18 Months Recovery & Progress - Candida - Candidiasis - CFS.
by TGParker

18 Months Progess and Recovery From Candida & CFS   14 y  
07/02/2005 - 18 Months Progess and Recovery From Candida & CFS
18 Months Progess and Recovery From Candida & CFS Candida over-growth or candidiasis is already an epidemic in the US. There are esitmates as high as ninety-five percent of all men and women in the US suffer from one or more strains of candida overgrowth. For years, candida was literally trivialized by the American medical profession as merely a vaguely sexua| ”women’s problem”, however it is now becoming clear that Candidiasis is an all too prevalent affliction in both sexes and consistantly appears as either a pre-cursor or as a co-factor in obesity, intestinal & digestive disorder ...   read more

A Brief History Of Kefir   14 y  
A Brief History Of Kefir
Kefir is a fermented milk similar to yoghurt. It is one of the oldest cultured milk products in existence, enjoying widespread popularity in Russia and the Caucasus. The history of kefir making and the legends connected to this amazing food are described below. Amongst the people of the northern slopes of the Caucasian Mountains there is a legend that Mohammed gave kefir grains to the Orthodox people and taught them how to make kefir. The ’Grains of the Prophet’ were guarded jealously since it was believed that they would lose their strength if the grains were given away and the s ...   read more

Tips On Getting Started Making Your Own Kefir From Live Kefir Grains   14 y  
Here's a fairly easy step-by-step method to start making your own Kefir drink from live Kefir grains.
1.) As soon as you receive your Live Kefir Grains, empty contents into a pint or 1/2 liter GLASS jar. The general consensus is that most Metals and Plastics are not good for Kefir. The acid in the Kefir reacts with some plastic and metal utensils and some nasty toxic substances may be created that might kill the Kefir or harm you. As a general rule, you can use glass, stainless steel, wooden and ”food grade” plastic utensils. 2.) You may notice that the Kefir is a little ”stinky”. Well I’d be a little ”stinky” if I traveled across the country in a little cardboard box, and hadn’t had a ...   read more

Tony's Experiences With Live Kefir Grains   14 y  
I've been making Probiotic Kefir for almost a month and the results are excellent! I also have Live Kefir Grains to Share.
04/20/2005 Well gang, I’ve been making Probiotic Kefir for almost a month and it’s really been working for me. I make my Kefir from Live Grains, and then ”Spike” my brew with Acidophilus, Bifidus, & S.Bouliardii. I also have plenty of Live Organic Kefir Grains to share. If you want some Live Kefir Grains e-mail me directly. All the best! 04/01/2005 I’ve decided to explore home production Live Grain Kefir as a possible source of anti-candida probiotics. So today I actually started my fisrt batch of Live Grain Kefir. Eventually I will have Kefir Grains to share, so if you’re intetere ...   read more

Why I started Brewing My Own Anti-Candida Probiotics   14 y  
Some simple, affordable ideas on how to get the massive amounts of probiotic micro-flora that are needed to re-populate the upper and lower instestines.
Why I started Brewing My Own Anti-Candida Probiotics Last year, I realized that the Probiotic supplements as they are currently produced and supplied simply aren’t ”powerful” enough to provide sufficient probiotics to effectively ”repopulate” my intestines with friendly flora. IHMO there are two reasons for this. The enteric coated capsules tend pass completely through the diestive tract without ever releasing their ”payload”. The standard gelcaps are completely digested too soon and the tiny payload is all but destroyed in the stomach and never makes it to the lower intestines. I ...   read more

Here's A list Of Friendly Probiotic Flora In The Live Grain Kefir Drink.   14 y  
Here's A list Of Friendly Probiotic Flora In The Live Grain Kefir Drink
Here’s what’s you usually find in the Home-Made Live Grain Kefir Drink. Many Candida survivors find that wide range of probiotic micro-flora in Kefir is very helpful in repopulating the intestines with healthy friendly flora. LACTOBACILLI Lb. acidophilus Lb. brevis Lb. casei Lb. casei subsp. rhamnosus Lb. casei subsp. pseudoplantarum Lb. paracasei subsp. paracasei Lb. cellobiosus Lb. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus Lb. delbrueckii subsp. lactis Lb. fructivorans Lb. helveticus subsp. lactis Lb. hilgardii Lb. kefiri Lb. kefiranofaciens Lb. kefirgranum sp. nov* Lb. parakefir ...   read more

