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Juice fast, Day 14, end of fast   12 y  
End of this phase, on to the next!
Yesterday was day 14 of my juice fast and I decided that was plenty for me. I weighed in yesterday at 196, which is a 15 pound loss in two weeks. I expect to gain about 3 - 5 pounds back right away as ĒfillerĒ, so to speak. So 2 weeks to lose a solid 10 pounds of fat is very exciting. I decided to ease into my eating last night, so nibbled a little on blueberries and little bites of various things the family was eating. I tried to leave time (about an hour) in between nibbles of different kinds of food, and my stomach did great, In fact, it had been hurting a little all day with j ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 13   12 y  
Taking the bad with the good
Today was much harder. That little feeling I had yesterday, that I was able to talk myself out of, feels a lot stronger today. Iím getting hungry and bored. Iím not one to get bored normally because there is so much I want to do! Maybe thatís part of the problem though. I donít seem to have the energy that so many others get while juicing. Iím probably not drinking enough juice although Iím drinking as much as I want/can stand. My gallbladder is hurting. I wonder how soon I can do another liver flush. So I donít know if Iím just having a low day or if itís time to quit. Tomorro ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 12   12 y  
Same weight as yesterday. No worries.
Weighed 197 today. Thatís 14 pounds in 12 days. The fact that my weight is the same as it was yesterday doesnít bother me. I know thatís to be expected. My overall progress still has exceeded my expectations. Iím sitting here comfortably in a pair of pants that were too tight 2 weeks ago. That feels pretty good, literally and figuratively. Iím at a place now where the hunger doesnít bother me. In my first fasts, I thought about hunger, food, fasting, etc. all the time. And this time Iím not doing that and it is MUCH easier. Putting it out of my mind and focusing on other things ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 11   12 y  
Being secretive about this makes it a lonely process
Iíve made it 11 days! Thatís so cool. My resolve seems pretty tough this time. Writing this journal helps and so does knowing what to expect. The first few days were the hardest, in terms of wanting to eat. But now that is not so hard. I weighed 197 today, so 14 pounds in 11 days. My face looks thinner and for now the yeast seems to be tamed. Tomorrow Iím going to be doing mostly MC lemonades because Iím out of most everything else! It will be nice to break up the juices with that. I took a friend to lunch today at a smoothie place. She had a smoothie and some food, while I h ...   read more

Juice fast, day 10   12 y  
I think my bowels are empty now!
A double digit day! Day 10! When I look forward, it seems I have so far to go. But when I look back, Iíve come pretty far and that feels so good. So Iím going to focus on my accomplishments and keep taking it a day at a time. Weighed myself - 198! Holy cow, so thatís 13 pounds in 10 days. The liver flush seems to have wrung an extra pound out of me. I have cautiously added more apples and carrots to my juices to make them palatable. Weíll see if the yeast gets fired up. As for the liver flush, it went pretty well I guess. The easiest one Iíve done so far. My gallbladder is n ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 9   12 y  
Not feeling 100%, but at least I'm moving forward. Doing a liver flush!
Wow day 9. Feeling pretty good. Weighed 200 today, 11 pounds in 9 days. Gonna do a liver flush tonight. In the past Iíve mixed the epsom salts with water and it just gags me. Tonight I mixed fresh orange juice instead. What a world of difference!! Why didnít I do this earlier?!! I still plugged my nose to down it. No big deal. At bedtime, Iíll be taking 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice with a little black walnut tincture thrown in. Iíll take some more epsom salts in the morning. Last time I fasted and did a liver flush, I tried magnesium citrate as the epsom alternative ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 8   12 y  
I drank more juice!! And I'm enjoying my slower pace.
Today weight is 201, so 10 pounds in 8 days. After drinking mostly water the last two days, I thought Iíd juice today. I had a class tonight and didnít want to be dragging. I didnít drink a lot of juice today(donít know the exact amount, maybe 3 glasses), but it was enough to give me loads of energy and Iím feeling great. Iím definitely feeling the benefits of the fast now. My mind is clear, sinuses are clear too. A strange thing to me is that my pace is slower. Normally when Iím in town shopping, I rush all around, even though thereís really no reason to, other than just trying ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 7   12 y  
Still not sure if I should juice or water fast. No hurry to decide I guess.
Made it a week! Weighed in this morning at 202, so 9 pounds lost. I had mostly water today as I am not sure what to do next. Iím not clear about whether or not adding apples and carrots to my vegie juice is causing digestive issues. I mean, if this whole thing is supposed to be a break for your digestive system, then challenging it seems counterproductive. Iíve been laying around a lot, as I have little energy and I figure that is most healing now. My belly is hungry, but Iím at the point where I donít care too much. It doesnít bother me. What bothered me today was the pizza my ...   read more

