120 days of Juice
by CabbageLover

Winter is just too hard for Juicing   14 y  
Ok I still havent started juicing yet. Its cold and its wet, and I just cant start. I have juice in the morning and for lunch, but when I get home in the evening I just want something hot. I will put this on hold until the winter is over I think.   visit the page

Day 17 to 21 - Eating   14 y  
Day 16 - 21
Ok so I didnt stay on plan. Have been eating for the last couple of days, but I am not giving up. I will start again tomorrow with my juicing. This time lets see how far I get. I am not going to beat myself up because I havent started again. I will take this as a learning experience, and be more careful next time to keep to my goals. My exam is in 4 weeks time, and I really feel good when juicefeasting, so I were thinking of trying to juice feast until after the exam. I feel so light, my mind is clearer, and I concentrate better, so many reasons to stay on the juicing. I find i ...   read more

Day 16 - Eating day 6   14 y  
Day 16
The juicing didnt start today. Oh well tomorrow is another day.   visit the page

Day 15 - Eating day 5   14 y  
Day 15
I am so looking forward to tomorrow, starting my juice feasting again. I had my last meal tonight and will fast until tomorrow night, when I will make a beautiful juice again. I might even go longer than 10 days for this ”hit”, will just wait and see. Going to start off with cabbage and carrot. Yammy!!!   visit the page

Day 14 - Eating day 4   14 y  
Day 14
Had a nice relaxing day today. Tomorrow is my last day eating, and I am looking forward to it, but mainly because I know I will start juice feasting again after that. Were already working out what I will have for my first juice, definitely celery and cucumber. But first, tomorrow is bacon and egg for breakfast, flax seed bread and cheese for lunch and a small piece of steak and veggies for dinner.   visit the page

Day 13 - Eating day 3   14 y  
Day 13
I am not hungry tonight. Should I eat or not? I had a slice of flax seed bread with cheese and tuna for lunch and that pretty much filled me up. I am not mentioning the two glasses of water I just drank... flax seed makes you thirsty. Well I know now that I should not eat tuna too tomorrow, just have the bread and the cheese would be enough. Being able to eat has also curb my weekend cravings. The fact is that I love flax seed bread with cheesybite and cheese. I love it so much that I have been looking forward to it since Ive decided to eat the five days in between my juice feas ...   read more

Day 12 - Eating day 2   14 y  
Day 12
Today was kind off busy, but not really. One of those days were you know you did something but cant show anything for it. I had some of those beautiful vegetable soup again, and am quite content. Tomorrow morning its soaked prunes for breakfast, flax seed toast and tuna for lunch, and for dinner some vegetable soup with a little bit of meat added. I am a meat eater, not a big one, but it is not something that I will give up. Looking forward to the weekend knowing I can eat.   visit the page

Day 11 - Eating day 1   14 y  
Day 11
I just had the most beautiful vegetable soup. Tomorrow is the same - grapefruit and then the leftover vegetable soup of tonight. I am glad I made the decision to do 5 days eating in between, it surely broke the boredom, I am already beginning to look forward to the next 10 days of juice feasting. But first another 4 days of eating.   visit the page

Day 10 - Juice 10 of 1 - Some changes   14 y  
Day 10
So Ive thought a while about going the full 120 days juice feasting, and have come up with an alternative. My reasons for not trying to go as far as possible is numerous, but I think boredom is certainly on the top. What made me start to think about changing the plan is, I only had juice this morning, I just dont feel like juice. Same yesterday and I had to force myself to drink the juice. My new plan is as follows: 10 Days - Veggie juicing 5 Days - Light eating then the cycle start again, until I have reached my 120 days juice feast. I think this is more attainable for me and wi ...   read more

Day 9 - Juice 9 of 1 - Still going...   14 y  
Day 9
So I am still at it. I feel very proud of myself, and keep motivating myself with positive thoughts. Today feels like day 3 of a water fast- which make sense because they say that a juice feast have the same effects but takes longer. I didnt had any appetite for my juice tonight, but I had to make juice for tomorrow. Got the juicer out and made the juice but only had a 1/4 of what I usually have in the evenings. Still on celery and carrot, tomorrow I will change again. I am still feeling good, somewhat less energy, but not so that I couldnt get through the day. Going to bed earl ...   read more

