Fasting Journal
by crispypear

day 2   13 y  
day 2 of fasting
itís day 2 of a new fasting attempt. gosh, iíve wallowed in misery for a month now; time to get up and get myself back together for spring when there will be wonderful, fresh fruit for my new eating habits. iím not feeling very pumped about this right now, to be honest, but the alternative is no good either. for now, iím just telling myself: i am safe in my fast from physical and emotional pain caused by overeating i will sleep comfortably at night i will wake up in the morning with lightness. it will take eight days to get back to my intermediate goal. thatís not that bad at all! ...   read more

day 1 - hump #1   13 y  
day one hump #1
In the vein of embracing the humps. Here comes the first one. Tempted by the breakfast spread and the feeling of emptiness in my tummy. On the other hand, I can feel my fingers and face swollen from yesterday, and whatís the point of binging on a few bagels if I wonít have any means at home to finish the binge? Another part of the plan, I forgot to mention, was that Iím setting a timer for three hours when I get a strong craving and then Iíll reconsider, but I take a three hour time out, initially   visit the page

Reboot : Day 1   13 y  
change is possible
Iím rebooting right away. I refuse to wallow in this despair any longer. I donít want to wear these fat clothes any longer. Iím restarting the fast. Modifications to make it work this time: Iím weighing in every day. I donít like being a slave to the scale and it became my enemy when I was refeeding and still trying to lose weight and in fact just maintaining (which is actually not bad), but when Iím fasting it should be fine, since the weight will, at least in the beginning continually go down. Iíll just have to grin and bear it if it gets sticky as it gets lower, and reevaluate at ...   read more

Because I want the twenty year miserable cycle to end   13 y  
I crashed at the end of day two. What a waste. All that effort. I should be glad of every hump that comes up, because the total number of humps will be finite and if I stick to it, eventually it will get easier.   visit the page

... on the edge ...   13 y  
day 2 - struggles
Iím constantly on the edge of disaster today, contemplating going home to get my credit cards to go out to buy food. (I specifically leave my wallet at home when I got to work these days so I wonít have the means to give in to temptation!) Just now, someone cheerfully announced that there are cupcakes for everyone to help themselves to. Oh gosssshhhhhhhhhh... really? Iím starting to feel the fatigue. Starting to feel draggy. Tomorrow is breakfast day at work, so there will be a big breakfast spread. But the good news is that I just figured out that Monday is a firm holiday, so I just h ...   read more

Got through day 1, on to day 2.   13 y  
day 2!
I want this to be my last fast, at least the last fast that I have to do for weight loss purposes. I need to lose about 15kg. Iím shooting for 30 days. The first 8kg should come off very quickly because itís really just a spike up from binging after eating really clean and maintaining around 52kg for a month. (This was after a fast.) I really donít enjoy fasting, but do like the effects: feeling cleansed and ready to be healthy. So, I got through day 1, which was not easy. I had three or four humps that I had to get over to get through. I was even lying in bed, after having put my baby t ...   read more


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The last time I want to fast: to get my to the weight where my body feels good to me and get rid of food addiction more...

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