My Raw Life
by Avocadess

Oompa Loompa (Raw) Chocolate Storytime!   13 y  
True or False: Raw chocolate is good for you!
Wow. Can you think of anything much more fun to think about than Oompa Loompas and Sacred Chocolate?! For the uninitiated or unaware, Oompa Loompas were a peoples in the book CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY who just looooooved chocolate! However they were living and working in a place and for people that did not pay them enough to even buy the the chocolate they so dearly loved -- UNTIL Willie Wonka came around and hired them for his chocolate factory. Oh boy, the Oompa Loompas were REALLY happy then, because Willie Wonka even paid them in cacao beans, woo-woo!! ”Well that’s all ve ...   read more

Working on a Website!   13 y  
Until we meet again, wishing you the Best Day EVER...!
Well, it looks like I’m going to start my own website again for the first time in some years. It will be called -- but I still need to build it, so I may not be blogging here (or there) for yet a bit while I am setting it up. Just wanted to let you know what is going on. Hopefully will be back to blogging before you can say the Gettysburg Address!! (smile)   visit the page

God Bless the Wild Weeds, Wild Men and Wild Women!   13 y  
This is something I wrote sometime last year. Somehow it seems like a good message for Valentine's Day. (smile)
We were born into a bleak time on Earth. The Bomb had already detonated over Hiroshima, over Nagasaki, and the same forces that brought that to be became more and more in power over this Earth. Or if you are older, you were born during or before World War II, which was grim enough of itself. I have always loved the miracle, the symbology, the essence of meaning of, the reality of plants we will see that growth through the cracks in the sidewalks and cement parking lots. Yesterday I was laying out by the pool to get some vitamin D from the Sun. On a lesser level than the Bomb, I ha ...   read more

Dehydrating Soup Ingredients Today   13 y  
One of my most favorite solids in my warm raw winter soups is thinly sliced dehydrated zucchini rehydrated into the soup!
One thing I discovered some years ago is how much I love how thinly sliced dehydrated organic zucchini reconstitutes itself into a yummy ingredient for my warm winter soups! I use a 5-drawer Excalibur dehydrater. (Note that the drawers of 5-drawer Excaliburs hold twice as much as the drawers of 4-drawer Excaliburs.) I find that one SMALL zucchini sliced thinly with a mandolin type slicer will cover one full drawer. I do not use the Teflex sheets when drying the zucchini because there is nothing wet that will drip through -- and taking out the Teflex sheets decreases the drying time. ...   read more

Gathering My Winter Berries   13 y  
Well, some goji berries anyhow!
It’s a colder winter than we usually see here in Central Texas and I feel a bit like a squirrel huddling with my berries... I have a satisfying little hoarde: my winter tea makings of Chaga (medicinal tree mushroom which this time around I am purchasing pre-ground), shredded Astragalus (which seems like a bark but I think it’s really a root), Pau d’Arco (which really is a bark, and I get it shredded) and Cat’s Claw (which comes looking fairly shredded and I believe is actually a vine -- and is the #1 medicinal herb used for flus and other things in Peru!). I love to put these four ing ...   read more

NEW Super Cacao Drink -- Hold the Spirulina!   13 y  
This tastes better to me AND I can get all my 2 TBL of MSM in there -- Woo-Woo!!
David ”Avocado” Wolfe does NOT recommend putting MSM in cacao drinks. In my defense, I will say that e has never USED the MSM in his cacao drinks. I have -- for months -- and it WORKED. So, for ME, I’m sticking with the MSM in my cacao drinks. Here is my newly modified cacao drink I like even better. The only difference from the recipe I posted a few days ago called ”Super Cacao Drink -- Hold the Shilajit” is that I left out the spirulina -- which goes into my seaweed soup pretty much daily anyhow -- and I’m back to 2 TBL. of MSM -- no problem -- YEAH...!!!! One other tweak is a bit mo ...   read more

Healthy enough to be a full meal, quick and fun enough to be a snack. What's not to love? Goji berries are PACKED with nutrition and antioxidants and one handful a day gives maximum rewards! Recipe below!
FIRE ANTS ON A LOG Celery sticks filled with favorite raw nut butter(s) and trail goji berries down it. For real fire: stir a bit of cayenne powder into the nut butter(s) before filling the ”log”! KIDS will love this. YUMMY...!!! Without the cayenne is when it is called RED ANTS ON A LOG rather than FIRE ANTS. (smile) Today I made this recipe using homemade raw cashew and sesame butter (ground in a mortar and pestle) where I also added a wee bit of apple cider vinegar, a wee bit of local honey, a couple pinches of Celtic sea salt, cayenne powder and a couple cloves of pressed garlic. ...   read more