Day 8 - Juice 8 of 1 - Not much to say.   14 y  
Day 8
Monday busy at work so not a lot of time for anything else. Juice today was celery and carrot.   visit the page

Day 7 - Juice 7 of 1 - So very green.   14 y  
Day 7
I found a bunch of celery that was really dark green today when shopping. Now my juice is so green that I had to dilute it more than normal with water, otherwise it just taste too .... green. As you can guess its celery and cucumber tonight. Things are still going well, my energy levels are about the same I think. Thank goodness the weekend is over, weekdays are so much better to stay on plan and keep my thoughts occupied. Here is to another week!!!   visit the page

Day 6 - Juice 6 of 1 - The act of eating.   14 y  
Day 6
Today I missed the act of eating. I wasnt hungry, I just missed the ”ritual” - the way you sit down look at the food - take up your fork/spoon - and select the first piece - chewing - swallowing - selecting the next piece... I guess it didnt help me having to go to the mall - looking at contented people sitting at tables with coffee and muffins talking to each other. Still on cabbage and carrot. Will have to go to the shop tomorrow and buy veggies.   visit the page

Day 5 - Juice 5 of 1 - Fridays...   14 y  
Day 5
Issnt it always hard to keep to eating promises on Fridays and weekends. Its always that little voice that say, ... but you’ve been good the whole week, so just one - just one - just one - just one - little, tiny, just one bite .... wont do any harm. And most of the time we listen, and have a lot off tiny little bites. Well this is one Friday I didnt give in. I did went to the shop but only to buy some carrots. My cabbage and carrot juice was beautiful, so I am quite happy with myself. I still got 1/2 cabbage left so that would be on the menu tomorrow night too. Yammy!! I rea ...   read more

Day 4 - Juice 4 of 1 - Making changes.   14 y  
Day 4
So today I’ve gone and cut my hair. My hair was quite long, past shoulder length, and now its ”boy’s cut”, but its all good. Ive been thinking for a while about what I want to do with my hair, and today it just ”clicked” it should be short. Does the juice feasting have anything to do with it? I think so, I got more energy and am feeling better about myself, which in turn probably made me feel I should change something else too. Tonight I had cauliflower and a cucumber, but the cauliflower didnt give as much juice as I wanted. In the end I’ve juiced two carrots too. Taste very nice ...   read more

Day 3 - Juice 3 of 1 - Time flies!   14 y  
Day 3
I can almost call it a day again, and today was basically the same as yesterday - uneventful. It doesnt feel like day 3 at all, it still feels like day 1, not sure why because usually when I fast the time feels like its going slower than normal. I feel good, it does feel like I have a little bit more energy. One of my problems is that I am always tired, I think I am addicted to sleep. I am very curious to know how my energy levels will be tomorrow. Juice tonight was Celery with small amount of apple. I didnt really want to use the apple but wanted to save the carrots for tomorr ...   read more

Day 2 - Juice 2 of 1 - Drink up...!!   14 y  
Day 2
I dont have much to say about today, except for - uneventful. Juice for tonight was Broccoli, courgettes and carrots, tasted ok, and color looked better than yesterday.   visit the page

Day 1 - Juice 1 of 1 - Fun (not) with leaves...   14 y  
Day 1
Ok I can almost call it a day. I use the Solostar to make my juice, and were told that the juice can be kept for a couple of hours before drinking it. My first test for this was lunchtime, I can report that the juice tasted the same as last night - maybe just a bit cold of being in the fridge all the time, the water I added didnt help that much to bring the temp down. The bottle I kept it in, was off course filled to the brim to make sure there is the minimum amount of air to prevent oxidation. The plan is to juice mainly vegetables, no fruit, except for a maybe a slice of apple he ...   read more

The Start - Day 0   14 y  
Day 0
Ok I begin tomorrow, well really today - I had my last meal an hour ago and dont plan to eat anything until I go to bed. Tomorrow its juice feasting for me. I have put my aim as 120 days, but I dont want to bind myself to that, if for any reason I have to break it, then that would be ok too.   visit the page


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