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Easy Going...   9 y  
easy does it
I feel good today. Mood is up, up, up and energy is as well. Not bad for just after 7 am in the morning and deprived of coffee. Surely, this augers well for the rest of the day. Pulsing back on iodine. I shall be the red-eyed monster (which is better than the green-eyed one, although thankfully jealousy isnít in my emotional repertoire). And, my irises grow ever clearer and more intensely grey/green/blue. I need to find something less damaging to help my eyes stay clear (visine does NOT come to mind). Body temp is good, for the most part, with a dip into the lower ranges every once in a ...   read more

My head is just splitting   9 y  
but this too shall pass
I havenít a clue whether itís from iodine supping (bromine detox, anyone?) or because my job becomes incrementally more stressful with every passing day. I wanted to pulse off of iodine supping yesterday but the dayís emotions had their way with me and I took supplements purely by rote. So, tomorrow I am iodine free. We shall see. As for my job? Every day there is a crisis, a fire that needs putting out metaphorically, every day there is something else that I simply must sell, every week my job security is dangled over my head like a performance based sword of Damocles. Usually I laugh ...   read more

Hard to believe it's been a year   9 y  
since my Dad died
And oddly, a lot of my fatigue and energy issues started when my Father died a year ago today. He was such a cool guy. A Pathfinder at Normandy in WW2, an enormously charming, bright, witty and funny man who had a way with words in the sincerest and caring of all manner. He was a people-whisperer (and a damn good dog whisperer too). In his later years he became the most positive person Iíve ever known. Not in a Pollyanna sort of way, but because he believed that life was meant to be fun, to be lived, to be savoured. He wrote for TV when TV had a little more to say. Shows before my ti ...   read more

Through the roof with energy today   9 y  
in spite of stresses everywhere
In spite of a longggggg day of work meetings and will-calling product for clients, energy is abounding. The weirdness of the day is my lack of appetite. I can only assume that itís on the heels of the toxic dump into my liver the other day from an insane niacin flush. Mood is up, up, up. Connecting well with people and myself. I took all of my usual supplements AND my temp is a lovely 98.4. YES!Now if I can just get a little weight off of my hiney. Ha.   visit the page

Insomnia reared its ugly head   9 y  
but sleep ultimately prevailed
I awakened at 3:30 am to the unmistakable droning rah-rah sound of a TV pitchman. J had apparently fallen asleep with the tv blaring and somehow I incorporated some get-rich quick real estate scheme that some con artist was espousing into my dream landscape. I guess I snapped to when said con man was shouting directly into the camera and...voila. Unable to return to sleep-land. Up at 4, downed a cuppa green tea, an adrenal glandular, some iodine and took my temp. Not great at 97, but certainly ok. By 5 I was chilly but didnít want to turn on the heat so toddled off to use Jís body heat ...   read more

Sunshine   9 y  
no rain!!! Metaphorically too.
It was a good day today for me in all regards. Blue skies with a few white fleeced clouds, hawks abounded (3 stunning Red Tailed Hawks and 1 Coopers Hawk). Felt even better than yesterday. Where the hell have I been? Itís nice to be back, nicer still to have energy and not feel as though I could lie down and sleep for hours, days, or months at any given moment. Humour comes easily to me when I feel good. I joke and laugh with people and my interactions are easy and fun and silly. Yes, itís why I had a successful sales day. I just expected it, knew that they would laugh at my silliness a ...   read more

I am a new woman today   9 y  
not the draggy wretch of yore
Wow. Who would have thought I would feel so amazingly great today given how crappy I felt yesterday. I am clear headed, feel as though my energy levels are nicely topped off and have zero fatigue. I was dragging myself around (barely) yesterday and fell asleep at 8 pm. Honestly, I havenít felt this ALIVE in ages. I donít even remember feeling this good in at least the last year, or so. Plus, I donít feel all jacked up from caffeine, so that is even weirder for me to have energy that comes from me and isnít manufactured briefly by caffeine or ephedra. I can push through future detoxes ...   read more

Awakened this morning with a splitting   9 y  
Ugggh. Hopefully, this will go soon. Having a hard time focusing, being, relaxing into myself.   visit the page

The Iodine Supplement Forum Soothes Me   9 y  
inspires me, elevates me
After this intense day of DETOX (hey, who cares if itís from caffeine, bromine or what-have-you, itís detox) I was feeling worried that I am destined to feel like crap for the rest of my life. The waves of detox are maddening and coupled with getting off of coffee, I may just hold up the local Starbucks for a grande cappucino. I hate this headache at the base of my head, the throbbing behind my ears. The hesitancy to eat because it makes me even more tired. My eyes which burn, burn, burn. No depression, the only emotional thingie has been this sense of disassociation that comes and goes ...   read more