Super Cacao Drink -- Hold the Shilajit   13 y  
My past cacao drink started disagreeing with my digestion, and in an attempt to find something that will go down smoother I have left out not only the shilajit, but also the mucuna, coconut oil and half of the original amount of MSM
Okay, here is my CURRENT attempt at a Cacao Drink that will go down easily both with the palate and my finicky digestion. I’m drinking it now so no results yet, but YUM I could get used to this flavor! I’ll call it: SUPER CACAO DRINK -- HOLD THE SHILAJIT, MUCUNA, COCONUT OIL and HALF THE MSM 1 1/2 cups filtered spring water (it had been chlorinated so had to filter it) 1 1/2 cups of my Coffee Substitute Healing Tea sans (without) the cacao (i.e., with pau d’arco, astragalus, cat’s claw and chaga) OR another 1 1/2 cups good water 2 TBL bee pollen 1/2 cup goji berries (yeah, yeah, I ...   read more

Raw and Non-Raw -- Healthy -- Binge Food   13 y  
As someone who has spent most of my life addicted to the foods that are the worst of the worst for health, turning to non-raw but HEALTHIER foods when I binge helps a lot in keeping me on my chosen course!
This is one that food addict types like me may be able to relate to. It is supposed to be a condiment -- something to sprinkle on a rice dish or whatnot -- but I rarely eat rice anymore and I still want the sprinkles. GOMASHIO (non-raw) 1/4 to 1/2 cups sesames with hulls Celtic sea salt, lightly to taste That’s the whole ingredients. The tools are a saucepan or frying pan -- hopefully NOT Teflon or aluminum which put toxins in your food (as do most stainless steel pots and pans) -- and a mortar and pestle are ideal. However, if you don’t have a mortar and pestle you can use a s ...   read more

My Homemade Kombucha   13 y  
My sort of long and convoluted description of how I made my own "mad scientist" version of Kombucha -- and love it...!
I don’t think I wrote about this, did I? Okay, I just double-checked and it does not appear that I have! It took me a while to decide to make kombucha. I just did not want to use white sugar or black tea. Then in time I heard about people using green tea and decided I would make it, but with my own mother -- so that my mother or SCOBY (which stands for Symbiotic Colony of Beneficial Yeast) would start out with organic and what to me seems more wholesome ingredients. I took a big chance, though. I had heard that you should NOT use different flavored teas because you might get the wron ...   read more

Adorable Raw Food Child Isadora!   13 y  
Raw (Vegan) Cheese Collard Wraps with Isadora
This 4-year-old Isadora is SO cute...!!! The video starts with her singing (beautifully) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and then she proceeds to help her mom and narrate the making of the RAW CHEESE COLLARD WRAPS. It’s clear that she LOVES these health raw foods and would be a GREAT video to show other little kids -- since they relate to one another so well. Love you, Isadora!!! You are a Beautiful Twinkling Star!!! HEY, and it’s a GREAT recipe, too...!!! Thanks for reading, and here’s wishing you the Best Day EVER...! ...   read more

My Raw Life Recipe Index   13 y  
RAW RECIPES - mostly vegan, some vegetarian may include raw dairy. As time goes on I reckon I'll have a LOT of recipes listed, so to keep it handy and easy to access I am starting this index which I will put a link to at the bottom of each of my blog entries. Will do my best to put them in some kind of logical alphabetical order – and may list some recipes twice just to make them easier to find in the alphabetical format (for instance "Simple Guacamole" will be listed under S – but it will also be listed under G as "Guacamole, Simple"):

Sea Green Mermaid Miso Soup   13 y  
When I made my first bowl of this soup I kept thinking, "No. No way this will taste good, putting all these algaes in here. Too healthy to taste good." What was I thinking?! Whoa -- SUPER healthy + SUPER delicious = TURNS ME ON...!
I think I will call this SEA GREEN MERMAID MISO SOUP -- A sea mineral RUSH...~! I thought this was not going to taste good but I had to try it -- and it tastes great!! Miso soup with 1/2 tsp. each of spirulina, bluegreen algae and chlorella, plus the usual things I like to add: pressed fresh garlic (optional but I do 2 cloves, lol) 1 to 2 tsp. of hemp (or olive) oil 2-3 TBL organic frozen green peas which I add to the water heating in the pan I use 2 parts red miso (Miso Master Organic) from the refrigerator section to 1 part Eden Organic Hacho Miso (aged 3 years, d ...   read more

Hurray for MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)   13 y  
MSM has changed my life. For several years on most days I could not walk without fairly severe arthritis pain in my feet.
Three letters. MSM. It has helped me so much! This past month I have not been taking it as much and some arthritis pain is RETURNING...! I had been taking 1-2 TBL of MSM daily for about 5 months and it took a few months but the results were nothing short of miraculous! No, it was not the only thing I did -- but I really believe the MSM had a LOT to do with getting rid of the arthritis pain -- especially now that having stopped taking it for a while the pain is coming back. MSM is sulfur. Some people are allergic to sulfur so if you are not sure if you are allergic or not be sur ...   read more

Weighing in on My Strengths and Letting Them Work for Me   13 y  
David "Avocado" Wolfe makes a good point that we should work on our STRENGTHS and be busy working on them rather than our weaknesses -- I like it, I like it!!!!
We all have ’em. Strengths and weaknesses. I know I have spent a lot of time in my life working on my weaknesses, often to little or no avail. This is certainly true when it comes to EATING for me...!! How can I word this? Well, first I will list my STRENGTHS since that is what I am and shall focus on and work on!! My strengths are that I LOVE the very idea of eating living and wild foods, I very much enjoy trying and eating NEW things, I love EXPERIMENTING with new recipes and making my own. I very much enjoy the magic of fermenting my own foods and beverages (although I have a lot mor ...   read more

