The Fast and Final way~~~ water fasting
by daisylou1976

Here we go again...   10 y  
Fasting again, 2nd time. more exercise this time
I am just days away from starting a 10 day fast. I felt so great after the last one that, very clear headed. I am not as heavy as I was the last time I started a fast so Iím unsure as to how much weight Iíll lose this time. Daisy :D   visit the page

Ended fast after 21 days Ended fast after day 21   13 y  
fasting, water, overweight,
July 27 was my 21st day of fasting, I broke my fast on July 28. I was going to do a full 40 day fast but the scheduling was too tight for my upcoming events. I am totally ok with ending my fast early and I have no regrets. I feel completly in control of my eating and have no worries that I will self sabotage myself. I look forward to eating nutriet dense foods and not the crap I was eating before, like the saying goes ĒEat to live not live to eat.Ē That is my new mantra. So during this last week of the fast I lost only 5.5 lbs, which is a little underwhelming considering that ...   read more

14 days of fastig   13 y  
My 14th day of fasting update
July 21, 2010 was my 14th day of fasting. In 14 days of water fasting I have lost a total of 27 lbs. I still feel great! I have no negative things to say about the process. I should be drinking more water but find I am not really that thirsty, excpet when I have a dry mouth, which seems to be often these past days. I still have energy, and am in good spirits. These last couple of days were tempting. I was at a family BBQ and there was everything to eat. But I held strong and didnít touch a thing. Just kept busy and all was good. I plan on ending my fast on the 17th of Augu ...   read more

7 days water fasting   13 y  
7 days of water fasting
I am not finding the time to blog every day so I think I am going to give myself weekly updates, short and sweet-Just like me ;) I have finished my first week of water fasting on july 14, 2010. After 7 days of water fasting I lost 18.5 lbs. I am quite impressed with that weight. I couldnít have lost it this fast without fasting, thatís for sure!! I feel great, my skin has never looked this great, I have lost so much fat in my face and upper ab area. Everything is going picture perfect. I am not hungry, I am deep into ketosis ( I check with the sticks). I had the white on ...   read more

day 5 of water only fasting   13 y  
Day 5 done of water fasting
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day 5 done July 11, 2010 is my 5th day of water only fasting wake up weight: 280 lbs, 2.0 lbs down from yesterday total weight loss 11.50 lbs I feel great! A little tired, but thatís due to lack of sleep. I need to stop looking at cookbooks, everything looks so great, I think I may try vegetarian once Iím done this fast. I find myself very thirsty which keeps me drinking to flush out those toxins. Still no white tongue, but purple on the keto stix. So ketosis is definatly in full gear. I have noticed that my ...   read more

Day 4, done like dinner, but no dinner ;)   13 y  
my day 4 on the water fasting only plan
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day 4 done July 10, 2010 was my 4th day of water only fasting wake up weight; 282 lbs, 2 lbs gone from yesterday total of 9.5 lbs gone in 4 days Well a little pooped earlier in the day, but maybe I needed to get pumped up with some water. I felt much better later on. Not hungry at all, only head hunger. I have been so used to eating that it was just a habit. I started talking to some friends about our favorite foods and even though I wasnít physically hungry, all I wanted to do was eat. So I am really going to have ...   read more

Fasting to the Finish Line, days 1, 2 and 3 of my water fast   13 y  
My first 3 days on the water fast, going surprizingly well.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day 1 done July 7, 2010 is the first day of my water only fast first day weight 291.5 lbs -0 lbs total I am starting my water only fast today. I donít know how long I will be on it, but it will be an extended fast. I am so overweight that I feel that this is the only way (beside surgery) to lose the weight. I cannot deal with losing only 1-2 lbs per week. When you are my weight that amount will not cut it. I have lots of sore spots in my body that Iím hoping to cure: bad lower back, sore heel, strech marks, scars, ...   read more


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