My Fasting Journal 2010
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Day Twenty-Five   13 y  
A complete and utter false start
Will have to start all over again. Getting fasts off the ground is the hardest part for me. This time, I simply couldn’t stand throwing so much food away...when I went shopping, I really went shopping! So I have been stuffing it in my mouth regardless of whether I am hungry! So, because like I said in the very beginning of this journey, the first three days are the hardest... psychologically, physically, emotionally, etc., I decided to begin again tomorrow. I’ll need to suspend the blog too, I think, so I can get myself re-focused and over the hump, with no pressure on me to do anyth ...   read more

Day Twenty-Four   13 y  
Round Two: Here We Go Again!
Well, these past two days have been a real education for me. I have learned, much to my chagrin, that I am apparently no longer in charge of this fast. That is to say, my body has declared its independence from digesting food, and will not tolerate it!! Now, as I have said, I can eat or drink pretty much anything (I even nibbled on a little piece of baked ham) and it tastes wonderful, goes down just fine, stays in my stomach without making me nauseated. The problem is, I’ve discovered it doesn’t stay in me long enough to break down and assimilate any nutrients!! Seriously. I had poached ...   read more

Day Twenty-Three   13 y  
Phase two: Day two
If NOTHING else had been healed in me over the course of this 21 day fast, having my insominia healed up would have made it all worthwhile! Slept for 8 hours yesterday, without waking up once. Apparently I am sleeping so soundly that I don’t even have to exile the cat to the back porch anymore. She hasn’t been waking me up with her night-time shenanigans... Gave myself a reward today for a fast well done... Went online and went shopping--for real! Got an email from and went cruising in their ”clearance” section. To make a long and amazingly thrifty story short (I am the QUEE ...   read more

Day Twenty-Two   13 y  
Phase two: Day one
Today is the big day. Back into the eating world I go! Funny thing, forgot to weigh in like I wanted to. Oh well, guess I keep it at every five days so I don’t get obsessed with my numbers. So, at 7:30 I made the MOST WONDERFUL juice to have every been made in the history of mankind. It was 12 oz of pure heaven, and consisted of tomato, lemon, cukes and kale. I have an inexpensive ”Jack LaLanne” type juicer, which will suffice for the job... Then, surprise, surprise, 30 minutes later the colon gods blessed me with a little gift. Amazing... At 8:30, all my resolve and planning a ...   read more

Day Twenty-One   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
As you know, today marks the end of Phase one of this journey. Tomorrow I am going to transition to juicing for about a week or so, then mostly raw vegetables for the remainder of Phase two. After that, if all goes well, I plan to start another round of water fasting. Hopefully, this will help to reset my body image at a lower weight, help me go deeper into detoxification and continue the healing which has begun in earnest during Phase one. Today was weigh-in day: Beginning weight: 242 lbs Today’s weight: 210.4 lbs Total weight lost in 20 days: 31.6 lbs. I know that sounds like ...   read more

Day Twenty   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
48 hours and counting. Can’t wait! I have decided to eat an ultra pure diet in between these periods of water fasting, to try to keep my body in ”detox mode”. Although I am craving a nice rare steak librally sprinkled in sea salt, I am going to go vegetarian for the next three weeks. Not even going to bake my nice little salmon fillet in lemon sauce... Why? From what I’ve been reading during this fast, I am becoming more convinced that we Americans simply eat too much animal protein, actually, too much protein in general. So this is a good time for me to try to reset my eating habits. W ...   read more

Day Nineteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Had an unusual compliment the other day, that I forgot to share. After Sunday’s service, one of the camermen (our church services are televised) came up to me and said, ”I’m so glad you are in the choir. The camera just loves you. You just glow!!” Now, I have been in that choir for a year, and I have never ”glowed” before. Could it be that water fasting is releasing my ”inner glowworm”? Could be! Noticed this morning that the dark circles under my eyes are much lighter. They were never puffy bags, just deep, blackened indentations that made me look like I went a round with Rocky Balboa. ...   read more

Day Eighteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
It’s rock and roll Sunday again. And again, I almost blacked out up on the riser with my choir in full swing. Not sure why I’m doing this... But, it wasn’t so bad as last Sunday. I guess I have learned how to breathe deeply, unbuckle my knees and avoid the ole swan dive. Afterward, I was just fine. Actually, the only other time I have felt faint during this fast is after crawling out of a very hot bath. Probably not the smartest thing to do (take a hot bath while fasting), but then again, what do I know...I just work here. After church I decided to finish off my garden. Let no one te ...   read more

