Journal of my thirty day juice fast continued
by ausjulie2
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Day 22, 23, 24 & 25   10 y  
Fasting paradise
Things are going really, this bit of fasting is so easy, feels like i could go on forever. I do miss my social life though so more than likely 30 days will be it for me. I am a bit disappointed in the weight loss but as always i cant expect a 30 day fast to undo over a years worth of indulgence. I just need to take the things i learn on a fast to normal life. mainly that i really do not need to consume near as much food as i do and stay clear of processed - pretty simple really. sunday i ran four miles hills and all, monday a walk around the big lake two steps at a time and no problems, t ...   read more

Day 21   10 y  
Another milestone achieved
Woo hoo things are still great all good!!!! Love this part of fasting.   visit the page

Day 19 & 20   10 y  
Its all good!!
Everything is goind fantastic, i have hit the fasting groove!! Yesterday i went for a walk around the big lake, there are a set of stairs that go on forever when i first started walking this trek i could not get up them without stopping numerous times, i finally got to a point that i could get up them one at a time without stopping, well yesterday i got up them two at a time without stopping - very happy! Today i went for a run and made it the full four miles, hills and all. three weeks ago i wasnt runnign at all, just really happy i am getting fitter and stronger. Still a long way to go b ...   read more

Day 17 & 18   10 y  
Finally at the good bit!
yeah everything has got sooo much better, i feel fantastic!! i’m not sure what bought on the awfulness but so happy it has gone. Its friday and i am not even bothered by it - actually looking forward to the weekend and sleeping in, planting some seedlings and spending some time outside. My smaller work pants kind of fit, they are tighter than they use to be but getting there - hopefully by this time next week they should be comfy. i have backed off the juice and upped the MC lemonade which is working at the moment, i started laxs again last nite and had no bad effects so its not them that ...   read more

Day 16   10 y  
not feeling so great
Last nite has possibly been the worse i have felt so far this fast. I came home from work very low energy and feeling sick in the stomach. I know i didnt have enought juice so made some mc lemonade with extra agave to get some calories into me. Felt a bit better but could not go for a run or walk - struggled all nite with feelings of wanting to quit because i just felt so bad. When i tried to go to sleep i had the most awful sensation wanting to escape my body..very weird it was both emotional and physical with my hands and feet tingling. Managed to fall asleep and woke feeling pretty ordi ...   read more

Day 15   10 y  
Yahoo third milestone reached
Very glad the halfway mark has been reached - 15 more to go!   visit the page

Day 13 & 14   10 y  
A little reflection
Two weeks in and i am feeling pretty good. My energy levels go up and down, i am getting pretty sick of the juices so might need to add the mc lemonade this week. I know i will make to the end just no chance of quitting now, but it would be nice if i felt a little better. I have not weighed myself which i am pretty happy with, previous fasts i have been obsessed with the weigh ins. I know the weight is going so that is enough. best thing about that is going to the cupboard and being able to fit into more and more things every day. To give some idea i am down a complete dress size. Sunday ...   read more

Day 10 , 11 & 12   10 y  
Just getting on with it all
Thursday i woke up better still not great but better. I ran 3 miles without stopping so that was good. Weight is coming off slowy but i can feel it moving. Friday i was worried a bit about the weekend - i am not breaking this fast that i am certain of but it just not easy on weekends. Made it thru, walked around the little lake and did some weights sit ups and push ups. Slept great last nite and today just taking it easy my legs are really sore. I have exercised every day since starting so not a bad idea to give myself a day of rest. I am still only juicing fruit juices lots of water and h ...   read more

Day 7, 8 & 9   10 y  
Long post - lots to say as usual
Things are going well today is day 9 and I am definitely feeling better, stronger in myself and very determined to make it. Last night was the first time I felt a bit hungry so I am obviously not having enough juice. I am mostly drinking water all day, juice at lunch time and then juice at dinner time with herbal tea after that if I feel like it. I thought I would have introduced MC lemonade by now but so far I am not sick of the juice so sticking with it. If it aint broke don’t fix it! I have fallen into my fasting routine, wake up go to work, come home for lunch juice, back to work, fini ...   read more