Juice Fast, Day 6   12 y  
I might have to change things up a bit.
Cool! Made 6 days so far. Feeling pretty good. I weighed in this morning at 203. Thatís 8 pounds in 6 days. My sinuses are clear and pain free. I am so happy with that! But I have a yeast infection. Which leads me to wonder what to do next. As long as Iím juicing fruits, it wonít clear up, right? Or will it? I canít handle straight vegetable juice. Itís just nasty tasting to me. I always add a little carrot and sometimes apple. Iíve tried to keep fruit juices to a minimum on this fast, but it doesnít seem to matter now. So Iím thinking of switching to a water fast. It sou ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 5   12 y  
Feels like someone stabbed me in the side of the head.
Yay! Iíve done 5 days! Itís been a rough day, but Iím still going at it. I weighed myself this morning - 204, so 7 pounds so far. I spent about 5 hours drawing today and I think it strained my eyes or something because now Iíve got a massive headache. I did take some ibuprofin and that took the edge off. My head was hurting so bad that I felt nauseated. Now, in my normal life, that causes me to eat or drink beer, which makes me feel better. But what can I do? So I just went to bed and tried to be still. When Iíve fasted in the past, I took ibuprofin to get me over the worst par ...   read more

Juice fast, Day 4   12 y  
This is going great!!! Despite the bumps in the road!!!
Iím pretty stoked that Iíve already done 4 days. I weighed myself today and Iím at 205, which is 6 pounds lost. I know the number of pounds lost are bigger in the beginning and dwindle down as you go, but Iím happy with it anyway. As Iím typing, Iím seeing that my hands are not puffy. Itís sometimes the little things that are surprisingly rewarding. On the second day of this fast, I did a saltwater flush and I think maybe Iíll do another in a couple of days. Weíll see. I also want to do a liver flush soon. Using sea salt is a lot easier for me than the epsom salts. I hate epsom ...   read more

Juice Fast Day 3   12 y  
A little about me
Some numbers: Iím 43 years old, 211 pounds (at start of fast), 5í7Ē. Iíve been battling chronic sinusitis and I have a history of yeast and gallstones. A good weight for me would be around 150. I was comfortable at 160. 6 years ago I had a child and wasnít concerned about overeating because I was really fit at the time. But here I am still hanging on to all that extra weight. In the past I have lost weight fasting and kept off 75% of it for a long time. But then I get sick and it creeps back on. Iíd like to find a balance in my health. So far so good today. Iím not sure why th ...   read more

Starting a juice fast, actually Day 2   12 y  
I already feel less bloated and am really looking forward to feeling great.
Today is the second day of my juice fast. I have done two other juice fasts in the last two years, one for 21 days, the other for 14 days. My motivation in the past has been to lose weight and to feel better. This time my motivation has changed a bit since I am wanting to really improve my health. Iíve been dealing with chronic sinusitis and a recent cold has really knocked me down. Lately, Iíve been prone to yeast infections, so I have that to tackle as well. For both issues, Iíve been taking oil of oregano, among other things, and it seems to be improving both. Anyway, after onl ...   read more


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