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Orgonising Food   13 y  
Orgonise your food for better health
This is a bit redunant. But a good reminder. Earlier today I had some tasty Vietnamese food. While I was eating it, I placed my Silverado zapper next to the food plate, turned on. A short while after I got home I noticed a lot of my usual aches and pains were gone. I also started feeling feverish. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered the food I had just eaten and the Silverado. Apparently the zapper had energized my food without me even realizing it. Without touching the food! Just sitting next to the plate of food. The fever response indicates a boost in immunity and show ...   read more

Electron pulse   13 y  
Effective pulse for F100 programs
The following F165 pulse setup boosts the effectiveness and shortens the required runtime of frequency programs in most situations. backfreq a [pathogen frequency] 66.67 # Carrier 6.698 # Modulator It appears to work by scrambling the outer electron shell of molecules in the organism. It also appears to have a secondary detoxifying effect. You will notice the organism frequency is set as a carrier. Think in terms of a radio station. The radio station is the organism. It has it a specific frequency that it sends (or receives) messages on - this is the carrier. For FM radio station ...   read more

Natural Log Octaves   13 y  
Another method to calculate lower or higher octaves.
I recently discovered another method of calculating lower octaves of high frequencies. This is different than the method discovered by Jeff Sutherland, as described here. His method involves multiplying by Euler’s constant. The new method involves applying the natural log function directly to the high frequency. Inversely, if one is working with very low frequencies and wishes to increase to a higher octave, one can set Euler’s constant (e) to the exponent of the original low frequency. Example: Fasciolopsis buski frequency (434000) ln(434000) = 12.98079981308254 This metho ...   read more

Survey   13 y  
Sound therapy - Am I the only one trying it?
I wonder if anyone actually downloads any of the sound tones I’ve uploaded on the Sound Therapy page. I wonder if anyone has even tried them. I am just trying to gauge whether I should continue uploading more. Seems like it is pointless because I never receive feedback on them. Hopefully someone leaves a comment and lets me know whether I am wasting my time. :o)   visit the page

Herpes viruses and Rife   13 y  
Treating Herpes viruses with a Rife machine
I read that Herpes is a huge Ammonia producer earlier. So I ran Herpes virus frequencies this morning for simplex 1 + 2 and Zoster, using Hulda Clark’s frequencies. Mid-treatment during Simplex 1 using HC’s second published frequency (using sound tones by the way!), I started feeling my skin crack in various places. The first spot I noticed was behind my ears. My right arm also got really weak for a bit. Then while running Simplex 2 I felt the nerves along my wrist and forearm tense up a bit, then let go. I think the Herpes viruses were part of the reason for my dowsing blockag ...   read more

Progress with Hulda Clark frequencies   13 y  
Progress using my Rife machine to treat my chronic illness
Using Hulda Clark’s original frequencies, I have killed and detoxed lots and lots of stuff today. I feel soooo much better! Figured out that HC’s frequencies work much better without any decimals added. 434000 vs 434000.0001. D’urrrr. Wish I hadn’t been using them this whole time, otherwise I would have been cured ages ago. Angry that I fell for the rampant misinformation on this matter but whatever... Psyops will be psyops... In short, precision is only needed when you know the exact frequency to the fourth decimal point. If the organism has a wide bandwidth, precision is actuall ...   read more

The Moon and Parasites   13 y  
The moon gives me brain fog...
So there’s a full moon tonight. I took a look out my window to gaze at it. But then I got brain fog. After it subsided, I took a look at the moon directly again. The brain fog came back. Then it got me thinking - it must be the wavelengths (of photons) that the moon is transmitting, that cause parasites to become active. If I could figure out these wavelengths, I could use it to our advantage. We could reverse the wavelengths to stop their reproduction cycle completely! They would go away on their own. Anyone with a degree in physics reading this? :) I looked at the chemi ...   read more

My Progress on Sound Therapy   13 y  
Entrain your brain! Heal your body!
Experimenting with sound tones has got me playing with brain entrainment software. I am experiencing great pain relief and improvements in health. Yes, with sound alone! Can this really be true? Even Wikipedia, a well-known basher of alternative medicine, says it is. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this type of therapy has real beneficial effects on the body. FACT: When your body goes out of balance, it is missing certain frequencies, and has too much of other frequencies. There are resonant frequencies, and then there are inverse frequencies. If you, for example, ...   read more

Rife Machines in Star Trek   13 y  
Star Trek is really a goldmine when it comes to information from the elite.
The episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called ”Phantasms” makes a clear reference to frequency medicine. Pay attention to what Data does to get rid of the parasitic organism taking over the ship. He emits a sound from his mouth at a specific frequency - it even sounds like a square wave. Don’t feel like watching the whole episode? ”Data makes the shrieking sound, which immobilizes them. Data wakes up and says he knows how to get rid of the parasites. By reconfiguring hi ...   read more

INFO: Body Alchemy   13 y  
Never buy a refill of your favorite supplements again! Just send yourself its energy over and over instead!
What if I told you you could send yourself the energy of any supplement - without having to actually take it internally? What if I told you you could send it to yourself, over and over, without having to buy more of that supplement ever again? What if I told you all you needed to do this is a $10 zapper, a piece of metal, and a chicken egg? The following is very, very experimental, and it may not work for everyone. YOU WILL NEED -Zapper running at 30 KHz. Even a cheap $10 Ebay one will work, but it MUST run at least 30KHz! -Chicken egg (organic) -Supp ...   read more

