Biofilm Destruction
by Tizona

What are biofilms?   14 y  
what biofilms are, and why you should care
what exactly are biofilms? The simplest explanation is that biofilms are a protective covering that bacteria and/or fungi are capable of creating. These organisms conglomerate together, and then attach to the body, very often the wall of the intestinal tract. Once they’ve got a stable colony started they produce what is called an extracellular matrix, which covers and protects the colony. this protective matrix is extraordinarily strong. I it also poses an extremely difficult problem if the bacteria or fungus contained within the biofilm is pathogenic. Many biofilms are antibiotic r ...   read more

Listerine now includes biofilm busting essential oils   14 y  
corporate America is waking up to the power of essential oils
big-time corporations are waking up to the power of essential oils and the effect they have on biofilms. Listerine has introduced a essential oil containing mouthwash Interestingly enough, they have chosen the essential oils that my research has shown to be most effective against biofilms including the essential oil that research shows to be the champion biofilm buster -- eucalyptus All of their claims do in fact checkout. Essential oils are actually MORE effective against biofilms than chlorine-based antiseptics just as they claim ...   read more

15 essential oils vs biofilms. Which is most effective?   14 y  
Of the 15 tested, only three showed affect against already formed biofilms
this study tested 15 different essential oils and how they affected both the formation of biofilms and the degradation of already formed biofilms. the oils were tested against lysteria, which is one of the most potent foodborne pathogens in the world. Infection by this agent can cause death in up to 30% of cases. the oils tested were Rosemary, peppermint, tea tree,garlic, aloe vera, licorice, St. John’s wort, clove, thyme, cranberry, green tea, buchu, rooibus, echinacea. They determined that just about all of the essential oils inhibited the formation of biofilms. However! Inhibiting ...   read more

Eucalyptus oil - champion biofilm Buster   14 y  
five different types of essential oils tested against biofilms. Which one was the winner?
these two different studies compared the effectiveness of five different essential oils , as well as a chlorine based antiseptic, against biofilm. The essential oils tested were peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus,Ginger grass, and clove. of all these five essential oils, the oil that was consistently most effective in destroying biofilms was eucalyptus oil. Not only did it outperform the other essential oils, it also easily outperformed the chlorine-based antiseptic. Coming in at a close number two was peppermint oil. by the way, in the second study ”mentha spicata” is spearm ...   read more

Iodine degrades staphylococcus biofilms   14 y  
Iodine degrades the biofilms around Staph
this study demonstrates that topically administered iodine degrades the biofilm around the Staphylococcus bacteria, thus allowing antibiotic agents to kill the bacteria One would hope that orally ingested iodine might have the same affect on biofilms in the bowels ------------------------ Anti-biofilm activity of sub-inhibitory povidone-iodine concentrations against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus aureus. MedLine Citation: PMID: 20187117 Owner: NLM Status: MEDLI ...   read more

Clove Oil vs. Candida Biofilms   14 y  
Clove oil versus candida albicans biofilms
this study demonstrates that the active ingredient in clove oil, known as Eugenol, is very effective against Candida albicans biofilms ------------- Mycopathologia. 2007 Mar;163(3):137-43. Epub 2007 Mar 14. In vitro activity of eugenol against Candida albicans biofilms. He M, Du M, Fan M, Bian Z. Key Laboratory for Oral Biomedical Engineering of Ministry of Education, School and Hospital of Stomatology, Wuhan University, Luoyu Road 65, Wuhan, 430079, Hubei, China. Abstract Most manifestations of candidiasis are associated with biofilm formation occurring on the surfaces of ...   read more

Serrapeptase vs. Biofilm   14 y  
does the enzyme serrateptase degrade biofilms? Yes it does!
three excellent studies which demonstrate unequivocally that the enzyme serrapeptase (available to buy in supplement form) does in fact degrade biofilms. One study shows not only does it degrade biofilms, but it also prevents their formation in the first place ---------- Listeria monocytogenes is a notably invasive bacterium associated with life-threatening food-borne disease in humans. Several surface proteins have been shown to be essential in the adhesion of L. monocytogenes, and in the subsequent invasion of phagocytes. Because the control of the invasion of host cells by List ...   read more

cinnamon destroys biofilms!   14 y  
this experiment clearly shows that cinnamon oil can be great biofilms!
well this is a pleasant surprise! Was wondering if certain essential oils might have the ability to degrade biofilms. I just randomly chose cinnamon oil, did a search for it, and found this right away. It clearly shows that the cinnamon oil was able to degrade the biofilms successfully Effect of Cinnamon Oil on icaA Expression and Biofilm Formation by Staphylococcus epidermidis{triangledown} Titik Nuryastuti,1,2 Henny C. van der Mei,1 Henk J. Busscher,1 Susi Iravati,2 Abu T. Aman,2 and Bastiaan P. Krom1* Department of BioMed ...   read more

antibiotic proven to kill biofilms   14 y  
scientific study which demonstrates that this antibiotic does degrade biofilms
this antibiotic has been proven to destroy biofilms. it is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial pneumonia and bronchitis among other problems Clarithromycin destroys biofilms and enhances bactericidal agents in the treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa osteomyelitis. Kandemir O, Oztuna V, Milcan A, Bayramoğlu A, Celik HH, Bayarslan C, Kaya A. Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, Mersin, Turkey. Abstract In this study, the effect of clarithromycin on ...   read more

list of enzymes that may degrade biofilms   14 y  
master list of enzymes that may destroy biofilms, routinely updated
I’m going to start listing enzymes that may degrade biofilms. I’m going to update this list every time I find another. This entry will be updated regularly. 1. Malt Diastase. this is the enzyme that is usually found in malts. It has polysaccharide degrading properties and thus in theory will degrade biofilms.   visit the page

Amylase degrades biofilms?   14 y  
does the enzyme amylase destroy biofilms?
it’s important to remember that biofilms consist of a polysaccharide matrix. That is the glue that holds it together. Thus in theory any enzyme that destroys and or degrades polysaccharides will also destroy the biofilm matrix Turns out that the enzyme amylase does in fact have polysaccharide degrading properties and thus in theory it would help to destroy biofilms This company Novozyme is a very big company and one of the things they do is to create their own patented enzymes for industrial usage. One of their goals is to create an enzyme that will destroy biofilms. the reason they ...   read more

vinegar destroys biofilms?   14 y  
investigating whether vinegar might destroy biofilms
I ran across several references that acetic acid, the main acid in vinegar, will destroy biofilms. Looking for references in scientific literature to back that up Did find one here Fourteen decontaminating solutions, ie, acid, alkaline, osmotic, biocide solutions or their combinations were tested on five bacterial species grown as monospecies biofilms. The solution made of monolaurin and acetic acid at pH 5.4 was the most selective decontaminating solution. It reduced by only 0.2 and 0.4 log Lactobacillus spp and ...   read more


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