Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup
by Juniper Berry

Finally! An update!   17 y  
I'm ready to share some thoughts about my experience!
Hello all. It’s been a long time since I posted, so I will add this quick update to my blog for everybody’s benefit. Several of you have e-mailed, and I apologize for not responding. I have had mixed feelings about where I chose to get my work done. I have run the emotional gammut, and I needed some time to let my feelings settle. I’m ready to share a bit now about my experience. I chose Dr. Morales for my dental revision because his office could do it all in one day (with a follow up for adjusting my bite) and prepare me well with the on-site massage, and I could get the vitamin ...   read more

The Massage   18 y  
This massage was one of the all-time highlights of my life!
On-going Symptom Log I walked 3/4 of a mile today on the treadmill and tolerated it considerably better than before. My extremities didn’t swell up as badly and I didn’t get quite so lightheaded. I’ve lost five pounds since the removal. Of course, my diet has been rather sparse and mostly liquid, so I’m not getting nearly the calories that I did before. This is a good thing for me, a very good thing. I was about 25 lbs overweight, in my opinion. Actually, I’m near the upper end of the normal range for my age, height, and body type. I’d like to be where I was twenty years ago. Un ...   read more

Symptom Log   18 y  
A log of my symptoms four days post-removal.
Symptom Log My dental cleanup was done four days ago, and I have not needed any pain meds of any kind. I had some severe cramping in the usual spot (splenic flexure) the day after my removals, several hours after I had eaten. That pain was quickly relieved by lying down for a few minutes. All of the pre-wheatgrass supplement pains revisited me, including the breast pain because although I took four servings of my wheatgrass shakes to eat on my trip, I only ate one during my four day trip. All of that pain has now passed for the most part. Since I had so little going into my body, I ...   read more

I'm BACK!!   18 y  
First installation of my dental cleanup diary details!
As I said earlier, I got an emotional missile dropped into my lap the week before my amalgam removal. This overwhelming stress, combined with the excitement of flying to my big appointment, caused me to only be able to sleep for less than one hour the night before my flight. I did manage to situate some stop-gap measures so that I could have some peace of mind during my absence from home. But since I was not able to deal with the issues beforehand, they still await my attention; however, I feel much more capable of dealing calmly and rationally with the elephant that looms before me. A ...   read more

Signing off...for now.   18 y  
I will not post again until after my dental cleanup.
Saturday April 23, 2005 I just got a bomb dropped in my lap this week that has altered me forever. I am left with self-doubts and wounds that are so deep, I may never fully recover. This sort of a life-changing event also occurred several years ago when I read Lauren Stratford’s story in ”Satan’s Underground,” and if you read that book, you will understand. That book made me sick to my stomach, and the issue that came up this week has had the same effect on me. As I have seen the world with new eyes since reading that book, I now see with even starker clarity. I am grateful that I ...   read more

One...   18 y  
One week left to prepare! I'm so excited!
Only one more week to go!! I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Monday, April 18 As you know from my last post, I was sick for about three days last week with a bad cold. I am sure that it was not a healing crisis, but was bad timing and poor judgement on my part. I walked past a hacking woman at the grocery store. The next evening, when I felt the beginnings of the illness (sore throat), I swabbed both of my ear canals with 3% hydrogen peroxide and drank 2 grams of vitamin C powder (Emergen-C). The next morning my throat was extremely sore mainly down the right side, so ...   read more

Two...(updated and complete)   18 y  
Thoughts about last week. My resolve to do better this week. My awesome hope for the future. A link to some pictures!
Well, I have nearly two more weeks to prepare for my big day. I am elated! I wish I was going today. I will continue with my protocol, but I will be more diligent about including more items everday. Last week, I only had garlic on four days. I had green tea four days and dandelion tea one day. I got sunshine three days. I rebounded five days. I had two coffee enemas and three hydrogen peroxide enemas. I had four infrared sauna sessions. I skin brushed four times. I had two P&B shakes. I had five days of complete supplements. I know that I can do better this coming week, and I will. ...   read more

