Juice Fast. 39 days of fasting to 40 and and a new life.
by 40 Year Old Juicer

Day 8 new diet   12 y  
Day 8
Felt good again this morning. Dropped another pound for a total of 16. Yesterday we dehydrated some bananas and nectarine slices and pureed some corn to dehydrate into raw corn chips. So today I made a very small (1 cup) trail mix out of some raw almonds, cashews, filberts, dehydrated banana, and dehydrated nectarine. I had a spinach/carrot/celery juice for b-fast, had a small avocado for lunch, trail mix to snack on through the day, and tonight I am going to have some leftover raw vegetable soup.   visit the page

Day 7   12 y  
Day 7
Well the evening of night six was really rough. For some reason my mental state has changed. It’s weird because I had a wonderful day with my wife. I struggled last night so I went to bed early at 9pm thinking it would be better this morning. It’s not. It’s worse. Now I feel like crap. I am shaky, got a headache, and sort of feel like I have a cold in a way. My plan after this fast was to switch over to a 75% raw diet afterwords. That may be starting today. Day 7....The hardest day yet. ----------------------------------------------------------- So, I failed. I felt so horri ...   read more

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6
Good morning. I still feel good today. Weighed in this morning at 279 for a total of 15 pounds! This is amazing. Today I want to talk about Juicers. I started this fast with a Juiceman juicer. I have already went through two of them. They just start smoking and burn up. So I got fed up with it and went and bought a Hurom slow juicer. This juicer runs at only 80 RPM’s and crushes and presses the produce rather than grinding it at high speeds. The result is a MUCH higher output and an unbelievably better tasting juice. If any of you are reading this, and are considering a juice ...   read more

Day 5, Feels like day 3 again   12 y  
Day 5
Da Blues.. Well I woke up this morning, da da da da dum, feeling real good again, da da da da dum, my baby there sleeping, da da da da dum, my alarm clock a screechin, da da da da dum, my toxins a leechin.... I got the juice fasting bluuuuueeesss. Sorry, just kidding around. Today I feel excellent. I have lots of energy again and am ready to take on the day. The thought of drinking veggie juice sounds absolutely horid to me, but, here we go anyway. OH, I lost 3 more pounds last night. Now down 13 pounds to 281.   visit the page

Day 4   12 y  
Day 4
Ok, this morning I am definately not bright eyed an bushy tailed like I was yesterday. I did not lose any more weight, so I am still at 9 pounds. I feel totally different. Totally different than any other day of this fast so far. Not bad, not great, really hard to explain. I feel like my body has switched gears today, like I was cruising at 70 yesterday, today I’m in a school zone. I wonder if my body has finally quit buring off the crap that I had still in me, and switched over to fat reserves? This might sound gross, but my urine even smelled weird this morning, so I think that th ...   read more

Day 3, still kickin   12 y  
Day 3
Don’t have much time to write this morning, slept awesome and got up late. Anyway, I feel amazing this morning, tons of energy, down another 4 pounds for a total of 9. Had some bad news last night that stressed me out some, but instead of breaking down and eating, or having a beer, I stayed on track. This morning I have a whole new outlook. I finally do not feel hungry. I still think if there was a plate of bacon and eggs downstairs I might be though. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t want anymore vegetable juice? I really need to find a recipe I love because I just don’t look forwar ...   read more

Day 2   12 y  
Day 2
It’s now 5:15 AM on my second day. I slept good last night, even though it took me a bit to get to sleep. I believe I got 6 hours or so. My stomach has a dull ache to it this morning, almost like a gas bubble or something. This morning when my alarm clock went off, I shut it off, and the first three things out of my mouth were, ”Sausage McMuffin”, ”Stupid alarm clock”, an ”Biscuits and gravy sound good!”. The thought of juice for breakfast is not appealing right now. Oh well I’ll power through it and get the day started. Weighed myself and actually lost 5 pounds since yesterday. I k ...   read more

DAY #1 Can this newbie do it?   12 y  
Quick note on how day one is going.
Ok, here I am on day one of this crazy juice fast. Right now I have been awake for almost 9 hours. I started the day with a glass of water, grabbed my juice, and headed to work. Remember I am quitting smoking at the same time? Well the beginning of the day was fine food wise, I sipped on my juice, drank water, all was good.. BUT BOY DID I WANT A SMOKE! That was way overpowering than the need for food (at first). Now after 9 hours and no sausage McMuffin, no thai food for lunch, nothing but this green stuff, I AM STARVING, screw the cigarrettes. To top it off my friend and coworker ...   read more


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