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Day 12: Little changes   12 y  
Day 12 of water fast.
Day 12 - Feb 24, 2011 Just a quick update today because I am sleepy. Ended up waking up earlier today. Around maybe 10:30ish and that was being kind. Some of my energy has diminished but still way better than the start of the first week. Weighed myself and have lost a pound, 109.4lbs to be exact. Skin is meh maybe because of the scars but the bumps are going away. Anyways, I ended up not using my cleanser this morning and I wonít use it before I sleep. I want to get used to not using a lot of chemicals in my body and skin. If I get a breakout, I may have to go back, but I would not w ...   read more

Day 11: Not losing weight lol   12 y  
Day 11 of water fast.
Day 11 - Feb 23, 2011 So it seems that the past two days my weight has stayed around 110 pounds and not lower. Maybe it is my boxers, maybe because I drank more water, maybe I am being fed in my sleep. Whatever it is, this gives me more time to fast without worrying about running out of weight. Before anything, I want to write about something ****ing scary last night. I was ready to sleep listening to music when all of a sudden I kept feeling pressure on my bed. At first, I thought it was my cat but when I looked I didnít see him there. Moments later it happened again and my cat was ...   read more

Day 10: Feeling lighter, more energy   12 y  
Day 10 of water fast.
Day 10 - Feb, 22, 2011 Went to sleep later last night and fell asleep listening to music. In the the morning, I was rudely awakened by my father coming in to greet me and to tell me to stop fasting. What a great way to start the day. He called 3 more times today inclining whether I ate or not. I really hate being 21 and still being treated like a child but I guess this is what my parentís culture is used to, especially by someone who doesnít live in your home and barely comes once a week. (If you donít know by now, I am Filipino.) I feel better about myself and have much more energy. ...   read more

Day 9: Two steps forward, one step back.   12 y  
Day 9 of water fast.
Day 9 - Feb 21, 2011 Just a quick update. Hardly slept last night, my cat Julian took up most of the bed. My face looks like hell and looks scrawnnny. Maybe it was last night or maybe I need to sleep more. I weighed 110lbs today. Things seems to be getting harder right now but I have to persevere. There have also been a minor pimple on the right side of my face next to my ear. I have to shave because it looks like I am an ex-convict/druggie straight out of prison. Hopefully will sleep better tonight since Iíll be listening to American Football. It almost always gets me to imagine and ...   read more

Day 8: A lil better =D   12 y  
Day 8 of my water fast.
Day 8 - Feb. 20, 2011 Woke up slightly earlier . Around maybe 12ish because my cat kept going in and out and the springs on my bed were hurting. Iíve started to notice my body is starting to adapt to fasting and my digestive system is resting, no gasses and havenít done number 2 in like 2 or 3 days. NO more hunger pangs, at least today. Although the thought of food still comes in my mind, oh how I love food. My senses seem to be getting better too, at least my sense of smell to food lol. I havenít checked my weight since I have been a little busier. Yesterday, I was feeling down and ...   read more

Day 7: Feeling a lil down.   12 y  
Day 6 of water fast.
Woke up later again... 1:40pm. Had those happy nostalgic dreams that hurt more than nightmares because it is not reality you wanted. Iím just going to make this one quick because Iím not in the best mood. Lost another pound, about the same energy is the same. Face is still the same and havenít had a breakout since the start of the fast. Showering is still a tiring activity, but I get through it. Still drinking only when Iím hungry or thirsty. Was looking at the mirror, and I look really scrawny, always insecure of my high hairline, so was thinking of shaving my hair again. Hoping that t ...   read more

Day 6: Little to no pain   12 y  
Day 6 of my water fast.
Day 6 - February 19, 2011 Woke up at 1:20 pm. Stayed in bed thinking. I guess I should be sleeping earlier. I also have to cut the computer time. LOL The pain in my stomach has greatly subsided and I have more energy. The dizziness has almost left. Things are starting to look up. Food has been coming in my mind, but I donít get the hunger pangs I did in the earlier days. I forgot to put my weight since the beginning, but I was 126lbs when I started and am now 114. ::BIG EYES:: I hope I donít wonít succumb to anorexia since I am 5í6íí and a half and the normal weight range is aroun ...   read more

Day 5: Pain lessens.   12 y  
Just Day 5 of water fast.
Day 5 Woke up later than usual. Just overall tired. Not really on the verge of fainting, just fatigue. But it is going away little by little. Skin is still light. Drank less again today, maybe 3 glasses. I thought it was bad but from what I read from the site, it is better to drink when you are thirsty than over drink. Taking a shower is a hassle since I am so tired. I forgot to mention that my nose over the past few days has had some mucous coming out in the morning. Here is a good reference to the Stages of Water Fasting by chrisb1: http://curezone.com/faq/q.asp?a=25,1787,28 ...   read more

Day 4: Less stomach pangs   12 y  
About my day and relations.
Day 4 Today, I drank less water than usual. I donít know if itís psychological or physical but I felt like I didnít need to drink as much. I am still weak with loss of focus here and there but not as much as yesterday. I noticed that my lips are dryer and my mom commented that it must be dehydration (even though I have been drinking adequately). She is worried I might get an ulcer from the acidity in my stomach but I have researced numerous testimonies and doctoral articles about how fasting can heal ulcers. She tells me to eat and we get into an argument. I donít want to argue but I ne ...   read more

Day 3: Beginning   12 y  
Background and Day 3 post.
Background: I am a recently turned 21 year old male. Between the ages 17-20 I took lots of drugs, alcohol, and ate crap. I also masturbated almost everyday with little breaks in intervals. When I started doing drugs (senior year of high school) I had befriended who I thought was my best friend. Having a history of depression, she and I indulged in drugs to escape life. I started getting acne on my cheeks and jaw the summer after high school. I had acne when I was a 12-15 on my forehead and nose but it went away and was mild. I turned more introverted and tired and hated to go out. I sta ...   read more


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