Insanity aka 5150 home remedys
by ojsimpson

Syphilis and other STD's cause insanity   10 y  
get tested
It results in blindness, paralysis, permanent ulcers and insanity.   visit the page

Differencis between humans & animals   10 y  
People vs. Animals
#1 Animals know what plants are poisonous and which ones are medicinal. #2 Animals know when a storm or Tsuami is comeing. #3 they can eat old raw uncooked meat. #4 Animals don’t need or make clothes or deoderant. #5 We have a cerbral cortex or talk box which gives us the ability to talk. #6 We can make fire and control it and don’t fear it.#7 We Laugh and make jokes. #8 We worship God and pray. Elephants know when a Tsuamie aka big ocean wave is comming. Chickens also know when a storm is comming.   visit the page

Tellevision aka Hell I Vision   10 y  
Is your TV makeing you sick???
TV is pure Evil cut the cord. Go online puch in hell i vision do some reading ..does it cause depression? The Tell you Vision is expensive too...   visit the page

Pasque Flower   10 y  
Warning fresh flower is poisonus. Its been used by people in very small amounts for mential illness...Go on line punch in pasque your own reasearch...   visit the page

vaccines   11 y  
vaccines and voodoo made from aborted children
Jeffery dalmer got many expermintal injections by the us army. After getting them he started to eat people. One in six children, since the new increased vaccine schedule went into effect, have neurological disorders. One in one hundred ten become Autistic. If you ask your pediatrician about this they will tell you, haughtily, two things: Rember the us Gov lied for years about agent orange they said it didn’t cause cancer and their was no link. To the vieatnam vets who got cancer and sick from agant orange sprayed on them. Years later us gov admitted to vets they lied and it did cau ...   read more

Heavy Metal detox (get the Led out)   11 y  
Fresh organic Cilantro Juice From Juicer this is exelent way to get heavy metals out of body ionic foot spa is also useful too....   visit the page

Holy Basil aka Tulsi aka Indian Basil not regular basil   11 y  
This is the most popular plant in is good for many things...look it up...   visit the page

Hops Tea Organic & Hops Pillow   11 y  
Hops for health note this herb does not taste good...capsule dont taste. It...   visit the page

Organic Sage Leaf Tea   11 y  
Fresh Sage Leaves Work Best
This Herb has been used for mential issues for a long time and to improve memory & throat infections & insect bites....   visit the page

Healthy Brane Herbs   11 y  
Only use organic eyebright, sage, blessed thistle/holy thistle ,Bacopa & Gota kola Elephants in India eat it memory like a elephant, Rose Mare leaf...periwinkle....chile drschulze cyannie formula put it on food like hot sause....Organic Oats or oat meal brain food....   visit the page

Organic Lemon Balm   11 y  
Lemon balm
This herb increases cerebial circulation to the brain or mind .....and its also anti virus...   visit the page

Organic Tumeric Root   11 y  
This root is great for brain function its from india buy New Chaper Tumeric Force capsules they are good quality..   visit the page

Organic Unrosted Unheated Brazil Nuts   11 y  
Nuts for Nuts
These are full of b vit they are great for autistic kids cote them with taste better....   visit the page

Celastrus seed   11 y  
I read that this is good for brain power brain function incerases memory do your own research   visit the page

Hawaii is Healing   11 y  
If Herbs & Foods fail drop them off in hawaii
Hawaii has perfect wheather its 85 during day and 75 at night every day of the year its the pergect place to be crazy & homeless...their are many happy homeless crazy people in hawaii....their are many soup kitchens..if I was ill it want my Family to drop me off in hawaii...the beauty and perfect wheather helps mental illness.   visit the page

Dr schulze braine formula & gotakola   11 y  
These are great brain herbs brain foods oganic oatmeal.....merury causes insanity its in corn syrurp   visit the page

Pure water/juice from juicer/soup from vita mix fasting   11 y  
Only use organic non gmo fruits and vegitables from local farmers like at farmers market...juice fasting from juicer powerful healer..note not Juice and food it doesnt work....   visit the page

boric acid fire retardant in mattress causes insanity   11 y  
chemicals cause insantiy
Boric Acid not borax is a dust that goes through cloth and through skin by a prosses called osmosis causes braine damage is also used as a cockroach tube is your mattress making you sick this toxic chemical is a Nero toxin causes brain damage and headaches/migrains.   visit the page

young living essential oil of (Vetiver)   11 y  
vetiver oil
go online punch in vetiver oil and key words like bipolar add adhd   visit the page

young living oil of lavender maybee   11 y  
great oil
go online do your own research its a very calming plant oil   visit the page

vitex berry/chaste tree/agnus castus   11 y  
do some reading
go online punch in key words like vitex and insanity do your home work   visit the page

Nutrition organic non gmo raw foods   11 y  
if it has a label dont put it on the tabel
I have read many nutrition books they say proper nutrition....if you have to heat it dont eat it..   visit the page

Hydro theripy on head hot and cold water theripy   11 y  
Water theripy using hot.and cold water moves the blood. Back and fotth reparing it   visit the page

Betel nuts organic   11 y  
Betal nuts
I reead on line that theses nuts have a history of use for mental illness   visit the page

mercury causes insanity   12 y  
Heavy Metals Cause Insanity
people who cleaned hats a long time ago with mercury went mad and they were called mad hatters.i beleive both vaccines and high frutose corn surip have mercury in them avoid them.   visit the page

Rauwolfia Serpentina aka The Insanity Herb   12 y  
mental illness
this herb has been used in India to treat all forms of mental illness.   visit the page


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insanity aka nuts aka mental illness aka crazy. more...

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