Eradicating fear, reaching for the skies!
by dontstopdreaming

Eliminating all my bad habits in 30 days!   13 y  
I know what I have to do...
I know what I have to do, but itís hard. But this time Iím more focused and motivated. I will do everything I know for detoxifying my body and mind, for just 30 days! At least that motivates me a little more. But I want to eliminate all these toxins and toxic habits and thoughts, for all eternity. So if I just focus at these things for 30 days, no matter how I feel: I will succeed! I will get out of all this mess! And I will be able to go through with my tight plan for creating my game development team/company. For the first 10 days I will eliminate all destructive thoughts and ha ...   read more

Deciding for a simpler life.   13 y  
I'm trying to cover everything, and describing my vision.
Nope, I didnít do the cleanse. I simply never truly felt like it, even though I had planned it and designed it rationally. I lacked motivation like usual. In my last update I felt the need to abolish all thoughts of my specific projects. But I didnít do that at all. It was easy to say it, but difficult to apply. Some days after my last update here on CZ I truly decided to create my own game development team. At first I planned to create my programming tool for making a very efficient game development team. But now Iím starting a more simple team right away, to get some experience be ...   read more

Restarting! Truly starting.   13 y  
Dedication to the project of purifying my mind and body.
I am restarting this project of changing my mind. I become distracted so easily, but I have also learned that itís relatively easy for me to stay focused if I just push myself for a while. Now, my specific projects donít matter. AT ALL! I stray so easily from the goal of just developing my mind, if I focus at specific projects. I will strengthen the positive qualities / virtues by focusing at developing them separetedly. I must truly dedicate myself to allign my goals, and get my mind back on track! This means itís time for purification. I will start a cleanse. I will prepare my mind ...   read more

So far so good.   13 y  
Now that I put time to relax I feel a lot more satisfied with myself, and I know that I at least did my best with what I had and knew.
When I was making a mind map of what to focus on to increase the vitality of the body and mind, I realized how much knowledge really I lack! So I started searching for this knowledge on the web, but as I searched I slipped back into bad habits, and was side-tracked, and not actively searching for the specific knowledge I needed. And the day after I was mapping my mathematical knowledge, and pretty much the same thing happened. That was just stupid, I should have focused, just for the first day I should have focused completely. Today: You could say that I am a programmer, a game p ...   read more

Specifying the course! (the essentials)   13 y  
A lot of different things.
What is important in the first stages is to get the powerful motivation -- achieving specific things isnít that important. Though specific achievements, even small ones can get you into the cycle of improvement, and strengthening of virtues. I have gained a very important virtue this past year and a half, a proven virtue, that is not just some fuzzy concept, but it can be applied to almost any activity. It is called: patience! Immediate results are still desirable, but there is no reason to hurry. Things can be planned and organized, and results can be achieved more efficiently if you ...   read more

Setting the course! (the bare essentials)   13 y  
I will take control, full responsibility! Removing all these useless habits, fears and desires!
Freedom is what I want. I have decided that this state of freedom that I visualize is worth risking everything for! Freedom, health and happiness is not so far away now. I can set aside the useless desire for comfort for this. What I wonít risk is my health. Diet: I will be fasting most of the day, increasing the solidity of my food towards the end of the day -- beginning with water, tea, ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), and then fruit juices (for a quick manic-energy boost), and then vegetable juices, and then fruit smoothies, and then perhaps fruit, and then my own raw nut milk, and the ...   read more


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I have decided, now I will just keep going! Iím dedicating myself to an exciting life, free of fear! more...

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