Day Seventeen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
I have to admit, today has been a struggle. Not sure what kind of ”healing crisis” this is, but my stomach has been growling all day, and I have been craving food...good food. Like grilled salmon with lemon and cracked pepper, steamed kale and baby carrots, sauteed mushrooms, poached eggs on spinach salad, red lentil soup, baked garlic chicken breast, big beefy tomatoes straight from my sunny garden... sigh... Had one of my best friends, that I haven’t seen since beginning this journey, comment to me last night that I looked ”beautiful”. Then she invited me out to supper... Had to fess ...   read more

Day Sixteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen...the moment you’ve all been waiting for...Drumroll, please!! Starting Weight: 242 lbs Today’s weight: 215.2 lbs Total weight loss in 15 days: 26.8 lbs Okay, okay. So maybe I’m being a little melodramatic. Afterall, I only lost 4.4 lbs in the last 5 days, which means I am now UNDER the 1 lb a day average for water fasting. After I did a little investigation, I discovered what may be a crucial mistake. Seems a person is only really supposed to drink fluids when (gasp) they are actually thirsty. I have been dutifully pouring in my 8+ glasses of water per ...   read more

Day Fifteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Today has been a nice easy day. Slept like a baby all night, without waking up. So amazed. And as luck would have it, as I was reading this morning, I came across the following in Dr. Herbert Shelton’s book, Fasting and Sunbathing: ”A few patients sleep more while fasting than when eating. Insomnia victims are especially likely to do this. Fasting is perhaps the quickest and most satisfactory means of remedying insomnia, although there are cases in which it requires six to ten days to secure the sleep. Sinclair says, of his first fast: ”I slept well throughout the fast.” Got my firs ...   read more

Day Fourteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Hit a milestone of sorts today--two weeks without solid food. I feel like I’ve broken up with a lover... Actually, you know you’ve been fasting for a while when you open up a can of cat food for kitty and it smells utterly delicious.... Been fighting hunger pangs today. No, I don’t think I have reached ”completion” on this fast yet. I just spent the day searching for a better daily diet for after I finish the fast, reading recipes, looking at pictures of food...dreaming... Never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think I finally found a ”diet” that I can live with and ...   read more

Day Thirteen   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Yea! Day Thirteen!! Don’t know why that excites me so much... Well, you know,simple things, simple minds... Hit another bout of core temperature drop today. Spent the morning wrapped in a blanket sipping hot tea. Didn’t seem to help much and I was not getting alot accomplished. I decided to tackle this healing crises head on. That is, I headed out...side. My garden has been sadly neglected these past 13 days. I have 8 varieties of tomatoes planted, 2 cukes, yellow squash, zuccini, and carrots. (And one blackberry bush that survived the transplant). Unfortunately, I have not tended my ...   read more

Day Twelve   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
It couldn’t get any better... 8 hours of sleep last night! Uninterrupted... No waking up for no reason, no sudden trips to the potty four times a night (as well as, no bouncing cat--locked her on the back porch, and no rumbling truck noises--discovered earplugs). Only pure, blissful, glorious sleep. Can you tell I have had insomnia for a while? Now, if someone had told me a month ago, ”Having trouble sleeping? Try fasting for 12 days, that’ll clear it up!” I would have thought they were off-balance. And yet, here I am, enjoying another night’s sleep. Oh, you SO take sleep for granted ...   read more

Day Eleven   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Well, it’s THAT day again! The day when the scales and I meet eye to eye in mortal combat. So, here goes: Beginning weight: 242 lbs Today’s weight: 219.6 lbs Total weight loss over 10 days: 22.4 lbs Wonderful news! And as I sit here writing this, I am wearing a new pair of pants I have never been able to get on; a beautiful ”dry clean only” pair that just hung boastfully in my closet, mocking me. Now, I am not deluded to think this rate of weight loss will keep up the entire fast. I can see how the daily numbers are starting to drop a little, as my body begins to readjust my ...   read more