Day 6   10 y  
Still not quite at the good bit
Terrible nites sleep, a pattern I have established in previous fasts seems to be happening again. I try to go to bed at a decent time lay there for hours cannot get to sleep finally fall asleep early hours of the mourning and then cant get out of bed til mid mornings…arghhh. I need to break this obviously for work this week but also hate been awake when I want to be asleep and asleep when I want to be awake. Feeling very distant still, very protective of myself..this is strange. I started the herbal lax’s last nite in form of tea…seems to be working fine. One of my least favorite things ab ...   read more

Day 5   10 y  
First milestone accomplished
Woohoo first milestone made it thru Friday nite!!! Feeling very proud of myself. Idid have to shut myself in my room and watch a movie on the laptop avoided all around me. I feel very distant from everyone, just feeling very fragile. Anyway today played tennis with the family and then went for a walk, we have something to go to tonight but I am not worried. I feel a pretty strong resolution in myself that I am going to do this. But still one step at a time. Still juicing oranges and drinking water. Family is cooking a bbq as I type but feel a bit better about it today. I think because I ma ...   read more

Day 4   10 y  
Emotional roller coaster
Sleeping has improved but still waking up but getting back to sleep really easily. Let myself go too long without juice today and lack of calories/sugar whatever drove me crazy, lost control cracked the absolute shits and thru things in the dishwasher…then went and bawled my eyes out. The roller coaster ride of emotions. Went for a walk/run around big lake ran a bit so felt better. Then had some time on my own at home which was needed. Just finding it very hard being around family, cannot cook or shop or be in kitchen when food is going on. Other fasts I have been able to do this but this ...   read more

Day 3   10 y  
Ramping up the exercise
A bit better sleep but still not great, still on freshly squeezed oranges and water. Today at work the guys had knock off beers – I had to get out of there as quick as I could. Good thing I went for a walk around little lake and actually jogged a bit..ran about ¾ of it none of the hills though. Whoo hoo wasn’t putting any expectations on myself regarding running this week so glad I gave it a go on my own without planning it.   visit the page

Day 2   10 y  
Let the detox begin
Not such a great nite sleep but too be expected today I am feeling very vulnerable like I want to take myself away somewhere safe and do this not around food and family and temptation. Feeling lots of anger and now I am directing it at others. Walked around big lake today which helped a bit. Orange juice again today and water and herbal tea, not hungry just getting thru it. Some detox with pain in the neck and back, disgusting white tongue…arghh the memories.   visit the page

Day 1   10 y  
Gotta start somewhere
Well I started, this is the day I had ear marked as the start and every bit of me wants it to be yesterday…very uneventful day feeling fragile, scared, threatened…but glad I have started. I am juicing oranges at the moment and lots of water. Not hungry just full on my anger at myself for letting myself get this bad! Walked around the little lake   visit the page

Back in the saddle!   10 y  
time to juice again!
Well juicing saddle that is – time to give it another go, aiming for 30 but will go one day at a time. I have tried twice this year to juice, the first time got to four days and then yes Friday nite hit and it all went out the window. Next attempt didn’t even make it thru one day which in all of my 5 ½ years of juicing is the worst attempt I have ever made! So basically I feel like this has to work or I have to accept the fact that I am no longer able to do it. I will be disappointed with myself if I don’t make it, the hardest thing will be admitting that I no longer have the strength and ...   read more

Day 10   10 y  
second milestone acheived yahoo!!!
woo hoo made it to day 10 and 1/3 of the way thru! I have lost access to my previous blog - bit bummed about it but my own fault! so hopefully people will still be interested in following me on this one - if not that is fine too its more for me to be accountable and have an account of my fasts. i have kept a diary of the last 10 days so i will post soon. Today i woke up very tired and feeling very unwell - drained. I think it may have been the lax tea or maybe i just need a bit of a rest day. Not sure. Feeling a bit better after a few BM’s so prob just detox. Not fun though, just felt real ...   read more

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