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Years gone by...   10 y  
And still no closer to a cure
So, after all these years gone by that I have been dealing with my Ēlittle problemĒ and all the research Iíve done... and I think it was around 7 or so years ago that I posted about BufferGel, which I still think sounds like a promising treatment and possibly a cure, that I am still here. Still treating it myself at home, still managing a problem that, in theory, should be very easy to resolve. It boggles the mind that a poisonous drug like AZT can be rushed onto market without any testing in a matter of months but something like Buffergel, which essentially is completely natural, takes 10 ...   read more

Recent Updates   13 y  
A last ditch effort at the "doctor's orders"
Itís been so long since Iíve written but only because I had nothing new. The BV was under control to the point where I could have a relatively normal sex life, which is to say I would have to treat myself with the Vit C or Peroxide or L Reuteri or some combination of the 3 after having sex and maybe a few days later I would be able to have sex again without worrying about odor. In January this year I decided to try some new Birth Control pills to see if it would help my acne problem so I had to go get a pap and exam. The dr. told me (without actually testing anything) that I had what looke ...   read more

Renewed efforts   15 y  
Gotta think CURE not MANAGE
I canít believe itís been 4 months since Iíve written, the time goes by so fast and still this problem hangs around. I have decided to renew my efforts and start seriously treating this problem like I want to cure it. Iím tired of just managing it and currently Iím not sexually active so maybe right now is a good time to deal with the inconveniance of a serious treatment. I have been using the three treatments that I have at my disposal rather lazily. When I have odor or discharge or itching or all three, Iíll use something just to get rid of it for awhile. Iím not very good about regular ...   read more

Still waiting on BufferGel   15 y  
Still frustrated - we need something new that works!
For a long time I have fought with BV, at the doctor and at home, with no real success. it seemed I was successful with the Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide and L.Reuteri Tabs... I think the truth was that it was easier because I just wasnít very sexually active so there wasnít much going on to upset the bacterial balance. Now I am seeing a new man and much more sexually active and it is harder and harder to keep the odor and discharge away. I have to use something about every day and have found myself wondering if maybe I shouldnít just give the flagyl another chance. I know thatís what start ...   read more

Feeling better   16 y  
Crossing my fingers this is for good!
It seems my symptoms are gone right now, which is great! I havenít gone for more than a couple days symptom free in a long time, at least since having that IUD out. The last thing I did was a dose of the Rephresh gel and Iíve still been taking the Reuteri every day - orally, itís been a long building process but I think this is really the most normal Iíve felt in the last 3 years. Even before when I was Ēsymptom freeĒ I still had a heavy discharge, just not the odor. Now I donít even have that, no unusual discharge, no itching or irritation, and certainly no odor. Iím really excited, I ...   read more

ongoing efforts   16 y  
and a new approach
Since my last posting I have been alternating hydrogen peroxide douche with RePhresh gel, trying every other day so one doesnít defeat the other, and no luck. Always, by day 2 the itching and discharge are back. Is itching normal with BV? Iíve always had a problem with it but never read it listed as a symptom of BV - I wonder if I have mixed issues with yeast sometimes - but there is no mistaking the odor of BV so Iím sure that I have a problem there as well. Today I decided to try something different - I have some Femdophilus capsules in the fridge that I tried (orally) and quit takin ...   read more

Unchartered waters...   16 y  
What am I going to do?
Iím off in unfamiliar territory now. Iím not sure what to do next, itís hard to tell if the last round of treatments Iíve done helped me or hurt me. Iím now having this discharge that looks like infection or healing matter (dare I say pus) uuugh. I hate even saying that. The odor is not bad but the itching and irritation are. Iím not sure whether or not to do another Hydrogen Peroxide wash? Maybe another RePhresh insert or just leave things alone for now. I hesitate to do the RePhresh because if it doesnít work while there is existing infection - only as a preventative - I donít want to ...   read more

