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Mind Power   18 y  
"There are several ways to charge your mind and thoughts with magnetic power. Strong desire, concentration and faith are some of the important ingredients for infusing power into thoughts."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Magnetic, Attracting Power of the Mind By Remez Sasson The power of the mind draws certain events, circumstances and people into our lives and repels others. In this respect it resembles a magnet. Just look at the people around you. Some pass through certain events and circumstances, while others pass through different experiences. Some accomplish certain things easily, and others accomplish them with great difficulty or not at all. Your mind is composed of the thoughts you think. These thoughts are like magnetic currents. If you think posit ...   read more

~ Your World Is You ~   18 y  
"...choose wisely. You owe it to yourself. Its all vibration. We just need to choose the the right vibe that creates/draws the experience we want."
More Vibrational Articles Here Your World Is You Lapis Where we place our mind is what we attract whether ”negative” or ”positive.” We create our reality (experience) out of where our mind is, whether by design or default. We are never victims. We create our reality with our thoughts; thoughts that we are soley responsible for. We can choose to resonate with lower vibes or higher vibes. We always have that choice. Our feelings are a good indication as to what we are resonating with, what we are drawing to us, be it either what we want, or what we don’t want. Which experience fe ...   read more

Clarity: How To Get...   18 y  
"You see, there is this constant steady Stream of Well-being flowing to you, and do you know that in the moment you say, "I prefer or I like or I appreciate or I want anything -- in that moment, the heavens literally part for you and the Nonphysical Energies, in that instant, begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire -- in that instant. "
More Vibrational Articles Here Most Powerful Process, Yet! The Place Mat Process (law of attraction) Abraham-Hicks The ”Place Mat” is the most powerful process of Deliberate Creating offered, so far, because it helps you to clearly focus, without resistance. A woman said, ”Abraham, this is like magic!” We replied, ”It seems like magic because you have been wanting these things for years. But now you want, with no resistance.” Esther and Jerry have been using this process for about a month. Very often, when they are having lunch, they are at a hotel or at a coffee shop somewh ...   read more

Free MP3's (law of attraction)   18 y  
These 75 minutes of audio are all you need to understand the Abraham wisdom including the law of atraction.
More Vibrational Articles Here Abraham Hicks is one of the best sources for powerful distincions and techniques on the law of attraction. The following link will lead you to an incredible archive of 75 minutes worth of free audio discussing the laws of attraction and related material. Powerful stuff! Enjoy! Abraham-Hicks Audio   read more

Powerful Thought Form Quotes   18 y  
"The average man is often the victim of his own thought forms. He constructs them, but is neither strong enough to send them out to do their work, nor wise enough to dissipate them when required. This has brought about the thick swirling fog of half-formed, semi-vitalized forms in which eighty five percent of the human race is surrounded."
More Vibrational Articles Here Quotes from the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul on Thought-forms Thought-forms ”Man is constructing thought-forms all the time, and is following unconsciously the same method as his Ego pursues in building his bodies, as the Logos follows in building his system, and as a planetary Logos uses in constructing His scheme. A man speaks, and a very diversified mantram is the result. The energy thus generated swings into activity a multitude of little lives which proceed to build a form for his thought; they pursue analogous stages to those just outlined. ...   read more

≈ Vibrators ≈   18 y  
"In reality, all we do is vibrate and the affects manifest according to whether the vibration is a constructive, destructive or cohesive one."
More Vibrational Articles Here THE VIBRATORS How and what are you vibrating? Everything in the universe including us is just a mass of vibrations. The only thing that separates one thing from another is the overall rate of vibrations. Everything makes up a series of vibrations forming a whole, which manifests as a separate vibration in relation to other manifestations. A rock is full of electrons vibrating held together by the pattern that makes it a rock and so are we. Therefore, so it is with the physical body. Our breathing, thoughts, feelings, emotions, visualisation ...   read more

Materialize Your Visions   18 y  
"What do we do with our inspirations? Is it enough to mull over them, daydream about how we or the world might change, and then allow them to evaporate? Or are we to weave them into reality as part of our spiritual journey?"
More Vibrational Articles Here Materialize Your Visions Terry Helwig Don’t let your next great idea slip away. Follow these seven steps and weave your dreams into reality. How many cures, solutions, inventions, and humanitarian projects languish in the shadows of possibility, waiting for us to weave them into reality? What if Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Clara Barton, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Susan B. Anthony, to name a few, entertained their thoughts, then had second thoughts and in the end decided, no way. What do we do with our inspirations? Is it enough to mull over the ...   read more

***10 Ways To Manifest Dreams***   18 y  
Excellent article with practical suggestions on how to manifest your dreams.
More Vibrational Articles Here 10 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams by Anisa Aven 1) Keep the END in mind. Ask yourself, what specific quality of life will the object of my desire bring to me? Why do I want this? Will it bring more Love, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Wisdom or Prosperity? Once you identify your real goal, do your best to assimilate that quality without the object and you will be deliberating achieving a vibrational harmony with the object you desired in the first place. When you acquire vibrational harmony or magnetic sameness with your desire - the object of your desire or ...   read more

Monkey See..Monkey Do   18 y  
The entire classic book "The Hundredth Monkey."
More Vibrational Articles Here In this short book I can only give you a glimpse of the miracle of life you can experience . . . . This rapture of life is your birthright to create and enjoy. Hundredth Monkey Online Here   visit the page

