My 3rd Fast - this time it’s Juice
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Day 10 - Broke my fast   12 y  
Day 10 - Broke my fast
Day 10 May 1st Saturday - Sooooo, guess what? I BROKE MY FAST LAST NIGHT! Now my blogs like all the others that go ”cold”. Course I never thought mine would end early, and I can guarantee it wouldn’t have if this medical thing didn’t come up. The sad part was I really didn’t care if I ate or not, I just felt like ”what’s the point now?”. I had a glass of wine and a piece of pizza. (Of course something I rarely normally eat). Mike got off early and I just felt like having some wine with him. I sipped it for over an hour and didn’t even finish the glass, but it made me feel buzzed! Also, as ...   read more

Day 9 still-Crap! Why did my headline say my keywords??!!   12 y  
Day 9 still-Crap! Why did my headline say my keywords??!!
Wtf? I just posted and the stuff I put in my keyword box went into my headline? Yikes! Ok I still don’t get the abstract/keyword/headline thing. I’m just gonna stick the same simple sentence in all three from now on!   visit the page

Day 9 - Numb   12 y  
Ovarian cancer juice juicing fast fasting
Did you notice I said yesterday was Friday? Sheesh. I’m a tad out of sorts, unfortunately not from the fast. Oh, and did you notice I remembered my Html skilz? Duh. It sure ain’t rocket science, no idea why I was drawing a blank the other day. Day 9 April 30th Friday - well, I got back from the Dr and doing all the hospital admitting tests around 4pm. (We went in at 10 am.) My cancer screening blood test came back abnormal (it was over 200 and normal is us under 35) so there’s a good chance I have a malignancy. Surgery is scheduled for Monday at 9am. I wont know whether I have cancer unt ...   read more

Day 8 (still) - Popsicles   12 y  
juice fast
I forgot that I ate all 6 of those orange/grapefruit popsicles I made from my leftover juic from the morning. I spread them throughout the day and man that juice was a lot better frozen. I know they are lacking the enzymes of fresh juice but man it was great to have something with a different consistency. it was just DIFFERNT you know? Anyway just staying accountable here.   visit the page

Day 8 - I like fasting but man is it boring   12 y  
fasting juice
Day 8 April 29th Friday - I’m still not sure what I should be writing in this ”abstract” box down below. On with it: Back hurt until I Fell into that cool sleep again last night around midnite. Sorta heard Mike get home from work at 2:30 am, but unlike before the fast, I stayed asleep. Before, I’d either still be up, or I’d wake up and then have some wine with him(!! That seems really wrong now..hehe..). Woke up this morning around 6:30. 6 hrs sleep, par for the course but I felt fine. The sleep I’m getting is much better. I also felt like I would NOT be moving my bowels today so I decided ...   read more

Still Day 7 - question   12 y  
Should I begin eating because I’m having surgery 4 days from now? I’m not tired, nor do I feel like I’m fasting. That’s it-I don’t feel like my previous fasts one of which was a 30 day Master Cleanse and the other a 17 day water fast. While on those I FELT like I was fasting. Juice fasting is entirely different, good in the way that you aren’t really hungry, but bad in the way that I’m not feeling all the benefits like the other fasts. Anyway, of course I’m not going to ask my DOCTOR if I should begin eating because of course he’s going to INSIST on it. Not really sure what’s right here. O ...   read more

Day 7 - emotions and a new juicer!   12 y  
Day 7 April 28th Thursday - Ok, posting this in real time now. Woke up at 6 am (actually I woke up somewhat earlier and laid in bed starting to worry and panic about maybe having cancer). When I actually got up I felt absolutely fine physically and maybe mentally too? Came very close to breaking the fast yesterday. Between the bad news and the feeling I need to eat before a surgery I amost broke. That and the fact that Mike is BORED, hell we’re both bored. I know he’d love to out. And so would I but I’ve come this far. Its not as easy as ”you can start again”. Also, what really helps me ...   read more