Three...(updated and complete)   18 y  
Three weeks until my liberation from the ravages of the daily infusion of mercury! Here's my protocol...
My protocol for this week: ___________________________________________________________ The wheatgrass shake: (combine with juice of choice) ___________________________________________________________ Cal-Mag powder (citrates): 1 tsp of each Wheatgrass powder: 1 tablespoon Whey protein powder: 1/3 cup Ground flax seeds: 1 tablespoon vitamin E Glutamine powder Acidophilus Malic Acid Taurine Milk Thistle ______________________________________________________________ Individual supplements: ______________________________________________________________ Colloidal minera ...   read more

My Liver Flush (April 3, 2005)   18 y  
Here’s what happened leading up to and during and after my liver flush.
So, let’s talk about it. Yesterday, I woke up with the mindset that I was indeed going to flush. I drank a little water and had a nice cup of peppermint tea. Then I went to church. When I got home, my son and his friend were hungry, so I sent them to pick up some pizza, one for each of them and one for my husband later in the day. I knew I would be weak around the intoxicating aroma, so I grabbed a quick bite of my first of two apples and headed outside. Well, first I did a load of laundry, folded some towels, cleaned up my kitchen, and THEN I headed outside. Every once in a while, ...   read more

Should I or shouldn't I? (Sunday, April 3, 2005)   18 y  
Should I or shouldn’t I, that is the question. Yes, I shall do the dreaded liver flush--tonight!
Since I last posted (three days ago), I have been taking my liver herbs and eating more fresh veggies and fruits. I have also been eating some cooked food, but the most important thing, IMO is that I have upped my raw. I have continued to enjoy the sun, and even though today is overcast, I may still indulge in a nap outside under the clouds. I haven’t been getting as much sleep these past two nights as I usually do, and though I’ve been a little sleepy, I haven’t had to deal with the deep, deep tiredness that I usually have when I am sleep deprived. This tiredness usually manifests ...   read more

Travel plans finalized.   18 y  
This post talks a bit about how the diet changes have helped my sleep. I also list what I ate, what I did yesterday.
Today, March 31, 2005 I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. My body is already appreciating the stepped-up raw and diminished cooked foods. I only had a small amount of GB pain this morning. I am amazed at how much more easily I have been able to fall asleep these past few weeks, since I changed my diet in February! I wake up almost everyday feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. I sleep more peacefully and deeply without waking up three or four times in the night and struggling sometimes for hours to get back to sleep. I haven’t had nightmares for awhile. I didn’ ...   read more

Why Mexico??   18 y  
Why did I choose to go to Mexico for my dental cleanup? What are my symptoms?
So…why did I decide to go to Mexico to have my work done? Well, frankly, I’m pretty upset with the health care system in the United States. That includes dentistry. I have read that dentists in the US are making a killing off of amalgam replacements. Greed. It turns my stomach. From what I have read, dentists charge way more in the US than they do in Mexico. Why? Well, dentists in the US have to be constantly vigilant against lawsuits. So, they make it difficult to get the information that we as consumers need to make an informed decision. $350 for a consultation??? Just to find ...   read more

The Countdown Begins... (3/29)   18 y  
As I wait for my appointment, I will be doing a few things to prepare my mind and my body for the most important day of the rest of my life.
My appointment with Dr. Morales will occur in about a month. As I sit here and wait, I wonder why I didn’t make my appointment sooner. After all, I have poison in my mouth. I can taste and feel the metallic currents on the side of my tongue. I know that each day I wait is another day that 50 times the ”normal amount” of mercury (that would be released from my amalgams alone) is being released because I have a gold crown in my mouth as well. In other words, each day, I am receiving nearly two months’ worth of mercury into my system. So why did I wait? To prepare my body a little better ...   read more

Initial Contact with Dr. Morales's office   18 y  
I have made my initial contact with Dr. Morales's office and have obtained an appointment date of my choosing at the end of April. Now it's a matter of wait-and-see.
After several helpful e-mails with Torrie Crocker in San Diego (Bykerchyck) about Dr. Javier Morales’s dental work and a number of helpful, informative forum posts about Dr. Morales in Tijuana, Mexico, I have decided to go ahead and get an appointment with Dr. Morales to have my dental cleanup. I have five molar amalgam fillings, one gold crown atop a root canal, and four possible cavitation sites. I have elected to receive a preliminary lymphatic massage, IV conscious sedation, and the vitamin C IV drip. My appointment is at the end of April, 2005. I was not able to do much research ...   read more


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