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master cleanse diet   12 y  
starting master cleanse diet
Will im back, I finished college, moved and im on a hunt for a new job. So i now have the time without stress to do this master cleanse diet. im going on vacation till Sunday so this Monday when i get back i plan to start the Master Cleanse Diet. I know they say not to do it for weight loss. But that is my ultimate reason for doing it, so if you dont like my reason dont read or respond to my blogs. But do know that I am aware of the fact that it has other benefits. So its a win, win situation. Anyways I plan to do it in 10 day intervals so i might do 4 intervals to get to my goal weight. L ...   read more

restart fast   12 y  
2nd 10 day fast
So im going to do my 2nd 10 day fast tomorrow. I ended my fast becuase i got sick and was dealing with school, moving and working 12hour shifts. It all caught up to me. Anyways i couldnt just rest to get better, so decided to have soup, smoothie and gaterade the last 4 days. Moving requires alot of energy and now that i am finished i am planning on restarting my fast tomorrow.   visit the page

day 10 of fast   12 y  
day 10 of fasting, 10 day fast
day 10 of fast lost 10 pounds so far. Im super excited i made it this far. im going for 10 more days and i hope to get 10 more pounds off. My energy level is great im able to go to college,study and do my 3 12 hour shifts a week. Since im not eating i have extra time for other things like cleaning, shoping, etc... Ive attemted this fast 3 times and failed, so its diffently a mind set you have to be in and after the 3rd day of seeing results its motivating and that is what kept me going. Its going to be hard going to partys where people keep telling you, come on you can have one bite it won ...   read more

day 9 of fast   12 y  
master cleanse diet recipe, day 9 fast
day 9 of fast lost 1 pound (9 total). Its slow but i know if i stick to it i will reach my gw. i have 35 pounds still to lose. The hunger has gone away but i have dreams at night about food. I dreamed i ate a brownie last night, lol. ive been doing the master cleanse diet the ingredients are: 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp organic grade B maple syrup, 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or 1 capsule cayenne pepper and 10 ounce filtered or mountain water. I drink 60 oz of this stuff a day. I take the capsule about 4 times a day. I drink one glass of smooth move laxative tea nightly. For the first couple of ...   read more

day 8 of fast   12 y  
day 8 of fast
Day 8 of fast lost 0 pounds (total 8). I woke up feeling lighter but steped on the scale and I didnt lose. This is the first but as with any diet it happens. Im hoping it wont last but 1-2 days since it might discurage me. I work a 12 hour shift today, but if I find the time Im going to the gym. I have an event coming up and was hoping to lose about 10 pounds for it.   visit the page

day 7 of fast   12 y  
weight loss, master clean diet, 7th day fast, fasting
day 7 of fast lost 1 pound (total 8). Its kindof a slow process i lose only about 1 pound a day. I notice some people lose more but I do have a slow matabolism and that may be why. I am following everything to the T with the master cleanse diet. But overall am happy that I am still losing. So some good has come out of this my face is starting to thin out and it overall seems brighter and clearer. My teeth are whiter, and my stomach is flatter. I still have a ways to go on now 151, remind you im female and 5,4 so i still look chubby,fat whatever you wanta call it. Today I have to work a 12 ...   read more

Day 6 of fast   12 y  
day 6 fast
Day 6 and lost 1 pound (total 7). Yesterday was the worst i had a headache that didnt go away until 12pm, i refused to take medicine and just dealt with it. Today I woke up and felt better i still have that awfull taste in my mouth. The burning from the cayenne pepper is getting better. I want to mention that the burning is felt in the stomach and when coming out. Ive been losing 1-2 pounds a day and im afraid its going to slow down. Im going to go to the gym today and do the elliptical for 45 min. But im not going to do this every day like i said i want to use it for post fast when im str ...   read more

day 5 fast   12 y  
day 5 fast, master cleanse diet
day 5 fast lost 2 pounds, woke up with a huge headache. I also have bad breath and a white film on my tongue. Overall so far the master cleanse diet is working for me im not as hungry and i am getting all my nutrients. im also still able to funtion in college, however its still early and got a ways to go. im shooting for 40 days but gonna take it one day at a time. I have an event in 11 days and hope to lose 13 more pounds by then. i cut down on exercising becuase when i get off this fast i want to use exercising to keep me from regaining the weight back. So I do have a plan although still ...   read more

day 4 fast   12 y  
4th day on fast
This morning I lost 1pound. Last night i was able to sleep better so thats good. Today I was hungry but no hunger pains. I had a bad taste in my mouth, I think its the detox diet working. My stomach is adjustig to the cayenne pepper its not as hot.   visit the page

day 3 of fast   12 y  
day 3 fasting
day 3 of fast, lost 1 pound today yeah. Last night I couldnt sleep finally fell asleep at 2:30am and then I had to get up at 6:30am for college. I was tired and hungry thinking about food during my lecture today. but the day is almost over and I made it. I added lemon and some cayenne pepper with maple syrup and it burned going down and tasted nasty. So then I went to the health food store and bought some cayenne pepper pills. im going to try this master cleanse diet becuase ive been doing research and it seems like i can lose just as much weight or more doing this instead of just water. P ...   read more

daily fasting journal   12 y  
day 2 of fast lost 2 pounds
Day 2 of fast. So I stepped on the scale today and lost 2 pounds, just the motivation i need to get me through day 2. I had extra energy today so I went to the gym and did 1hour on the elliptical. Ive had lots of water and gum today. the hunger started around 1:30pm but am trying to keep busy and ignore it. Read the forums and they all say hunger pains decrease around 4th day so im looking forward to that. So on the 4th day I will blog if its true or not. Cant wait to weigh in tomorrow.   visit the page

day 1 of fast   12 y  
day 1 fast
end of day 1 fast. Been wanting to do one for so long but everything from stress to holidays got in the way. I woke up this morning and decided to just do it. Then I stepped on the scale, I havnt done that in a while, so it was like ripping off a band-aid, I knew I had to do it and do it fast or it wasnt gonna happen. I looked down and it read 159.5 pounds, OMG havnt been this weight since I was pregnant. Im 5,4” my jeans dont fit and I look bloated. How did I get this way? a nasty divorce, im a nursing student,lack of exercise,too many sweets and food being my drug choice. I graduate Aug ...   read more


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