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Stepping into the sphere of Halides...   13 y  
This is where I come from and where I am at the moment...
Candida Infection, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Miscarriage, Acne, Epstein Barr Virus Re-Occurrence, Rapid weight gain, Ovarian Cysts, Infertility So, in a nutshell, above mentioned is where I come from, more or less in order. I have diabetes in my family, so I suspect I am slightly insulin resistant. I have always been the fattest sibling. I have stopped eating bread for the last 6 years, (occasionally I slip) because I have a severe reaction to all wheat products, including Rye. First my mouth palate swells, then I get a sharp pain under my ribs, if that progresses, I get a pain ...   read more

Castor oil cures - from head to toe...   13 y  
I recently began a relationship with Castor Oil. I never knew her before, as she was renounced and hidden by Modern Medicine, of which I am but one of the many victims...
How come did our parents stop using Castor oil? It seems to be a cure for many ailments. Maybe because modern medicine started to offer a cure for specific aliments? Allopathic medicine offers specific cures for specific ailments, and we all know disease not to be so simple. My father, an alcoholic in remission, should have been dead a long time ago. Thanks to a very sturdy constitution he made it through severe alcohol poisoning. His doctor mentioned once that his liver should have been pate by now. But he seems to be as healthy, if not more so, than any other 68 year old - by the way, ...   read more

Falling off the wagon - and walking the rest of the way...   13 y  
I have stopped counting calories, Hubby got diagnosed with cancer and gets a migraine.
Boy, did I fall off the wagon of calorie counting! But I actually gained weight when I was counting - so, obviously I counted wrongly... The past week I did mind what I ate, no counting calories, and lost a little weight - still far from losing 5 kg. How can it be so difficult to loose only 5kg? I have been off all wheat products, and feel much much better for it. I remember, about 6 years ago, I was in constant pain - left side just under my ribs, shooting to my right shoulder...constant pain is a debilitating place to be, and when I figured out that bread was causing all the misery, I ...   read more

Week 4, Day 4:   13 y  
The ship is sailing in choppy waters, Captain, but all is well...
Somewhere I missed a day. Never mind. Today the dysfunctional scale reckoned that I had lost 1kg. Well. I never. I am still addicted to milk in my coffee and I struggle to let it go. I am afraid I am still in suckle mode. And I say moo when nobody is watching. My horror-mones are playing up again - ovulation time - yippee. Every two weeks I get tossed about like a boat without oars. Seeing that die gyni diagnosed me with ovarian cysts, I am on super alert mode during this time of the month. I did have very mild spotting. At least I didn’t bleed for 3 weeks like last time... So, ...   read more

Week 4, day2: I found the culprit!   13 y  
Milk, the proverbial lard wrapped in a lettuce leaf...
Yippeeeee! I found the sin-section in my diet!!! MILK. Eventhough I have changed to low fat milk, I still manage to rack up 400 calories with my milk use. I remember from being on a diet similar to weight watchers (many years ago), one got ”3 portions” of dairy per day, and if one wanted milk as one of those portions, it was 100ml skimmed milk. And at the moment I use about 750 ml per day!! And 750ml low fat milk amounts to 412 calories. O Damn. I will have to limit my coffee intake to one a day, or start drinking it black. I think I will go black. I was worried about my calcium i ...   read more

Week 4, Day 1 Changing the Order of Things   13 y  
HOW I ate today and changes I saw because of it...
Today I had somewhere between 1300 and 1400 calories. I am happier with the ratio: 30% carbs, 45% fats and 25% protein. The sugar in the grapefruit and orange I have in the morning, seems to push up the carbs a bit. But at least it is RAW and not as bad as fries. I ususally have coffee first thing in the morning. Today I had my egg/oil/juice drink first thing in the morning and only had coffee mutch later. Even though I have had my regular morning stool when I got up, three hours later, I had another one, which is a bit uncommon. I think it was due to the fact that I had the egg/oil/ju ...   read more

Week 3, Day 4 - 7   13 y  
How am I fooling myself? How could I have lost no weight in three weeks?
OK. I have no discipline, determination, or .... can’t remember the other one. In three weeks, I have lost no weight what so ever. I limited my portions, ate less carbs (never bread), avoided processed food, cut out sugar, and switched to low fat milk. I am sure the scale started malfunctioning after I flooded the bathroom. That must be it. I am feeling desperate enough to go back on the soup diet my mother in law told me about. Two years ago I lost 12 kg while on it. Soup consists of green beans, carrots, tomatoes, celery, onions and peppers. You are suppose to eat certain things on ce ...   read more

Week 3 Day 3   13 y  
Woke up this morning with aching index toes....
Last night the strangest thing happened. My index toes ached so bad, it woke me, and I had to get up to put something on them. I used some Leonotis leonurus infused Castor oil. Great stuff. My toes still ached, but got better and I fell asleep again. I first thought something bit me, but then both feet wouldnt be affected. It must be an allergic reaction to the berry juice I had just before bed. Usually I am not allergic to anything - except store bought bread. When I eat bread, I can be sure to be in pain for the next two days. So I have managed to cut out bread from my diet for the pa ...   read more

Week 3, day 1 and 2   13 y  
As for the week end, and yesterday...
Yes, this weekend it was an total abandon of dieting. I even made cookies. They were very yummy. Shortbread type with lots of black sesame seeds. This week will be a continuation of renewed attempts then. I still have not lost any weight - so, obviously I am not doing the right things. Maybe I am at the end of the dynamic phase of weight loss. Before I started with this blog, I did not count calories, just cut out very starchy foods, and sugars, and lost 2kg. I think I am going to try a higher fat/lower carb/med protein approach. My personal biochemist (my dad) tells me adults ...   read more

