lots of deep pressure so I felt a bit beat up afterwards and skipped yoga. I am hoping to get to a class tomorrow evening and then try to get back ...   read more

Day 2,3,4   11 y  
days 2 3 4
Yes, I am still here and juicing! Been super busy at work so not much time to blog, but I will try to do it at least every other day. Ok rewind... Day 2 was a bit detoxy but not too bad. I had a lingering headache behind my left eye all day and felt a bit tired and weak. Other than that all was well. Still finding it hard to drink 4 litres of juice. Thatís alot of juice in one day along with water, tea, and coconut water! But I havenít felt hungry. Only those mental cravings for the taste of food, but no actual physical cravings at all. I donít have a scale and donít weigh myself ...   read more

Day 1   11 y  
first day of juice cleanse
First day. Drank 3 litres of juice today as well as some detox tea, water, and coconut water. You are supposed to have 4 litres of juice per day but I just couldnít drink that much. Felt full and not hungry at all. I had pretty bad cramps this evening though and did an enema when I got home from work which helped. Donít feel too detoxy yet but I am sure it is coming! First thing this morning I drank a pear, celery, parsley juice. Not bad. Then I had apple, celery, parsley with hemp oil, bee pollen, and chlorella powder. Not sure what caused the cramps but I took some digestive enz ...   read more

The night before...   11 y  
preparation for tomorrow's juice cleanse start
So the fridge is stocked with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lots of leafy greens. I spent $62 dollars for mostly organic, so weíll see how long it lasts and then Iíll be better able to calculate how much the cleanse will cost per day. Obviously less than eating normally, especially when adding daily coffees and eating out for lunch a few times a week! I feel both apprehensive and excited! I did have a coffee today which I knew I shouldnít... but it was so yummy and my last one for awhile... Had some toast, butternut squash soup, and will have a light salad and some brown rice fo ...   read more

Pre Juice Feast...   11 y  
pre juice day... the start of my 40 day juice cleanse...
Tomorrow is my last day of solid food for 40 days. I am embarking on a 40 juice feast the day after tomorrow to better my health, loose some weight, increase my vitality, create more balance in my life, clear my mind, clear some digestive problems Iíve been having, and to better connect with my Higher Self and Guides. I have done various cleanses over the past 12 years such as the Master Cleanse, Juice Fasts, and Brown Rice Cleanses. The time has ranged from 10 to 28 days. The results each time have been truly amazing and inspiring. Along with the various cleanses I do enemas, colonic ...   read more


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