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The Incredible Lightness of Being   9 y  
making it through day 5
Really, this whole Master Cleanse is just one HUGE exercise in mind over matter. Succeeding on it is 90% mental. So, how to succeed? I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. Keep realising that I am sleeping better, dreaming better, feeling better. I do feel light of spirit today, buoyant and happy. I fare so much better in the daytime, for some odd reason. No hunger, scads of energy, warm as toast (note the food analogy, ha). Last night I did feel hungry and chilled (weird, I’ve been mostly ok at night for the most part). Not the greatest motivators. Cold and hungry. Hungry and col ...   read more

Master Cleanse D4   9 y  
another day
I am not cold for some odd reason. Every other MC that I’ve done has found me shivering and chilly all of the time. I’ve had a moment here and a moment there of coldness, but nothing outside of the norm. No hunger aside from the once-in-a-while Pavlovian response when I smell food (a wee tummy growl). My tongue is gross, white and coated as though I’d been on some wild coffee-powered binge. This seems to happen early on for me and then clears a bit. Weird taste in my mouth. Lots of energy in spite of no caffeine. Different energy, not jittery and more even keeled throughout the day. I’v ...   read more

Day 3 MC   9 y  
easier and easier
Been a long day but a good one. Lots of energy, a great mood, able to focus. Easy going and a lot more tolerant of others, even those whose opinions vary greatly from mine which is something I’ve been working on for a while. Today, that tolerance was second nature. As mentioned before, I am a naturally sunny person but feel more so on the cleanse. What’s weird is that I haven’t felt that cold yet, aside from yesterday morning for about ten minutes. I had to drive to the office today (am in sales so normally I’m driving around selling things and on my own clock). Wow, they really love pi ...   read more

Day 2   9 y  
getting my head on straighter...
Made it through today with no glitches other than a moment of queasiness just after the salt water flush. My headache is gone, my mood is good and am feeling fairly non-plussed about any looming MC challenges. Last time I did a Master Cleanse I thought about food pretty much 24/7. I watched the Food Network like some kooky masochist and looked up recipes online, etc. No desire this time. I was in Whole Foods for work reasons and for lemons today and aside from my sense of smell being INSANELY enhanced, I was fine. I actually am starting to feel more focused than I’ve been in ages whi ...   read more

Master Cleanse Day 1   9 y  
Slowly, slowly...
Not a pretty day. The whole day has been moment-to-moment but I shall prevail. Physically: I have a splitting temporal headache that throbs and throbs and throbs along with some lightheadedness. Very light hunger (a 1 on a scale of 1-10)and a little queasiness from time to time. I know that the SWF in the morning will help with most of these issues. My eyes are glassy, but really, my eyes are always glassy. Mentally: I am a total space cadet every so often but seem to have a firm handle on things for the most part. I am definitely not as articulate as usual nor do I seem able to make ...   read more

The Last Hurrah   9 y  
I love writing titles to these blog entries almost as much as I like writing titles to books or plays I am going to write some day. The only one that I can think of right now is: ”Let Little Ardissy Sing.” I have no clue what the exact tale that comes after that title will be but the idea came to me from a story my Dad used to tell about Ardissy Kay Shackleford and her not-so-mellifluous voice. Anyway. The Last Hurrah was today. I really savoured everything I ate and nothing was off limits to me. Waiting for J to get home. We are having scallops and asparagus with some dessert for him. ...   read more

Master Cleanse on Wednesday   9 y  
no dilly-dallying!
I woke up this morning and decided to move up the first day of my Master Cleanse to Wednesday instead of Saturday. I just don’t want to wait any longer especially since I feel deep down (well, at every level, actually) that it’s the next logical step in my life. It just feels right to me. Pluses and minuses about doing the cleanse at this time in my life. The positives and negatives are really just flip sides of the same coin (isn’t it always as such?). I work full time (more than full time) now. Every other cleanse has found me working part time with lots and lots of time on my hands. ...   read more

Epsom salts are no taste treat   9 y  
I can assume that they are harsh on the system as well as being utterly gag-worthy. Bleggh. J and I did an easy to do liver flush last year but I no longer have the info about how to do it. Something with magnesium. Something without epsom salts. I am positive that I will never use epsom salts internally ever again. But. I did have a successful flush although I didn’t think it would be at first. 8 am was my last epsom/apple juice ”delight” and I am trying to feel settled enough to take a shower, if you catch my drift. Certainly won’t regale you with every last detail, but suffice it to ...   read more

Liver Cleanse Tonight   9 y  
Master Cleanse next week...
J and I are both doing it and I expect good results. YAY! I was at work all day today and around foods that are not part of the program. And made it through just fine. After much ado back and forth (and no it isn’t much ado about nothing), I’ve decided to do a Master Cleanse. I haven’t done one in 2 years (or somethng like that) and it’s just time. Why am I doing it? Well, to heal my body from all of the stress I went through last year, to gain mental clarity, to rest, for spiritual clarity as well. And, just to do it as an exercise in I-can-do-anythingism! So, I will start next Satu ...   read more