The 'promise' of BufferGel   16 y  
If only I could find out when they're going to release it!
Microbicides 2000, March 13-16, 2000, Washington DC Abstract Number A07. BufferGelTM Favors In Vitro Growth of Lactobacilli While Inhibiting BV-Associated Organisms Boskey, E.1, A. Jansen1, M. Merski1, K. Whaley1,2, T. Moench2, and R. Cone1,2. 1Johns Hopkins University and 2ReProtect, Inc., Baltimore, MD 21218 Vaginal microbicides should not be detrimental to lactobacilli. Lactobacilli produce broad-spectrum microbicides - including lactic acid and H2O2 - that have been shown to inactivate many sexually transmitted disease pathogens in vitro. Bacterial vaginosis (BV), during which ...   read more

Blessed Relief   16 y  
Thank Goodness!
Iím still fighting major problems since having the IUD removed. I canít seem to get anything to work for more than a couple days - which means itís not working at all... I used a Vitamin C tablet the night before last and yesterday was just dealing with burning and itching and discomfort, I didnít feel like it helped at all. So I went to the store and bought some of the RePhresh gel and went home and used a hydrogen peroxide douche first, because someone on here said that the gel didnít work for her if she was already suffering. Then I used the gel and finally got some relief. Today for ...   read more

RePhresh Vaginal Gel   16 y  
Maybe a Ray of Sunshine in the Dark???
I am certainly not a spokesperson for this product, Iíve never tried it, but I like to do as much reading as possible. I posted some things from the manufacturerís website, which is biased, obviously... so if anyone has had a bad experience from using this, please reply to this post. Thanks!!! RePhresh Available at Walgreens If youíve been reading threads on other posts, we have been talking about this stuff. This is a really great thing to be able to buy over the counter! BV is linked highly w ...   read more

Nothing to do with BV   16 y  
but is an interesting and scary article concerning HIV The above is a link to an article on yahoo, exploring the idea of using the retroviral drugs used to ĒtreatĒ HIV on health people as a means to prevent contracting HIV and make unprotected sex ĒOKĒ again. If you have done any reading on HIV, AIDS, and the discovery and use of common retroviral treatment - the ĒalternativeĒ reading on AIDS raises the question as to whether AIDS really kills people or if it is in fact retroviral treatment that actually kills AIDS patients. AZT was a cancer drug in study in the 70ís but was ...   read more

Under Control   16 y  
Just Say No To Foreign Objects!
I used the Vitamin C treatment for one night and luckily have the odor under control again, itís been 3 days since and no odor. Itís got to be obvious to doctors that inserting some foreign object in the uterus could be a breeding ground for bacteria and I question what the positive outcome of leaching copper into your system could be... Other than preventing pregnancy of course, hmmmm letís see, rat poison or arsenic or lead or mercury would probably kill sperm also but do I want any of that in my system? I canít believe I ever got talked into that! Also, my normal discharge was e ...   read more

IUD Out!   16 y  
Should have never had it put in!
Iím so glad I did that. I was afraid it was going to be as bad as having it put in but apparently my body didnít mind getting rid of it. A tiny twinge and it was gone. I am once again using the Vitamin C treatment for the BV that was just relentless while I had the IUD, and hopefully now that itís out I can treat successfully again. I asked the OB/Gyn if she had any other suggestions for birth control, I am just amazed at how the medical community is trained to push the unnatural and discount the natural - even in the literature. She said the best she could do without the use of h ...   read more

Oh my Gosh!   16 y  
A Vaccine for Cervical Cancer!!! Are they insane???!!
This is off-topic, sort of, but I just ran across this article and I canít believe this is really happening! Expect to see a soaring rise in the incidence of cervical cancer, and all of intelligent, health conscious, and free thinking women out there.... steer clear of this! FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine By ANDREW BRIDGES, Associated Press Writer 18 minutes ago WASHINGTON - Women for the first time have a vaccine to protect themselves against cervical cancer. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved use of the vaccine, Gardasil, for use in girls and wo ...   read more

IUD - seems to perpetuate the BV problems   16 y  
Must get it removed, back to square one!!!
I have had this IUD in for nearly 6 months now. Since January anyway - and Iíve had nothing but persistent problems with the BV again. I have about 1 day per month when Iím not cramping, bleeding, smelly, or otherwise unpleasant that I can actually have sex. This is really getting to be a pain. I think the only solution is to have the IUD removed. Iíve tried my previous method of treating the BV and it just isnít working as well as before. I can go a couple days without odor during which time I am usually dealing with VERY heavy discharge - some of which seems to have been caused by ...   read more

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