INFO: Reverse Alchemy Through Magnetism   13 y  
Magnets can turn heavy metals into either an acidic or alkaline form. Only one form is toxic to the body. Find out how to detoxify heavy metals in your food and gradually pull the bad form OUT!
Reverse Alchemy - Hulda Clark’s Zappicator Revisited Something that has been instrumental in my journey to good health has been the use of an invention by Dr. Hulda Clark, the zappicator. However, in addition to her original design, I also use a south pole magnet, and here’s why. Clark noted in her books that water obtains the same polarity as the one imprinted onto it by a magnet. She also noted that metals behave in the opposite way - instead of obtaining the same polarity, they obtain the opposite polarity. Here’s an example. Say you use a North Pole zappicator as she says, ...   read more

INFO: Calm the inner beast - with music and quartz!   13 y  
Parasites, apparently, do not like music. Blast them with some Beethoven! Their poor taste will soon be their demise.
After more experimentation with sound card-driven, quartz-transmitted frequencies, I have found something fascinating. It appears that many of the most well-known pieces of classical music, when sent through a quartz crystal (or Orgonite), cause Herxheimer reactions! They appear to kill many different parasites at once. Why could this be? I stumbled onto this while searching for a frequency that would drive away the entities stalking my home. I was almost ready to give up. As soon as I found a frequency that worked, they adapted and changed their frequency, making mine quickly ...   read more

INFO: Entity Interference   13 y  
How to tell if an entity is blocking frequencies from reaching you properly
The easiest test to see if you have an entity blocking frequencies is to run them by sound. They can interfere with electricity, subspace, and magnetic frequencies, but they can’t do a thing about sound! Run the Zappicator frequency 1000.000 (or any other frequency) through your sound card with the program ToneGen. See ”Orgonised Sound Therapy” for more details. If you feel immediate relief or change in symptoms, even though you have been running frequencies for months, then it means you have NOT been receiving its effect. Also, see ...   read more

INFO: Sound Therapy - Orgonised   13 y  
Sound-generated frequencies can be very effective for Rife research when combined with Orgonite or Quartz.
Sound Tones All sound files will be in WAV or MP3 format. Typically they will come in packs. I will now be using 7zip as the compression format. Download the program 7-Zip (for Windows) or Ez 7z (Mac) in order to decompress the sound packs below. Healing Set (364 KB, 7Z) - A set of programs with popular, effective healing frequencies. 15 Hz, 42.7 Hz, 666 Hz, and 4103.3 Hz. Last updated: Sept 2 2010 The 456 (14.4 MB, ZIP) - Research frequencies, to be used to ward off entities. Don’t be surprised if helicopters start flying over your house while running t ...   read more

INFO: Frequency Distortion - Those Darn Bugs Are Smart!   13 y  
Your tissue density - or your parasites - may be causing frequency distortion, making you run around in circles like a merry-go-round, never getting better!
I have discovered something intriguing. First, what led to this- I have always noticed that Hulda Clark’s frequencies, for me, always worked 6 KHz below the number she gave in her Cure for All Diseases book. The frequency for Echinostoma, 428 KHz, killed my F. Buski (original: 434 KHz). The frequency for Trichinella, 404.5 KHz, killed my Ascaris (original: 408 KHz). Everything was actually 6 KHz below in my body. Today I divided 428 by 434 and got the multiplier 0.986175115207373 I began trying this on all sorts of frequencies. I tried them on the ones from the blog, ”Rif ...   read more

INFO: Yogurt-Making Techniques with Orgone and Magnets   13 y  
Orgonite and Zappicators can be used to dramatically improve the yogurt-making process.
Speed Up Your Yogurt’s Fermentation with Orgonite The process of making homemade yogurt can be sped up dramatically by using our favorite tool - Orgonite! Simply place the container of your fermenting product (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut) directly next to a piece of Orgonite, preferably touching. The yogurt will ferment much faster. Whey will appear at the top within the same day, sometimes just hours later, even with a brand new culture. Because the fermentation speeds up, the lactose disappears much faster, making this a great method for those with bowel absorption issues. Creat ...   read more

INFO: How to Send Frequencies Wirelessly With Quartz   13 y  
How to send Rife frequencies wirelessly without a plasma device or spending thousands
NOTE: If you plan on using this method, make sure you gift your house’s electric fuse box with Orgonite as well as the outlet that your frequency generator is connected to. The power grid is a huge source of harmful energy, and it will all go straight into the quartz crystal if you don’t gift your house’s electricity first!   You can use quartz crystals to transmit frequencies through the air. The frequencies have a very wide range. You might run a frequency in your room and then hear the neighbors start sneezing profusely. It is almost frightening what you can do with t ...   read more

Introduction   13 y  
This blog will be my personal notepad where I throw out all my discoveries from explorations and experimentations with orgone energy and Royal Rife’s research.
This blog will be my personal journal where I throw out all my discoveries from explorations and experimentations with orgone energy and Royal Rife’s research. Many of my discoveries will be nothing new to many. This is more of a learning experience for me. Some information may be incorrect - not by intention, but simply because I am still learning as much as you are. I am limited in funds and therefore can only verify my findings through the effect it has on my own body. I will be the guinea pig so you don’t have to. In the case that factually incorrect information happens to be ...   read more


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