Gazing upward...   9 y  
Better to peek at the stars.
Awakened refreshed this morning, albeit a tad too early. Funny how a half hour of extra sleep (or less, for that matter) can make or break you. Even still, I was firing on all cylinders today...this in spite of my looming cycle. My thoughts turn again and again to the Master Cleanse and I debate back and forth about about going on one. As mentioned before, I love the way I feel whilst on it and my body/mind connection always lets me know when it’s time to stop. But. Sigh. I just am not confident about breaking it, and am dreading the slow down of my metabolism which is already snail-lik ...   read more

Mewling about   9 y  
I awakened at 4 am on the heels of some pretty intense insomnia that lasted from 1-3. Needless to say, I did not have restorative sleep but know that I shall tonight. Restless today with a feeling of dread (a feeling seldom if ever in my emotional repertoire) as though I were anxious for the other shoe to drop. I must have had some oddball dream because soon enough I felt like the ol’ me. Cardio at the gym at 6 am to clear my brain, all of my usual supplements as well as iodine (only 50 mg) and adrenal stuff. Eggs for breakfast with salad, grilled salmon for lunch with wakame salad and ...   read more

I feel gludgy today   9 y  
Slow and slower mentally
I’m sure that is not a word, but it’s how I feel. My body feels gluey and sludgy. Just a bit bogged down. Nothing horrid, a natural dip in my biorythyms. I want to do a cleanse. Well, I am doing a liver cleanse this weekend. But, what I really want to do is another Master Cleanse. I shan’t though. I never have the where-with-all to break my Master Cleanses properly. I just willy-nilly start eating lots of whatever I was craving during the cleanse. Usually, in my case, strawberries. Ha, go figure. So, my metabolism slowwwwwwwwwwwwwws way down and I can’t afford any more of that. See, ...   read more

No iodine but red glassy eyes   9 y  
this too shall pass
No roadmap either as to what to do. Am a smidge overwhelmed and suddenly TIRED the past few days. Seems worse since I went off of iodine. Having to eat smaller meals and no starchy carbs unless I want the ”valium effect.” Even then I fall asleep on the couch in the early evening, go to my bed with J at 1 and then up at 5. Blah blah blah. But, just since the iodine hiatus. My eyes are red and glassy and people ask me why. Am I tired? Um, yes, I think but tell them no. Am I ill? Shouldn’t I go to a doctor? Do I want Visine, an Advil, a pain pill (huh?). No, no, no, and no. My pale grey/bl ...   read more

A lb off isn't really weight loss   9 y  
not if it comes right back
It just doesn’t seem to matter what I do in terms of trying to lose weight. I work out, I create a calorie deficit, I am gluten free, I eat healthy fats, organic foods. I lose 1 lb and get excited only to have it return the next day with another ”friend.” So, how to approach this? I don’t know. Perhaps I just need to focus on how much better I feel without a ton of starchy carbs in my life. Maybe I need to realise that my clarity (for the most part) and lack of brain fog is a boon. It would probably serve me well not to beat myself up over something that is seemingly out of my control.. ...   read more

Good and bad   9 y  
More good than bad
A brief hiatus from Iodine supplementation until after my liver cleanse next week. Haven’t had any since Wednesday. My eyes are less red but my calves itch (like they did pre-iodine). Interesting. Apparently I am re-entering puberty with 3 zits (bromine?) on my face. Ugggh. All other supps are cool. Am taking vitamins A (cod liver oil), C, E, B complex, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, CoQ10, Selenium and probiotics. And, for my adrenal issues, Adrenergize and 7-Keto. I feel really great. Happy, buoyant, giggly, teasing, hopeful and positive. No more dairy! It’s been 3 weeks and it’s just this wee ...   read more

I had the worst attitude today   9 y  
but now am sunny
I felt overwhelmed with everything. Work stuff, a minor car issue that is fine but required a call to my insurance company as well as dealing with some droid-ish adjuster who seemed a smidge contentious with me, the insured. Ahhhh, well. Onward and upward. I overcame it all (even my out-and-out whininess!) but felt a little stressy and honestly forgot to eat since breakfast. Just had an apple snack and will make some wilted kale and salmon for dinner. It’s time to stop SAYING I am going to go back to regular meditation and chanting and just do it like Nike. Even a short meditation wo ...   read more

It's all tied together   9 y  
these bodies we inhabit
And, it freaks me the hell out. Our bodies, I mean. Every single organ is intertwined with the others. Jeeeeez. I seem to be showing some signs (although not a lot) of liver congestion with my red eyes. Am sure my menstrual issues are tied in as well. My liver is prolly so tied in with trying to filter out the extra estrogen (xenoestrogens abound in this modern day world) that it doesn’t have the oomph to filter out fats or bromines or what not. So, apples all week, bowel cleansing and parasite cleansing and either next weekend (or the weekend after, who knows) I shall do a flush with J ...   read more

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