Week 2 Day 4 and Day 5   13 y  
Guilt confession and repairitive measures....
Ok, the day before yesterday was day 4. Diet wise I did fine - I kept my intake at 1214 calories, to make up for the previous day I did not too well. I made myself a spreadsheet so I can calculate my average intake for the week. That way, when I go over my allowance, I can make it up over the next few days, to keep my weekly intake on the correct average. Yesterday, I started menstruating and it was extremely painful. I had to go and lie down. So, last night, pitying myself, feeling weak, feeling sad (Isn’t there an Abba song with those lyrics? feeling weak, feeling sad) I succumbed, ...   read more

Week 2, day 3   13 y  
Today is another chance to do it better, and looking at Vitamin K...
Yesterday I did go over my caloric allowance. Today I will do better. The thing is, I would like to blame my hormones, but it is ’my’ hormones, therefor it is still ’me’. Candida Overgrowth up again this morning. Took another tissue salt tablet (Kali-Mur I think) and it still amazes me how effective it is in treating the immediate symptoms. Longterm, it is obviously less effective. Today I feel like chicken livers - I had trouble yesterday getting my protein intake up to 30%. I am also still having trouble getting enough iron, calcium and Vitamin K into my diet. I got some parsley fo ...   read more

Week 2, day 2   13 y  
I just noticed an absence of sweet-cravings...
I have just realized, since I have been drinking my egg yolk/Hemp oil/Grapefruit juice in the mornings, I have had much less cravings than usual. I use to be in an almost permanent state of craveness. Especially during this time of the month. That is how I use to know my period is near - I crave chocolate. Severely. Funny thing that. The only other time I felt this absence of cravings, is when Hubby and I were living on a farm, and drank a fair amount of raw milk. OK, and we did not have a lot of sweets, and we ate lots of veg and ate almost only free-range meat. The eggs I have in t ...   read more

Week 2, day1 contd.   13 y  
Today turned out quite well, despite the wobbly start...
Sceletium tortuosum, Sceletium tortuosum how do I love thee, let met count the ways.... :) Sceletium helped me to turn my mood right around - or maybe its the bi-polar sticking its ugly head around the corner, watching, waiting..... I managed to stay below my daily calorie allowance - I am very proud of myself. :) So, today, even though I was I right grump this morning, seems to be a success and turned out quite well. I had a hair cut this morning, and Hubby likes it. He actually noticed ;) I also finished some chores I was putting off. So there.   read more

Week 2, day1   13 y  
Bad PMT, but I will persevere...
I feel like ripping off peoples heads with my bare hands. It is probably PMT, maybe a bit because of the dieting too. This is a particular bad pre-menstrual tension. And I think I feel this way because in the whole of last week I did not loose any weight. Damn it. But I will persevere. Even if I do not loose an inch, I will go on for two months, just to feel I have completed my dieting and did not give up.   read more

Week 1, Day 7 contd.   13 y  
...Sunday indulgence...
OK, i did have a cheat day. Ate some oxtail stew, two glasses of a LOVELY Merlot and dessert. I also realized that having weekends of indulgence (this being a common occurrence), is probably one of the reasons I am somewhat unhealthy. Saint during the week, devil during the weekend. Watched the movie ’Factory Girl’ and afterwards, I noticed, looking in the mirror, that my nose was larger than usual. I remember reading somewhere one’s nose is linked to one’s liver. Interesting. Oxtail + wine + desert (after week of healthy eating) = larger nose/stressed liver. Well, tomorrow I g ...   read more

Week 1, Day 7   13 y  
Day seven of my diet, last nights struggle, pms and candida...
Yesterday was hard. I kept my intake at 1293 (yippee!), but found it tough last night, when I became overwhelmed with an urge to eat! I don’t know if I was hungry, but I wanted to go into the kitchen and make like a worm - eat, eat, eat. But I did not, and I am proud of myself. Instead of eating coupious amounts of anything, I had a cup of Rooibos tea, with a splash of lemon. And went to bed. Last night the Candida overgrowth (I am struggling with big time) bothered me terribly. I took some tissue salts, and that always seem to bring immediate relief. I think the Candida is flaring up ...   read more

Day Six of diet   13 y  
First proper entry into my new health and weight loss diet - so this was week one....
My goal with this blog is to help me keep to my diet and manage my chronic depression. Three years ago I became pregnant, but I lost the baby at 5 months. During those 5 months of pregnancy I became 20kg heavier. I know, thats a lot for 5 months. Next time I will manage my body better. There I was, hormonal, overweight, and very depressed. I started taking Cypralex (anti-depressant) and went on the ’Sacred Heart’ Soup diet. I did not stick to die diet 100%, I still had dinners with my husband, so it took me a year to loose 10kg. I stopped the soup diet, because it gave me strange ...   read more

Halfway there   13 y  
First blog post, but first some sleep...
So, I am halfway to good health and a good weight. I am glad I found curezone. Here I will track my progress to managing myself, my physical and mental health. Now, first, I need a good night’s rest, as I did not get much sleep last night due to hubbies timely snores (each time just as I fall asleep) I still love him , even though he makes funny noises late at night... :)   visit the page


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