Journey through my 10 day fast
by denalirose

DAY 1 Very excited to begin my fast   13 y  
Day 1 of 10
So here we go today is day one of a 10 day fast. I am so excited to begin. I love the feeling of my body expelling all those toxins!! Detox is hard but, the benefits well out way the symptoms!! I have such a better outlook on my life, a feeling of enlightenment! I am so pleased with all the info and knowledge I have gained from all the curezone members!! So just water today,I am going for 10 days. Wash,wash,wash those toxins right outta there!! I will post daily, chins up and happy fasting!!   visit the page

Time to get started again!!   13 y  
Mentally focused and determined to improve my health!
So I am back, well never left cure zone just have not blogged since I ended my last fast. As I said before I am new to this and I have gained so much info here at cure zone. My outlook on my health has changed so much and I would like to thank all of you who post questions and info on soooo many different subjects. So since my last fast, I have really changed my diet dramactly. I have gone to organic fruits and veges, I am so focused, on the way I prepare my meals now. I drink so much more water and actually think about what my body is consuming!! My last fast was started with little ...   read more

Day 8 Wandering if I have made the right choice   13 y  
Day 8 still detoxing,I hope I made the right choice, but I feel so much better
So today is day 8, yesterday I choice to just juice 3 carrots, I had a glass of kombucha tea, and 1/2 of an avacodo. My left eye is really red. I read somewhere that the liver empties in the eyes?? Maybe I should have stuck with the fast a little longer. I just felt like my family really wanted me to stop sooo.... The carbs made my ketosis level drop down for a few hours but the it was at deep purple again this morning. Last night I went to bed early, I slept for a couple of hours then woke up with the terrible hebbie jeebies, I had to get up, I felt like I was going to jump out of my sk ...   read more

DAY 7 of Cleasnsing   13 y  
still cleansing my system!!!
So I technically broke my water fast yesterday with a cup of herbal tea and 1 MC, the rest of the day was water. I really do not feel like introducing juice, my stomache is still saying NO. Still eliminating alot,I was very tired and had a sore throat last night. My body is still in ketosis so I am still burning those toxins out of my fat cells! NICE!!! I had noticed a few days ago how bright white my eyes were, but yesterday they were red and burning. My skin has really taken on a suple look and looks much better. I am going to have a carrot,apple juice this morning, and maybe a little o ...   read more

Day 6 I wil begin the break today   13 y  
Breaking my fast Day 6, muuust gooo veerryy sloowww!!!!!
So today is day 6, and I will begin to break my fast with MC, I will slowly introduce organic juice,fruits and the raw vegetables. I would like to embark on another water fast in about 2 weeks. This has been an amazing journey for me,and although it has been difficult, I am really looking forward to my next fast! The main reason I am deciding to break is due to the symptoms I had yesterday, I have tried posting in the forums about starting my mens..I posted here and no one has responded with any help so.... I am not sure if it is part of the cleansing, but I can’t get an answer so I feel i ...   read more

day 5 woohoo   13 y  
Feeling great this morning!!
So went to bed fairly early last night about 9, slept really well until 2, I had to get up to eliminate, have not had to do that as of yet!! I started eliminating yeasterday afternoon,into the night and this morning,without the SW. So I must really be cleansing NOW!! NICE!!!!!! I feel good this morning I am not tired or groggy at all. I have been in ketosis for a couple of days now so my body has cured the hunger. My family is starting to give me a little OK... don’t you think you should break the fast now, but I do not feel that I need to. My body is now starting to clean itself. So we ...   read more

DAY 4 This is getting very hard   13 y  
Tough times right now!!!!!!!
So, I went to bed very early last night as for the way I was feeling. I fell a sleep at 7:30, woke at 11:30, my son had cooked a pizza after work, and the smell of the pizza filled the house, made me so sick to my stomache. Drifted off to sleep and awoke again at 3:30, the smell was still lingering, still nauseated. Awoke again at 4:00 just decided to get out of bed. So I am wondering if our bodies process something every 4 hours that would cause me to wake??? I am not feeling very well, but I am trying to suck down the SW,hoping that if I eliminate I will feel better. All smells are so ...   read more

Day 3 Feeling Good   13 y  
Hoping for more!
Day 3 I woke this morning at 5:30, out of bed feeling rested, no hunger pangs, but a slight headache. I did notice that my craving for coffee is diminishing! YEAH!! I did my SW flush, I am not getting the amount of clean out as I expected to? My body still has not gone into ketosis, which I was really hoping for this morning, because I am still not really feeling any Detox symptoms. I have a very light feeling about myself though! It is good. The thought of food entered my mind as I prepare breakfast for the kids, it was the smell of cooking that triggered it, just warmed up some wate ...   read more

Ending day 2 on a very good note!   13 y  
i am really liking this so far!!!!!
So I am coming close to the end of day 2. I am feeling light headed, and sluggish. I am not really hungry,because of the amount of water I am drinking. I am using the lemonade when I get dizzy, but for the most part it is water. I have been doing some research on ketosis,and it seems the sooner my body reaches it, the quicker the detox?? As toxins are stored in the fat cells, among other places, so since it is my goal for better health and well being.... I am really consuming the water. Today I have had sense of total calmness. I am usally pretty high strung, and today I have felt very ...   read more

This is actually day 2   13 y  
HERE WE GO!!!MY FIRST REAL FAST, wanting to go 10 days!
Hi to all, this is going to be a journal on my experience on the MC/Water fast. I am going to try to make it the full 10 days. I am new to this, so we will see if my body can do the 10 days straight or if I will need to do a few days at a time to build up to a longer fast. I actually started yesterday, and I did very well. Drank,Drank,Drank...WOW Went to bed, but woke up at 2 A.M. not from hungrer just could not sleep which is very unusual for me!! I feel good so far this morning,I hope my body responds well to this regiment.. I REALLY WANT THIS TO WORK!   visit the page


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This is a journal of my 10 day MC/Water Fast. I am looking to improve my health and well being. more...

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