Acceptance   18 y  
"The key to building the habit of acceptance lies in understanding the nature of judgment. Many great leaders have heralded the warning message of human judgment, but it has not yet been correctly absorbed and applied. A clear understanding of the problem must start with a review of the capacities of mind."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Life-Giving Habits of Self-Development Acceptance The deadly habits spring from resistance to incoming information. This touches off a cycle of struggle as humans defend the inaccurate mental boundaries instead of identifying and removing them. The experience is then one of fear, self-preservation, and competition as prime motivators, and the creation of chaotic, ”random,” and often unpleasant events which seem to come out of nowhere. Resistance to incoming information is resistance to experience, and ultimately resistance to spiritual intent ...   read more

~Premonitions~ Law of Attraction   18 y  
"What's happening when we have dreams, premonitions or receive a prediction that something (usually unwanted) is going to take place in the future? Or when it does happen we remember having received foreknowledge?"
More Vibrational Articles Here Law of Attraction and Dreams, Premonitions or Predictions By Rebecca Hanson Recently, I received an interesting email in which a woman told me that when she was 10 years old, she was shown in a dream how one day she would have a son and he would die at a certain age in a specific fashion. She also reported that this did, in fact, occur. Her question to me was, ”How can I believe the Law of Attraction is working when some things seem beyond our control?” What’s happening when we have dreams, premonitions or receive a prediction that something ( ...   read more

3 Ways To Add Abundance   18 y  
"Peace begins within the soul and is felt in the present moment. Negative emotions still lingering from the past hold you hostage and need to be let go in order to have abundance in the present."
More Vibrational Articles Here Three Gratifying Ways To Add Abundance To Your Life By Catherine Franz of Abundance is intangible, spiritual and attracts energy. To attract this type of energy you need to define it, for when you name it, you can claim it. Your definition of abundance is as personal as your DNA. Abundance is the same feeling you have when all the toothpaste is gone and you realize with a sigh that there is a spare in the cabinet. Emotional abundance is having reserves available when you need them -- a loving safety net for you to p ...   read more

Attract Abundance (10 Steps)   18 y  
"The energy that creates worlds and universes is within you. It works through attraction and energy. Everything vibrates; everything has a vibratory frequency."
More Vibrational Articles Here How to Attract Abundance Ten steps to feeling successful in your life. By Wayne Dyer Step 1: See the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world as abundant and friendly, your intentions are genuine possibilities. They will, in fact, become a certainty, because your world will be experienced from the higher frequencies. In this first step, you’re receptive to a world that provides rather than restricts. You’ll see a world that wants you to be ...   read more

Secret To A Joyful Life   18 y  
"With these ‘secrets’ plus a few techniques, I have been able to move to a place in my life where most days are good ones, most weeks are too! "
More Vibrational Articles Here The Secret to a Joyful Life Diana Kennedy You want to know what the secret is? The secret to a joyful life is focusing on what you want! Sometimes this is easier said than done. All those wonderful uplifting quotes and things we learned at spiritual workshops or things we may have heard from our latest guru many times go out the window when we find ourselves in the midst of it all. In the midst of chaos, confusion, layoffs, war, not enough money, not enough love, not enough of whatever it may be many times can ‘throw’ us off our center and we st ...   read more

The Law Of Attraction   18 y  
"The Law of Attraction is a natural result of the Law of Free Will. The ability to generate thought upon any topic (co-creation) will attract similar thoughts like it, and so into the life experience. This acts as protection against anything that is unwanted, for by focusing upon that which is wanted, that which is not wanted is not drawn."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Law Of Attraction by Esther Hicks The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful and fundamental laws in this physical universe. Many of the “mysteries of life” can be clarified by a basic knowledge of this important concept. Fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction: 1) Definition -- “ That which is like unto itself is drawn “ * (see note at bottom) 2) Thoughts are energy and act like magnets, drawing to them thoughts of similar vibration. 3) When enough thoughts accumulate upon a given topic, it is drawn into the ...   read more

You Are What You Think   18 y  
"If you were surprised to find most of your thoughts were worry thoughts, you are not alone. Most people are not aware of their thoughts. They go through the day with uncensored mental programming playing in the background of their minds. They experience feelings and reactions that they do not understand."
More Vibrational Articles Here YOU ARE WHAT YOUR THINK: THE POWER OF THOUGHTS “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” Philippians 4:8 Thought has been the subject of many wonderful books. My earliest exposure to the power of thought was through James Allen’s book, As a Man Thinketh. In this little book the author reveals how your thoughts create harmony or chaos in every aspect of life. Thoughts aff ...   read more

Quickly Manifest Desires   18 y  
"Is there a way to change your life condition, and manifest your desires at the fastest possible speed? YES! Definitely! There is a secret that can make you manifest your desires in the fastest possible way you can imagine."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Desires By Song Chengxiang Is there a way to change your life condition, and manifest your desires at the fastest possible speed? YES! Definitely! There is a secret that can make you manifest your desires in the fastest possible way you can imagine. I am now going to share this secret with you. Once you master it, and apply it to your own life, you will never experience any struggle again. Your life will become magic. You can easily create the success you want, you can fulfill any desires in your life. Are you ready t ...   read more

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