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No More Carb Exclusion! I'm going VEGAN, baby!!!   9 y  
Juice Fasting Success
So... quick but important post. I had been trying the ketogenic diet (meat, fish, fats, no carbs) for the past three months. My motivation to lost weight was, and still is, sky high. Could not be higher. But, for some reason (which I thought was motivation/discipline-related), I could not sustain more than five days or so at a time without carbs. I was also feeling íacidicí -- hard to summarise quickly. But thatís what it was. I was craving vegetables --- salads. Constantly, almost. The days where I ate only plain meat (e.g. one steak) were many, and they gave me an extreme feeling ...   read more

Down 10.2lbs   9 y  
"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." - Mary Oliver
Hey guys...  Took a few little breaks from the protein only, eating salads and otherwise pretty normally for a few days at a time. This was unintentional. Have been doing protein only pretty well for seven days straight now, in strong ketosis, and overall i am down 10.2 lbs, at 155.8.   Looking straight ahead to the 140ís (gonna begin bikram yoga), the 130ís, the 120ís (oh holy sweet days) and my final goal, 110.   Learning to cook attractive and appetising dishes has been perhaps the most major factor in my success heretofore.   Wil ...   read more

Down 4.7lbs   9 y  
I'm in the grind. It's the end results that are nice, not necessarily the process.
Down to 161.3 now. By eating some small meals of fish (+taking small nibbles from great cheese if feeling the need), and twice daily coffee enemas. Drinking lots of water, too. Today, back to work at the piano. I am finding the Essene Gospel of Peace to be of immense instructional and motivational and spiritual aid during this process. iíve downloaded an audio version from itunes that iím gonna listen to, now, cycling to my studio. When I slim down enough Iím gonna start back at Bikram Yoga, which I adore. I really donít enjoy it if Iím too fat though. Itís tough, emotionally, ...   read more

Back! Some years later!   9 y  
I seek the Lord
I return :) At a weight of 166 lbs. I have had a marvellous time since last posting, including travel opportunities that I almost never dreamt of :) I have also learnt Transcendental Meditation, which has helped me greatly in times of stress, and I believe I have grown greatly as a person in terms of accepting myself and in terms of self-love. I have come back as I am embarking on twelve weeks of a ketogenic diet (as before) in order to reach a weight of 110lbs. I hope to update regularly here. The method is the same as ever: a protein-only diet (well, including some fat and some ve ...   read more

Tuesday 12th July   12 y  
The way to find your true self is by recklessness and freedom. - Brenda Ueland
    Although I havenít been writing daily, Iím still going full steam ahead, and still losing weight :) For two days my weight stalled, and even went up 0.2 lb, despite a liver cleanse on Saturday night, and Bikram yoga on Sunday.. so yesterday, Monday, I fasted on water only all day, and again, went to yoga.. this morning, a loss of 2.2 lb from before.. FANTASTIC! :) I had been eating cheese and salad, thatís why my weight had stalled. If you eat plain protein, thereís really no two ways about it; your weight goes down. Anyway. A dayís fasting like that gets the b ...   read more

Sat. 9th July   12 y  
Man is not free to refuse to do the thing which gives him more pleasure than any other conceivable action. - Stendhal
  Lost 0.6 lbs yesterday.. so now at 146.2. Cool that itís dropping :)   Didnít do a liver cleanse last night. Went to yoga without eating at all, and had such a brilliant class that the thought of fasting and taking salts, etc. afterwards felt like a needless punishment. I donít think it was a bad decision not doing the cleanse. Bikram yoga is a cleanse in itself, anyway. In +++ ketosis yesterday evening, and ++ this morning. Eat a bunch of brazil nuts (150g) late last night, after a salad -again, not perfectly ideal!   So, today is saturday, and there is a r ...   read more

Friday 8th July   12 y  
Make your own recovery the first priority in your life. - Robin Norwood
Hmm.. no weight loss today. Weighed in at exactly the same as I did yesterday. No problem - as long as itís not going up in any way! Going to yoga in an hour or so. Gonna go on a totally empty stomach - havenít eaten yet. Last night I had some salad with buffalo mozarella and pesto. Not good, really. I actually eat it mostly cos I was feeling low after a row with.. whatíll we say.. someone close to me. Hmmm. One very cool thing about being on a restrictive diet like this, though, despite last night, is that it mostly stamps out emotional eating. And the whole proetin/ketosis thing me ...   read more

Thursday 7th July   12 y  
"All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel heat strike the skin, a delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under the flesh." - Doris Lessing
Just a very quick post. Lost 1.8 lbs since yesterday. At 146.8 this morning. Have upped the walking to 6.4km per day, with nicki minaj in my ipod helping me along! Feels great! In +++ ketosis. Back tomorrow. Peace! :)   visit the page

Wednesday 6th July 2011   12 y  
"The happy life depends on very little." - Marcus Aurelius
Was a bit delayed in beginning. But have started now. Took salts on Monday night to start me off, then fasted (water only) on tuesday, and did a liver cleanse tuesday night. Now itís wednesday evening: have eaten a couple of boiled eggs so far today, only. Monday I weighed 151 lbs (i cry, i cry..)..... this morning, down to 148.6. Also have walked 5km yesterday, 6+km today, and went to bikram yoga last night. Doing as much exercise as I can, without pushing it too much, to keep me sane and energized. Taking supplements, going on my zen chi machine, and doing coffee enemas, too. ...   read more

Friday 1st July 2011   12 y  
ďIt is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.Ē - Seneca
When I look back over my previous entries I realise what a strong place I was in then. I never shifted those extra ten pounds I put up.. So thatís why Iím back. I do kind of feel like crying at the thought of the challenge ahead - but thatís just probably all the oestrogen floating around inside me now! At least, thatís what my naturopath would say! However sad and weak I feel now, I KNOW that those feelings disappear after the first initial few days of detoxing. I know that by, say, Monday, Iíll be feeling on top of the world. So theyíre the thoughts Iím reaching for. Tonight ...   read more

ok, i'm back   13 y  
here i am again! i am back, and freshly inspired. Wish me luck. Just about to weigh myself now, for the first time in months.. not scared, but happy that i am on this track again. Liver cleanse tonight, for the first time in 6 weeks. Yoga today, or tomorrow, again, for the first time in 6 weeks. Here goes. ...144.0 lb. f*&%ing hell!!!!!!!!! Last time i weighed myself i was TEN POUNDS lighter! and you know what,i havenít been eating all that bad. No wheat (almost), no sugar (almost). I suppose itís that i havenít been exercising at all, combined with comfort eating (though ...   read more

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