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hope is a state of mind   19 y  
we must call council, for all of the world community to confer with us and each other
Katrina – Our Chernobyl By Deena Metzger Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good. Vaclav Havel The effects of Katrina are becoming a global tragedy like that of Chernobyl, but may yet become even more tragic and far-flung. The day after Katrina passed through the Gulf States, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississi ...   read more

a opportunity to heal   19 y  
it will take years--and we better 'hunker' down for the long haul
With the terrible tragidy of ’KATRINA’ ever present in out hearts. I am trying to pause and see the next step. What I believe as awful as this sounds is: This surreal life altering event has happened for a reason. And now, it will be up to all of us to change. To become vocal about the poverty conditions in this country. Before we go trying to change the world, Don’t we need to help our own? Just because of the number of people effected it will take years to find homes and jobs . Nursing homes and hospitals, where people will have the care they need now and in the future. When the tr ...   read more

A way to help!!   19 y  
help your brothers and sisters help
A link to help the people of Katrina If you have a spare room or just a spare bed, they need you.   visit the page

taking energy healing to new levels   19 y  
did this disaster finally get our attention?
Once I got over my disbelief at the conditions that are with our broters and sisters in New Orleans, other La. townships, people in Mississippi and the people in Alabama. I too wanted to help, beyond a donation. To go beyond what I know to be true of this government. A government who rejects the people and areas of the country it does not deem profitibale.. Finally, they got President Bush’s attention, only because of what the rest of the world is seeing. With his ratings at an all time low, he could not afford to turn his back COMPLETELY. We truly have a man who would sell part of his o ...   read more

if it were all just this easy!!!   19 y  
I wrote this article for my web site to see how we have changed about taking charge of our own health. ”It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” --Krishnamurti THE ABC’S OF A RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE Attitude Beliefs Connect Looks like an odd combination or words to include in an article about the raw food lifestyle, but I will connect the dots. Everyday, we make choices concerning the food we eat, and the food we eat is either going to keep us well or make us sick. So that brings me to my first word A= ATTITUDE. The first question ...   read more

FINALLY A WEB SITE --on its way   19 y  
Once again, I am shown the wonders of a positive attitude, and the letting go of MY TRYING to control anything.
I have been so busy the last couple of weeks with company(daughter) which turned out to be a wonderful experience. A lot of our old issues are falling away and we are finding our way back to one another. I could feel we are truly interested in each others lifes again, not just going through the motions for the sake of the situation. I was so worried about her coming and her judgments that I was making myself ill. She loves the idea of my creating the web site and seemed really proud of me again. I do have this image issue: I need to do it perfectly or--or what?I always ask myself. I a ...   read more

early morning musings   19 y  
how to rid myself of others energy. this is not the life i want
Couldn’t sleep, so I thought I might as well get up and try to get my thoughts down on paper, which always seems to help me gain some clarity about my situation. I had a fight with my husband yesterday, because he made a comment about my plant pots. WHAT!! YOU SAY WHAT!! Yes, my clay pots I use for my flowers. My daughter is arriving Tuesday, and I am occupied trying to make everything nice for her visit. So she can rest and enjoy some time by herself. I can remember how nice that is, having a place to go where you can just think about yourself for a few days. For me it was going ...   read more

cancer and protein   19 y  
what the meat and dairy lobbies don't want you to know!!
,THEI attended a lecture by Colin Campbell, the author of ’the China Study’. He is an elderly man, and seems to be in very good shape physically and mentally. He was clearly not pushing his opinions, but rather simply presented facts based on over 25 years of scientific research. Colin Campbell presented several studies of rats which were fed cancerous substances. One group of rats was fed a high protein diet (20%) and the other group was fed a low protein diet (5%). All the rats who were on the high protein diet developed tumors and cancers whereas the low protein group remai ...   read more

i am sure my blood pressure had a field day   19 y  
a good reason to eat raw food!! no stove
Just needed to vent for a few minutes. I made a wonderful raw meal for myself. Kale with raisens,tomatoes and pine nuts, and then a salad with red lettuce, cukes, tomatoes,scallions, red peppers, black olives, avocadoes and artichoke hearts and a home made raw honey mustard dressing. YUUUUUUM. My husband who only eats a little of my raw food, decided to make pea soup with beef bones and sausage. Well he burned the stuff all over one of the burners on the stove. Something or some part of it boiled over, because I have been scrubing for the last 15 minutes and I finally threw the burner in ...   read more

Mothers and Daughters   19 y  
Little Girls Grow Up to Be MOMMIES TOO
I went from one thing to another today without so much as a time out and I feel it tonight. There are just some things that never change. My daughters annual viist. In times past I have wondered why she even comes. Its really more about her than coming to see me, a fact I have just come to accept. Actually, I am glad, at least she comes, and she no longer presses me for all the answeres to questions that she feels I have with held from her. All the whys of her childhood, why didn’t I stay married to her father was always a big one. She seems to have mellowed a bit. The last couple of ...   read more

my beef with life   19 y  
Looking at my early eating habits, takes me back to my childhood
It occured to me as I was preparing the salad for dinner last evening, just how food has affected all the stagaes of my life. I love food--- all foods. I love to look at them, touch them, smell them, turn them around in my hands, and I always love preparing them, depending on whatever method I was using at the time. As children, my sisters and I were not allowed to eat sweets(sugar) or white bread, or soda. I never had a coke until I was well into my teens, and I can only remember having one root beer floot when I was in the 6th grade. Of course I had them later on when I could escape ...   read more

My own insecurities have shaped my life   19 y  
Progess not perfectiion.I learned that in AA and try to apply it in my life, but I forget!!
They always get in my way, my insecurities. It seems like I just make some progress and the next thing I know I am putting my ambitions on the shelf because I will only go so far and then I pull back. My psychiatrist would no doubt have me back in my childhood, which is right. That is where it all began. Being the oldest daughter of four girls, my life revolved around helping: run the house and mother and my alcholic father and be a moderator for their fights, and then what was left over I was suppose to be a ”A” student, play the piano, only be involved with people, places and things ...   read more

I cannot focus on anything long enough   19 y  
Creating my world once again
I told my husband yesterday morning that I don’t care if I live or die!! The only reason I can find for caring is that I don’t want to hurt my children or grandchildren, I don’t want to leave my sucide as their legacy. All of this said by me to my husband, my number four husband, black husband, I am white and 15 years older than he is. One of these alone is problematic in iself, but all together I am sinking. I had stayed single for so long 13 years. I had so many things to do, so many things to learn. How to take care of myself, how to earn enough money to live without the constant ...   read more

Loosing A Friend   19 y  
Addicted to food Conscious eating too much trouble
u I just finished the first page of my new web-site: Very exciting for me as this is a project I have wanted to complete for some time. The first page needs revision, however, just going through all the technical set-ups left me exhausted. Still it can’t be displayed through aol and I don’ t know why. More work!!!! I am going through a very hard personal time. A very dear friend, dying of overian cancer, I am feeling so helpless. She went to the doctor complaining of a pain in h ...   read more

Keeping my focus in a food addicted city   19 y  
How to live with your convictions, when those around you only want the status quo
Image Name: Lantana4s.jpg Image Title: Lantana4s.jpg Username: #7 URL: This is just a test for me to see if I have really figured out how to set up this blog? I wonder once I create this maserpiece how I will view it? After all the years of keeping journals, to get up at 5:00am to share my thoughts with others is quite a concept!! I am thinking constantly about building my web-site and what the focus will be. All raw, mostly raw? Juicing of course. Keeping your focus in a city that is cooked (food that is). People look at you with a deer in the headlight stare when you say ...   read more


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