Red eyes, I look like someone   9 y  
from another world...
Itís been a weird day so far. Pulsing on at the moment at 100 mgs iodine for the day. My eyes look otherworldly as though I could act on one of those vampire series and not need special contact lenses. Red and this odd sort of glassy. Makes my grey green eyes look pretty strange (they get greyer and greener the more I do this...the last little flecks of gold are diminishing). I worked out, yay. Came home and ate breakfast, took some supps (iodineís companion supps, vites that help the adrenal cascade) and then promptly took a half hour nap. Truth be told, I could go lie down right now a ...   read more

The Time Has Come   9 y  
to give my best
I started cutting down on coffee today and will be completely weaned off of it by next Saturday. If I donít sound excited about it, Iím not. See, Iíve done it before and the headaches havenít been the funnest. íCourse, once I get from here to there and am caffeine free...voila! As though cutting out caffeine werenít enough, I am also waving au revoir to whipping cream (I used it in my coffee, unwhipped of course). This morningís meagre cuppa had no cream. Brings to mind that little whippety kid in the movie ĒOliverĒ who holds his empty tin bowl up shakily and implores, ĒPlease Sir, I wa ...   read more

Bad day at Black Rock   9 y  
Eh, not that bad, just a good blog entry title
I thought my cycle was going to be easy and I was wrong. Itís actually worse than usual (and itís been bad for a while). I have been a little lax with what I eat/drink and havenít been taking my DIM and voila, heavy cycle. Just going to push through and continue with iodine. I would like to cut out the Queen of All Estrogenic beverages, coffee. From what I read, organic or not, itís highly estrogenic plus your liver has a difficult time filtering it. My fear is that if I give up coffee I wonít be able to function because of messed up adrenals (yes, I know that they are even more messed ...   read more

Made it through another day   9 y  
Oof, what an odd 24 hours itís been. A lot of emotional stuff has come up on the heels of a tremendous fight with my Mother. And, itís draining. I slept poorly last night, fitful sleep rife with anxiety as well as a boyfriend who seems to snore regardless of his sleep position and in spite of repeated soft kicks to his calves. Still, I awakened with (drum roll, please!) a temp of 98.2 and within a half hour it was 98.6. Ta-frikkin-da! I seem to be semi fatigued until the adrenal pills kick in and then tired again when itís time for round two on said pills. So, one wonders, is it thyroid ...   read more

Back to iodine today   9 y  
hello red eyes
Slept poorly. Frantic work dreams infused my dream landscape. I woke up a few times thinking I had actually been experiencing what I had just dreamed. Finally tore myself from my bed at 5 am feeling as though I had just worked for 7 hours instead of slept. Back to iodine after a couple of days off. Think the pulsing is a great idea. Just not myself today, although I havent any clue who I am. My eyes should be a nice red by later today. Wonder what causes that?? Anyhoo, am sure my energy will improve as the day goes on. Well, relatively sure, anyway.   visit the page

Just like valium...   9 y  
only sweeter
I could blame it on my PMS. But, if I was going to be completely honest I would say that I distinctly heard the agave syrup calling me by name. And, I succumbed. I actually only savoured the first spoon of it, dolloped over some coconut milk/cream/whatever-you-call-it. The second and third tsp seemed overly sweet. Hello? Just like valium, I was out cold about 20-30 minutes after I gulped it down. Live and learn, right? Well, not like I didnít know it was sweet. And not like I didnít know better. Bleeggh, I feel all sludgy, headachey and whiney. Lesson being that one really does fe ...   read more

Self diagnosis is a slippery trail   9 y  
Or, a little knowledge is a confusing thing
I keep reading that itís difficult to cure yourself of AF or mild hypothyroidism. Jeez, itís hard enough to figure out what the hell is going on, much less heal it. Weíre all just voyagers down the trial-and-error highway, it seems. Really, the minute you veer away from allopathic medicine you are confronted with many different roads, no map and very few signs along the way. Last night was a first for me. I didnít fall asleep at 8 pm and actually was able to watch a movie on DVD and relax and laugh. My temp was a lovely 98.6 the whole day so wondering if that had something to do with it ...   read more

You have to start somewhere   9 y  
getting healthier
I blame it on my crap response to my Fatherís death almost a year ago. A bit of it on my anger toward the allopathic community in not seeing his hip pain and edema as sure signs that his cancer had returned, this time with a vengeance. I discovered the correlation on Google right after my Dad let me know the bad news. Really, blame is the wrong word, because gone is gone and there is no rewind, baby. I had just started a new job in Oct of 2008 and two weeks later my Father called to let me know that his cancer had come back and that it didnít look so hot. Then he proceeded to tell me po ...   read more

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