xzy Fast and Dieting
by xzy

cw:224   9 y  
doing intermediate fasting
Really have been doing intermediate fasting with out intending too, but itís working. So, I think Iíll do intermediate fasting instead. Have been eating low fat vegan but not raw. Using too much salt, got to work on that.   visit the page

cw:227   9 y  
update on progress
Have been doing some modified fasting on and off and eating low fat vegan. My fasting weight went down to 224, but after eating back up to 227. eating healthier is getting easier with modified fasting.   visit the page

Getting there...   9 y  
"modified" fasted today, feel ready to do the real thing.
Did a modified fast today, had some lemon water, plain coffee, diet coke. Tomorrow I will be fasting with just plain filtered water because if I want to get over my food addiction, I have to do a straight up real water fast. I feel ready to go cold turkey. Weighed myself even though I said I wouldnít. (227) Itís water weight Iím losing now, so it doesnít matter much. The weight that will be important is the weight I am after Iím finished with my fast and put back on some water weight from re-feeding, then Iíll know how much I really lost.   visit the page

My Food Addiction   9 y  
Focusing on ending Food Addiction instead weight.
Obviously I have have a problem fasting. I think itís harder with people with food addictions. I tried raw and partially raw but itís the same. No matter what route I try, I end up back at my food addiction. What I know is that if I manage to fast, eating raw/vegan will be easier to stick too. Now I just want to focus on ending my food addiction, instead of the weight. So, I will only weigh myself once a week, so I wonít be so weight obsessed. With fasting, I just have to stick with how terrible it feels and the extreme cravings I get etc. no matter what. Eating is not an optio ...   read more

1 Day of Fasting   9 y  
I ate healthy yesterday, I donít know why my weight is going up, especially since today I fasted. No appetite, which is good. Determined to make it over the 3 day hump this time. After 3 days fasting should get easier.   visit the page

sw:239,cw:231   9 y  
getting more in line with plans
Iíd did some CBT exercises and I think it helped, afterwards, I tore up this Dominoís pizza flyer, I was keeping around for no good reason but to cheat. Had a salad and used lemon juice instead of salad dressing it was surprised it was actually good. Have some watermelon I am going to finish up later, and that will be it for today.   visit the page

CBT and dieting   9 y  
Going to try CBT to help with my (junk) food addiction.
At a loss of what to do. I get motivated to fast or eat raw then end up eventually eating junk. I am going to do a watermelon cleanse, and try some cognitive behavior therapy self-help techniques to fight my food addiction demons, and see how much that helps or not. SW:239,CW:232   visit the page

Slipped up   9 y  
Ate mostly raw the other day. Slipped up yesterday and ate whatever.
I donít know what to do...maybe I need to do a long fast first, before eating raw to wean off junk. Iím going to attempt a to fast again to the end of July, and not give into rationalizations to eat this time, no matter how bad I feel. Today is the beginning of day 1 (again).   visit the page

cw:234   9 y  
Ate raw today, New plans
It so hot and humid where I live, I was starting to feel sick. I was outside walking around and running errands. No matter how much I drank, I still felt thirsty. Someone told me you need some salt intake in hot weather cause you sweat a lot.(electrolytes?) So, I thought, maybe that is why I am feeling dizzy and sick. So I ate but only raw fruits and vegetables. I had some grapes, and a salad of chopped up mixed fresh veggies, flavored with liquid amino (soy sauce alternative) and lime juice. It would of been cool to be able to do consecutive days of fasting, but as long as Iím mak ...   read more

Day 1, CW 236   9 y  
Today was easy
Not hungry. Time went by fast (thank god). Lost 3 lbs. SW:239   visit the page

This is going to be hard but I gotta do it.   9 y  
Think of the end results
Yep. Iím into the beginning of Day 1. I really got to do this. I canít stand being a fat toxic mess anymore.   visit the page


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Attempting long fast this summer, then eating low fat raw vegan, maybe fasting once a week or alternate days after summer. Have around 100 lb of toxic fat to lose.Ö more...

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