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Mercury : toxic understanding indepth by Andreas Moritz   14 y  
Andreas post form 3/2004 about mercury levels and toxic risk form specific areas.
A great mercury understanding that Andreas posted on his forum in 2004 I so appreciated the knowledge, kept it in my toxin group. From: andmor | All andmor’s Messages | Date: 3/20/2004 2:10:00 PM There are several forms of mercury, of which Methylmercury is the most toxic form. It affects the immune system, alters genetic and enzyme systems, and damages the nervous system, including coordination and the senses of touch, taste, and sight. Methylmercury is particularly damaging to developing embryos, which are five to ten times more sensitive than adults ...   read more

Trans-Fatty Acids/margarine+oils   14 y  
studies, plus a one on one interview with Dr. Enig concerning understanding what the different oils are and how they affect us health wise.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web _____________________________________________________ Margarine and other hydrogenated fats TRANS-FATTY ACIDS What Your Doctor Should Be Reading: Explaining Hydrogenation Hydrogenation was originally developed to produce low-cost soap. It’s the process of modifying fat artificially converting liquid fats into solids as in margarine, lard, non-dairy ...   read more

Soy+GM foods:Hurt Brain+Thyroid   14 y  
Several related articles concerning the effects of SOY and genetically modified foods on our health esp on thryroid,, and quite worrisome other areas..esp on decreasing brain development , and cancer causing concerns.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web _____________________________________________________________ another great link ________________________________ From: Lapis : Lapis Links Date: 10/25/2003 Soy’s Thyroid Dangers Soy’s Thyroid Dangers: A Look at the Dangers of Soy to the Heal ...   read more

Maca Powder: Thyroid helps   14 y  
A Question and answer article based on the research done on Maca, directly dealing with Thyroid related problems and healing benefits, Maca has many wonderful healing properties in a tremendous variety of health related concerns, this is just but one of them
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web ____________________________________________________________________ Maca: The South American Medicinal Plant Questions and Answers with Dr. Viana Muller by Mary Shomon ________________________________________________________________ After my multi-part interview with Dr. Viana Muller, discussing Sout ...   read more

Dioxin in foods   14 y  
A repost of a most informational message, concerning the dangers of dioxin, and the dioxin level counts in the various foods we eat, as well as a clear understanding of what dioxin is , and *sadly* its life toxicity within our body: half-life = 7 years to rid ourselves of 1/2 of what we have accumulated to this point.
Dairy and Meat is Toxic by lapis : Lapis Links Date: 9/13/2004 _____________________________________________________________ Dioxin for Dinner? Questions and Answers Bonnie Liebman / Nutrition Action Healthletter 1oct00 Dioxin intake increases as Fat intake increases Reduction of dietary fats is important. It’s the most potent animal carcinogen ever tested. Evidence is building that it causes birth defects, diabetes, learning and developmental delays, endometriosis, and immune system abnormalities. How can one chemical and its relatives be so devastating to s ...   read more

Strawberry ***PUS*** Milkshake   14 y  
The Delicious Fact of Pus in dairy. Unlawful Pus Counts. Consider this fact, when you make food choices for yourselves, and your children, whose health is dependent on what you choose to feed them. Why not delicious Fruit Smoothies this year? I have some wonderful Fruit smoothie recipes in qi_chi_pig blog, and Lapis *In The Raw* blog has incredible recipes and links etc. far healthier and hydrating to our children than flavored PUS.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web ___________________________________________________________ By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text Only PUS CAN BE DELICIOUS, BUT IS IT LEGAL? Dear Friends, {This is a pretty important column. Contained within this letter is the means for me to completely destroy America’s dairy industry. The law is the law, and they are all in violation. Read on. ...   read more

Barron+Omuro Agree Cilantro=metal free   14 y  
an incredible Post by Owen, discussing the heavy metal removal using Cilantro, plus a wonderful Pesto he makes, and A tip on storage for that, from another poster. I know I am running out to make this pesto myself !! *smile* Thanks Owen!!
for more tips helps, visit my website : Wrenn’s Web refresh page when get there to make sure you are seeing any updates. Ami Joi Benton, Curezone Team Member I would like to add here that (I) am in no way prescribing anything as everyone knows here, Curezone believes wholeheartedly in adjusting anything to personal tolerance levels. even as I only take 1/3 a teaspoon of colosan when I use it as opposed to the regular dose that others take with np (1 full teaspoon) we all adapt as we see fit. ___________________________________________________________________ For any that h ...   read more

Toxic Fish vs Wild fish/Salmon   14 y  
A well laid out article of understanding the diffences between farmed fish and fresh fish , specifically Salmon as pertians to Toxicity and reasons why.
I welcome you to visit my website: Wrenn’s Web if you like. This blog message posted by Ami Joi Benton: Curezone Team Member Farmed Fish From: Lapis Lapis Links Date: 3/10/2004 Toxins in Farm-Raised Salmon Pose Health Risk PCB levels unacceptably high, report says; industry attacks finding By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, Jan. 8 (HealthDayNews) -- Chemical contaminants in farm-raised salmon are at unacceptably high levels and may dramatically increase the risk of cancer, a new report claims. The key contaminant, polychlorinated b ...   read more