Day 6 - still emotional   12 y  
Day 6 - still emotional
Day 6 April 27th - Woke up today with bad cramping and diarrhea at 5 am. So only 4-1/2 hrs sleep. Had a small carrot, celery apple before going to the Doctor. Weigh in at the Dr showed a loss of 3 lbs. Meh. After getting the bad news about having to have ”some kind” of surgery 6 days from now of course I wanted to go out and EAT AND HAVE A BEER OR 5, but I didnt. Wasnt hungry all day (besides complete and total head hunger) but had a watermelon/rind, carrot apple kale rhubarb juice. It was just alright. They are all just alright. After a few sips I was over it, but drank most of it. Had so ...   read more

Day 5 - Emotions   12 y  
Day 5, Mon April 26th - When you look at this page it shows I’m posting all on the same day, but as I stated in the first entry, I’m copy/pasting this from my personal journal. I’m actually on Day 7. Ok: Woke up at 7. Feel good! Still somewhat bloated. Bummer. Want that flat stomach back. Actually got up around 9.(Mike works nights so I end up on his schedule a bit, and I often lounge around in bed surfing on my laptop while he sleeps) Didn’t want any juice yet. Around 10 I made a 1-1/2 LARGE carrot, 2 apple, celery juice with the Psyllium. We sold our horse trailer today. It was very exci ...   read more

day 4 - Pluggin' along!   12 y  
Day 4
Day 4, Sun April 25th - Alarm woke me up at 4:30 but I fell back to sleep and got the final wakeup from some jerk outside at 7:30. Slept great( no alcohol or weed). Oh, btw, I only use weed sometimes at night because I’m a chronic insomniac and it really does help. Just for the record I HATE being stoned. I could never smoke during the day. I had dreams. Sex last night hurt, however. Right where my ovaries are located. Not good. Feel good this morning. Bit of head hunger, easy to deal with (last night was hard) but positive feeling. At 9:30 Had a pretty good sized carrot, grapefruit apple ...   read more

Day 3 - nothing much to report   12 y  
Day 3 - nothing much to report
Day 3, Sat April 24th - got woken up by my phone alarm at 4:30 then couldn’t get back to sleep. BUT FELT GREAT. Got outta bed at 7:30 feeling great and made French Toast for kids. Almost had myself talked into a cup of coffee but then decided I really didn’t want it. Made an apple, carrot, grapefruit juice. Diluted it a little. About 45 mins later felt a rush of TIREDNESS. WHY? Too high in sugar, I guess. Couple hrs later, thinking about FOOD I decided to offset the jittery morning juice with vegetable juice to see the difference. Celery, carrot, beet greens, 1 apple, and almost an entire ...   read more

Day 2- not so great   12 y  
Day 2 - not too good
Day 2, Fri April 23rd - 2:30pm Was up until 2:30am with a very sick husband and son. My daughter had a serious virus the day before I began this and it hit both of the guys early afternoon/evening. Didn’t get good sleep and woke up thinking I had what they had. My stomach had been gurgling (like theirs) and I was achy all day with a bad headache but it never turned into the violent vomiting illness they all had. Am I in Detox? Already? Feeling bad so I made a 12oz juice of carrot, orange and apple. Took a long time to drink it. Went through some serious head hunger, and I didn’t want ...   read more

Juice Fast   12 y  
Beginning again, for a much better reason
Day 1, Thurs April 22nd 2010 - Currently it’s April 28th and this is my 7th day on my juice fast. However I began this journal privately on the 22nd and just now decided to post it here. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve been glued to these CureZone blogs and I really do think they help. Dazzle’s Blog was wonderful! story begins like this: I went to see my Gyn on the 22nd for a routine exam and when I got on the scale it read 150. At this point I should probably tell you I’m a 5’5” 50 year old woman...who is apparently overweight. When I stepped off that scale I ...   read more


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