Sick and tired of being sick and tired
by t123

Struggling with "Survival Mode"   13 y  
Struggling with past survival issues towards eating
As a kid I grew up dirt poor. A lot of time we had nothing to eat. I would search the house looking for anything to eat. I called this Ēsurvival modeĒ. Because all I could think about was food, how to get food, where to find food. I find that I have been struggling with this these past two days while trying to fast, the Ēsurvival modeĒ has come back. I know that I am purposely fasting, but feel like I did when I was little and had no food. I have been searching my cabinets and fridge to find anything edible I can still eat. I got rid of most of everything prior to fasting. I ended up eat ...   read more

Day 1 of Fasting   13 y  
Resumed fasting, need to do a long one but will see...
Finally resumed fasting. Need to do a long fast of 20 days or more. Feel weak walking up stairs and have this short chest tightness/stiffness here and there. SW:239 CW:235   visit the page

hypothyroidism   13 y  
now fasting for hypothyroidism too
My doctor wants me to get a thyroid test. He thinks I might have hypothyroidism. I scheduled the test for next week. I looked it up and have a lot of the symptoms. Which might explain why itís been difficult for me to lose any weight even when I eat strictly and why I feel terrible. I feel frustrated. I guess I should do a long fast and see if it can straighten out my hypothyroidism. I donít want to be put on a bunch of medications. Starting a fast again tomorrow. Today I just had some brown rice, no oils or fat added.   visit the page

Ate something but will resume fasting   13 y  
Messed up but not giving up yet
Yep. I was overcome with boredom and I ate some potatoes and hummus I had sitting in my fridge, I know thatís not a good way to break a fast, but itís only been two days. Iím really disappointed in myself but will not give up yet. Continuing on with my fast. SW:239 CW:232   visit the page

Day 2 of Fasting   13 y  
Still trucking despite insomnia
No appetite. Went to sleep and woke up thinking I slept a long time and but looked at the clock and only 3 hours had passed. Have these deep depressions under my eyes I guess from not getting enough sleep that look scary. Not ready to give up yet. SW:239 CW:232   visit the page

Day 1 of Fasting   13 y  
Down to 234. Feel sad.
No appetite rested but have not been able to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours straight at a time. In a blue mood. I really want to do this, so Iím pushing through. SW:239 CW:234   visit the page

Ready to fast   13 y  
no appetite and ready to fast.
I have no appetite and feel pretty determined. I ate some of the last of my food today because I didnít want it to go to waste even though I didnít feel like eating. Itís going to be hard drinking just water for a long time. I am so used to only drinking diet sodas or flavored drinks. Itís also a good time for me to fast. I am not working right now and can rest if I need to. I know some of the weight I lose will come back once I start eating again, but think itís interesting to post weight loss anyway, since I am so overweight. Starting Weight:239   visit the page

About   13 y  
I'm starting out by having lemon water for a while first, then will ease into just water.
I have started eating a natural vegan diet, not perfectly, sometimes I slip up but most of the time Iím eating right. I lost 10 pounds slowly changing my diet (but need to lose about 100). The problem is I canít get over my addiction to diet coke. Itís not just a caffeine addiction itís more than that. I get sad and irritable if I donít have it in a while then when I give in a drink it I feel elated, then crash. And go in this cycle. So I am going to do a fast to get rid of my diet coke addiction. I want to do a long one but wonít make it arbitrary. Iím starting out by having lemon wate ...   read more


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Fasted before in the past. Wasnít easy. But feel I need to fast once again to get back on track. more...

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