Day Ten   13 y  
A personal journey to health and fasting through water fasting
Well, I just wrote a really long, deeply emotional, very introspective blog today, and when I went to post it, there was an error and it took me back to a blank post! It didn’t save it... Think maybe someone’s trying to tell me that it was ”TMI”, if you know what I mean... Fasting is starting to become more routine. I have cut way down on the amount of tea I am drinking, and am trying to stick to water. I did try out a recipe I found for ginger root tea that was very interesting. I don’t think I would drink it every day though! Getting excited. Tomorrow morning is the big weigh in--t ...   read more

Day Nine   13 y  
A personl journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Going to be a short post today. Not much new to report I guess. Spent the day reading a book I downloaded off Soil and Health Library ( Shelton, Herbet M. The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing. San Antonio, Texas: Dr. Shelton’s Health School, Third Revised Edition, 1950. First Published 1934. ”In his exhaustive study of therepeutic fasting, Shelton claimed: ’In more than thirty years of conducting fasts, I have conducted over twenty-five thousand fasts, ranging in duration from three days to more than two months. I have conducted ...   read more

Day Eight   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Today is SPA day!! Today I let the fast be all about losing weight and feeling beautiful! Today I let my imagination wander and create an image of the new, fit, lean and healthy me that’s coming round the corner. I got onto a website (, that gives a person a realistic image of what a woman’s body looks like at a certain weight, height, and ”shape” (apple, pear, etc.) I was really amazed at how beautiful, and how healthy these women looked at my ”ideal weight”. I once had a nutritionist examine and measure me, and she declared that my weight is supposed to be 128 ...   read more

Day Seven   13 y  
A personal journey to health and healing thorugh water fasting
Feeling the effects of a healing crises today. No hunger pangs, but I am producing enough stomach acid to digest an entire cow. The interesting thing is, I am chronically low on stomach acid, to the point that I really can’t digest nuts, and corn and other stuff. I gradually started to lose production over the years and didn’t even realize it until last year. I haven’t felt this kinda hydrochloric acid burn since I can remember. Funny how healing can be so God-awful. Last night I realized something else rather significant. Was mulling over how I could have lost 16lbs, when my pants are ...   read more

Day Six   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Day of Atonement today. I have decided not to weigh in every day, not because I’m not curious, but I resolved to make this fast not about losing the weight. True, obesity is a disease, and a precursor to a host of chronic diseases that affect modern man...diabeties, heart disease, cancer... That should really qualify it as a priority on my quest for healing in my body... But five days have passed since I started, so I have a duty to journal the transformation... Beginning weight: 242 lbs Today’s weight: 226 lbs Have to admit that is a record, even for me. My only thought is that ...   read more

Day Five   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Thank God...My hunger is finally abating. I only had a couple of little grumbles early in the day, and nothing else. Starting this fast was a little different for me. Usually I am through with hunger by the end of Day Three. But this fast, I decided to try to prevent the generally unpleasant symptoms of the Liver Dump...when all the toxins are released at once into the blood stream during rapid detox, and you really would prefer to die than continue the fast... This time I drank green water for the first three days, once a day in the morning. Green water is: 12 oz pure filtered water, 1 ...   read more

Day Four   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting
Just as a starting point for for this journey, let me lay down the vitals. I am a 43 year old, 5’8” woman who started the fast at 242 lbs. I am not taking any prescribed medications, because I lost faith in the pill popping medical community years ago, and I prefer to approach caring for my health as naturally as possible. In general, I eat a good diet. I don’t eat grains anymore (bread, pasta, rice) -- I successfully gave them up 2 months ago. I also broke my caffeine addiction (coffee) 4 months ago. I do eat meat on occasion, love fish, fresh, steamed or healthy sauted vegetables, most f ...   read more

A new beginning!   13 y  
A personal journey to health and freedom through water fasting.
Today is day ”four” of my water fast. The reason I didn’t start a blog earlier is because nearly everyone who fails at an extended fast seems to fail in the first three days. If you can make it through the first three days of the (usually very uncomfortable) switch from burning stored glycogen in your liver to burning the ”dirty fuel” of your adipose tissue (fat), then you find a much easier time of it! What I intend to do with this blog is to make a detailed record of what it is like to water fast, what I am doing, what I am going through, how I have prepared myself, how other people a ...   read more


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