MACC Attack;GM foods, viruses in food   14 y  
A deeply disturbing article about the flagrant abuses of genetically modified foods, including the additions of viruses, in nearly everything we currently eat.
I welcome you to come to Wrenn’s Web if you like. This blog message is posted by Ami Joi Benton: Curezone Team Member Subject: Soy From: Lapis Lapis Links Date: 10/23/2003 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World’s Most Vicious MACC Attack MACC - multinational agriculture and chemical corporations) Up until now I never dreamed there could be anything worse than the chemical catastrophes we have experienced in this century, but I was wrong, for at least with chemical sensitivity you can find evidence for it’s ...   read more

Sugar Causes Immune Deficiency   14 y  
article outlining how quickly just a lttle bit of refined sugar dramatically reduces our immunes systems ablility to destroy bacteria.
Sugar - A Cause Of Immune Deficiency _____________________________________________________ Of all the factors in our modern world that are working against our immune defenses, sugar must surely be the worst. This totally unnatural product (I choose not to call it a food) causes more illness - and certainly more colds and flu - than perhaps any other product that civilization punishes itself with. When you see a child with a runny nose - think sugar - when you see someone sneezing - think sugar. When you hear someone coughing - think sugar. When you see someone lai ...   read more

Toxic Metal Removal w/Pascalite Clay , Cilantro, + Mung Beans   14 y  
There is a great variety of uses for pascalite clay Iwill attempt to outline many of them here, with links to tips from curezone on how to easily, and properly do a magnetic clay bath to remove toxic metals, and the other fantastic ways to use pascalite.
HISTORY AND USES Pascalite clay was first used by Indians in the Big Horn Mountains It was used for its curative nature and drawing properties, to draw out toxins, esp in cases of venomous bites from spiders to snakes. The Clay was named Pascalite after a French- Canadian trapper, Emile Pascale There is a great variety of uses for this most wonderful clay, from cosmetic, to detoxing, to rejuvenating and softening, internally and externally. One of our own Curezone Team Members, has a wonderful post on our magnetic clay bath forum, that is outstanding (in my opinion.) ...   read more

85 % carvocal oregano oil   14 y  
Abstract is not Available
85% carvocal oil of oreganoal is effective against a multitude of viruses, bacterias, yeast, molds, fungi, anthrax, e-coli, etc. It is a great antiparasitic for the parasites that are not vulnerable to the Clarkia formulas, and so much more. I even swab it in my ears occasionally... after diluting it well. Put a drop on a qtip, and add a couple drops of olive oil or whichever carrier oil you prefer. swab inside ears gently. Many folks are unaware that this is a prime breeding place for yeast, and microscopic parasites. A couple drops in a simmering pot of water, to use as a steamer ...   read more

Indian Sweat Huts: Detox Naturally   14 y  
How to make your own Sweat Hut easily, for detox, meditation, purification, visionary enlightenment.
HISTORY AND BENEFITS For centuries Indians have used sweat lodges and fasting as the best means to detox. Of all the purification ceremonies , the sweat lodge was most used by all Indians. A sweat lodge is much like a sauna, with the heat and moisture to help detox the body: mentally , physically and spiritually. The smoke in the lodge,(and the ceremonies), also contributed to the healing process. There are a many health giving functions from using sweat lodges, It is an opportunity to pray, speak and ask forgivenss from the Creator, as well as from other people that may ...   read more

Keep Your Hair/ Natural Lecithin, Inositol/Choline   14 y  
I have regrown lost hair (from trauma ) thru inositol/choline combo capsules. since then Ihave learned more about how to get it naturally, by the foods i intake.
most lecithin sources used are either from red meats/livers/ high fatty fish or soy. peanuts none of what i would dare put in my body in any shape or form. also lecithin from these sources as an oil are almost always rancid. something like 80 % ................................................................. if you eat foods that contain methionine, then the liver will make lecithin on its own.. and then the body will use the lecithin to make choline 8) some foods that contain methionine are: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and lentils lecithin is needed in ...   read more

Yoko Ono's Peace Water Messages / Emoto research   14 y  
to read about Dr. Emotos research and peace efforts, paste in the link below after reading Yoko Ono's message, they go so well hand in hand. or click on the link provided in this message under Emoto Research/ _________________________________________________________ A Thanksgiving Wish! From Yoko Ono 11-27-3 We are now facing the dawning of our global village, admist polluted air, water and insanity. Fear not. War Is Over. I believe, we, the human race has opened our eyes to save ourselves and the planet at the 25th hour. The first good news came two months ago, from North Carolina scientists who successfully made a monkey move an object psychokinetically. One monkey influences 100 monkies, as they say. But if one monkey can move things psychokinetically, imagine what millions of human beings can move together (We can move mount ...   read more

Books   14 y  
books I would recommend, esp facelifting by exersize by Sante Maria Runge. (for men or women)
# 0: author: David Icke The Biggest Secret _________________________________________ # 1: A) : author : Eckhart Tolle The Power of NOW B) : author : Eckhart Tolle A New Earth (plus he has incredible dvd/cassette listen tapes, and video tapes etc of retreats / all the ones I have are top notch. ) __________________________________________________________ # 2: author : David Cameron The Answer to and The Reason for Everything in Your Life __________________________________________________________ # 3: autho ...   read more

cinnamin for sugar craving addictions aide   14 y  
cinnamin is a great aide in breaking sugar addiction
btw cinnamin is a great anti- parasitic spice too.   visit the page

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