Tony's "Poor Boy" Shopping list.   14 y  
Tony's "Poor Boy" Shopping list. Some easy to obtain and "affordable" anti-Candida anti-fungal agents.
All of this stuff eventually has an effect on one financially. You really have to decide what you can afford, what really works best for you, and where you can get the best deals. From time to time, my money runs out and I simply can’t afford actually buying all this stuff, so I have developed a fall-back ”poor boy” or ”poor girl list of anti-Canddia anti-fungals that are either-home made or are products that can be bought in regular supermarkets, or in a less overpriced form from vendors that don’t gouge the suffering. Tony’s ”Poor Boy” Shopping list. Raw, Crushed Garlic Raw, crush ...   read more

Tony's Mega Super Probiotic 12/24/48 Hour Yoghurt/Kefir Recipe   14 y  
Some easy, affordable ideas on how to get, or make at home the right mix and the quantum amounts of pro-biotics required to repopulate intestestinal flora.
One thing that’s caught my attention is that one really needs massive amounts of viable pro-biotics to effectively re-populate the intestines, and the pro-biotic supplements that are currently being sold just don’t contain enough pro-biotics to do the job effectively. Thus buying sufficient amounts of pro-biotics ”off the shelf” becomes cost prohibitive. Somehow, you need to consume a quantum amount of pro-biotics by a factor of at least 50 to 100 times what is usually contained in your ”off the shelf” pro-biotic supplement. Hence, Tony’s Mega Super Probiotic 12-24-48 Hour Yogurt/Kefir ...   read more

Live Active Pro-Biotic Kefir Grains To Share   14 y  
I have Live Active Kefir Grains to share, and can ship it anywhere. Please email me directly for more details and information.
As you all know by now, I’ve decided to explore home production Live Grain Kefir as a possible source of anti-candida probiotics. My first batches of Live Grain Kefir have been chugging away nicely and my little ”Kefir Babies” are growing by leaps and bounds. These Live Kefir Grains will grow in ANY kind of milk: raw farmer’s milk, organic health food store milk, regular supermarket store milk, goat’s milk, cow’s Milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and even water! I have also experimented with adding Probiotic supplements like Jarrow-Dophilus, Jarrow Bifidus Balance, and Ja ...   read more

Liver flush # 7   14 y  
12/12/2004 - LF # 7 Andras Moritz method
12/12/2004 LF # 7 Andras Moritz method, malic acid, epsom salts, olive oil, grapefruit juice etc.., plus massage and heat applied to liver after drinking olive oil & grape fruit juice. Coffee and water enemas, etc.. Only about 50 small yellow and tan chips, flakes, shards, & chaff ranging from 1/16” to 1/4” hmm... Also noticed some long stringy wormy looking things.. they were almost transparent could have just been sludge and grunge...weren’t sure what they were.. Maybe I should also do a Hulda Clark parasite cleanse. AM’s book says the average is between 6-8 flushes... Could the smaller ...   read more

Liver flush # 6   14 y  
11/27/2004 - LF #6. Basic Andras Moritz method...
11/27/2004 Liverflush #6. Followed basic Andras Moritz method, malic acid, epsom salts, olive oil, grapefruit juice etc.., plus massage and heat applied to liver after drinking olive oil & grape fruit juice. Coffee and water enemas, etc.. Only about 50 small white, tan, gold, black and pea green chips, flakes, shards, & chaff ranging from 1/16” to 1/4” and only 50+ pea green, mid green and dark green stones from 1/4” to 3/4”. I started passing the larger stones later on Sunday afternoon. hmm AM’s book says the average is between 6-8 flushes... Could the smaller yield of stones mean that I ...   read more

Tony's liver Flushing Exploits, Pics, & Links   14 y  
Comments, resources, and information, about my first 5 Liver Flushes.
Dear Friends: As many of you know, for a variety of health reasons (Obesity, Diabetes II, CFS, Candida, High Cholesterol, etc...) besides exercise & an Atkins-Caveman Anthi-Candida diet, I decided to embark upon a program of liver and gall stone flushing. The recovery from the obesity part is due to 11+ months abstinence in OverEaters Anonymous on my new Atkins-Caveman Anthi-Candida food plan; and for you pound counters out there I’m pretty close to having lost 100+ lbs... Maybe some of this might even be useful and helpful to you, so here’s some details and information about wha ...   read more


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