The Big Lazy
by Marathon902

Those Crazy Celebrity Quotes Heard 'Round the World   13 y  
A little musing on the world of celebrity quotes and how they can cause a topic to go nuts.
Big Dumb Celebrity Mouths Itís quite remarkable sometimes to see the effect that a celebrity has on something just by commenting on it. Today I read that Jim Carrey made a comment about Tiger Woodsís wife, saying that Elin Woods was partly complicit in everything that happened with Tiger and his infidelity. Now, that doesnít sound fair to me, but itís just one personís opinion, and though Iíve always been a big Jim Carrey fan, Iím just going to have to take him down a notch in my book. However, because heís a big movie star, all of a sudden this little bit of celebrity idiocy is a ma ...   read more

The Periodic 24-hour Fast for Health   13 y  
Post is about fasting and shares some insight from my own experiences lately.
So Iíve been on this fasting kick lately, among many other kicks and twists in my Ēget-ready-for-SpringĒ regimen. I just did my 4th 24-hour fast in about 4 weeks, and Iím getting pretty good at it. I donít know if I want to go more than one day at a time, but I am starting to see some nice effects from a simple 24-hour water fast. I have noticed a lowered craving for sugar and starches once I come of the fast, after the initial joy of allowing myself a stack of pancakes, that is.;-) In general a fast is supposed to suppress insulin secretion since your pancreas doesnít need to pr ...   read more

Results of my 24-Hour Water Fast   13 y  
Meh... not bad at all!
I have to say, I also feel pretty darn good having done it. No headaches, no digestive trouble. 24 hours is not that extreme, and I do feel like by body was doing good things to itself during that process. Case in point.... you know how your urine appears very clear sometimes if you are drinking a lot of water? Like the water is just passing right through? Well, during my 24-hour water fast, I drank a boatload of water, and was in the bathroom constantly as youíd expect. But you know what? After about 10 hours, my urine was quite yellow, and it seemed to get more so as the hours w ...   read more

Fasting for Physical and Spiritual Health.. Seriously?   13 y  
Does fasting help achieve health benefits, beyond just weight loss?
Hi everyone. Hereís whatís on my mind today, and I write about this with some hesitation I must admit... Fasting. Thatís right, itís an age-old practice, participated in by human beings for centuries, but itís been written about much lately as a health benefit and spiritual renewal exercise. Before I even get into it, I need to mention that Iím not a doctor and I would not ever give anyone the kind of advice that would lead them to practice any kind of extreme dieting behavior. I donít know if fasting is right for everyone, and they say to you should consult with your doctor bef ...   read more

And Breakfast Will Be Your Reward!   13 y  
I am going to lose 5 pounds by next month by running in the morning.
Monday night. Not much happening at the moment with me in the way of fitness or health... I believe I will be couch-bound tonight, catching up on ĒBreaking BadĒ. Amazing show, by the way... Although, this morning I decided Iím going to make myself lose 5 pounds, and Iím going to do this primarily by focusing on exercise and fat burning in the morning, when my body is most deprived of glycogen. This is a time-honored fat burning strategy, meant to take advantage of a natural window that exists every day after we wake up. It is the best time for optimal fat burning, so if you are goi ...   read more

Lazy... that's how it goes...   13 y  
Lazy.....that's how it goes?
Lazy, lazy, lazy. This is a pretty good description of many people that I know. Out of shape, seriously lacking in motivation, and truly in love with their kitchen cabinets, which just coincidentally happen to be chock full of high-carb, high fat, high sodium snacks, and even complete family dinners. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe itís because it is. Most of us are lazy, and if you are American, itís not even necessarily your fault. You have the good fortune to live in a society where food is plentiful, exercise is optional, and most of the things you love to do, whether theyí ...   read more

An Ab Crunch or Two...or None at all   13 y  
Some advice on lazy abdominal exercises, that really aren't abdominal exercises at all.
okay, itís late but as part of my rededication to this blog Iím going to write a quick burst on a subject that I know I have to get back to both in writing and in real life... My abs. Many people have difficulty getting a flat stomach because they donít do the exercises right, not to mention they may not do them at all. Many people spend too much time on the ab muscles and not enough time working the entire body in the interest of burning more calories and losing fat. What many people donít realize is that doing crunches or setups burns very few calories, and doesnít really work your ...   read more

Back To It!!   13 y  
a return to blogging after a prolonged winter absence. Keeping in theme with the title of this blog, The Big Lazy
Iím finally getting back to my health blogging after a long absence this is actually something I wanted to do but I simply havenít had the time. I have been thinking a lot lately about the difference between seasons with regard to how we exercise. In the wintertime I tend to get less exercise because itís just not as much fun to go to the gym as it is to take a run outside however if I do manage to go to the gym I think my workouts are better because theyíre more structured. Anyway, with some of the weather weíve had up here in the Northeast itís been difficult to get out for anythi ...   read more

A Brand New Blog!   13 y  
first blog post, introducing my theme. The Big Lazy begins in earnest.
Iím very excited to start this blog, and get some traffic in an area that is already teeming with health and fitness information. My objective is to offer advice for the ĒLazyĒ, meaning folks who donít want to go to the gym but want to be in shape, or people who donít want to change their diet but want to drop weight. I know of many tips and tricks that can help people with their lifestyle by doing things that are easy, and by multitasking their routines so that they are not losing out on their busy lives, but are still practicing good health and nutrition. Iíll start with some exer ...   read more


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This will discuss fitness and health topics with a frank understanding of the fact that most people do not have the time or energy to focus on either their health or their fitness routines. It will talk about ĒlazyĒ ways to improve your health and fitnessÖ more...

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