Why I Keep Returning to Raw (part 1)   13 y  
Because it's what really WORKS for me, that's why, silly!
Something curious happened last weekend. I was at the 100th birthday party of my long-time friend’s mother, Mary Bolton Eckles. About 150 of us had descended upon a Mexican restaurant and basically had our own wing of mayhem there. My son and I sat at one end of a long table across from a couple people I often see as sort of extended family at times like Christmas. Celia said, ”I know someone that went on raw diet, but it didn’t take and she quit.” I looked at her feeling stunned. I wasn’t sure why. I said nothing. I was having my own little battle with slipping on raw at that very momen ...   read more

Avocados and Grapefruits   13 y  
Rediscovering some of the glories of avocados and grapefruits and a little mention of the current cleansing and zapping I am doing!
Avocados Today I once again remembered my great love for avocados. What helped remind me was reading about how avocados contain the enzyme called lipase which helps to clear out the old gunk that was put in the arteries and pipes in the body by the bad oils -- like fried oils, rancid oils and generally not-the-best-ever oils one has eaten. I had forgotten about that. It reminded me about Victoria Boutenko saying how avocados helped her when she was losing weight years ago -- but better yet, it reminded me that *I* lost a *heck* of a lot of weight years ago eating about a 90% raw di ...   read more

Quick-Instant-Fast Raw Organic Junk Food   13 y  
Something fast, easy and comforting for those days with crazy cravings!
I do not think of this food as ideal, but it fills some perverse space in my heart that wants to eat something right away that fits the bill of comfort food and junk food. By eating this I have many times avoided eating TRULY junky food, so even though I just did a blog entry a few minutes ago I’m going to go ahead and share my little instant fast trick here, and that is JUNK FAST FOOD TO KEEP IN THE KITCHEN 1 or more bags of frozen organic corn and/or organic peas When I find myself going into a crazymaker mode and I want to eat something that spells COMFORT to me and I want it g ...   read more

Making Raw Garnet Yam Chips with Simple Guacamole Today   13 y  
Simple recipe for truly healthy version of my old favorite junk food -- chips. What do they call those in Britain? Crisps! And a very simple guacamole to dip them in.
I’ve made these chips quite a few times over the years. They are amazingly good to eat and once I got over the idea that chips HAD to be fragile like junk-style potato chips, I realized these garnet yam chips are really quite superior as dip chips as they do not hardly ever break -- and yet they get just crispy enough and ”chippy” enough to truly enjoy as chips. Update: Hold the phone!! I was lost in the ozone when I wrote this recipe -- HOLD THE OIL until AFTER you dehydrate the chips -- then you can spray or light brush the oil on and then put them in the bag to shake and coat them w ...   read more

Early Taste Tests of my Cacao Ca-Coffee Thumbs Up!   13 y  
Meandering thoughts in raw-raw land after a long day...
Yesterday a friend came by and I offered her some of the healing tea that tastes like a mellow cacao coffee. She drank a cup and told me it made her feel high! Then today another friend came by (who is not into raw foods at all) and at first she demured on trying it until I mentioned that it tasted like coffee. She had a cup and was going on and on about how great it was and said I could sell it. Pretty good! Meanwhile, I have been emptying my coffers in my relentless effort to really go full throttle into the super healthy and superfood lifestyle: getting a 316 Ti (titanium) Sal ...   read more

Healing Coffee Substitute!   13 y  
Getting back in the saddle again, back home from my trip with all the culinary temptations and slippages, and reporting on the beverage that just came together for me last week and appears to be a KEEPER as not only a coffee substitute but is very HEALING and has NO sugar (or dairy)!
It’s been really nice to be home again, no longer surrounded by all the food temptations. I know I make it sound like all I cared about was the food and not the PEOPLE I went to see, but that is not true. I’m just focusing on the food part for the blog donchano. It was GREAT seeing so many old friends and making new friends there as well. One person who read my first entry here said she just forgives herself when these things happen. I really like that. I was thinking more I was going to ACCEPT it -- but I think FORGIVING it is even better!! Some good news: Upon the day of the ret ...   read more

Identity Crisis Weekend   13 y  
About my adventures attempting to stick to all-raw beegan diet during a major family-reunion-style celebration this weekend
Oy vay! I know I am making progress and inroads, but my gosh, what a wildly uncontrollable weekend I experienced with the foods...! I had had it all planned out, I took durian with me, I took my own version of Deradune Tribal Mix for snacking and mealing on at any time (cacao nibs, goji berries, bee pollen, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, a few raisins and a little Celtic sea salt), and I took my own version of Chia Seed Porridge (can’t remember all ingredients but it is a non-sweet porridge with cacao and chia and goji berries and maca and a couple things I cannot rememb ...   read more


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Having been attempting -- sometimes successfully, other times not so successfully -- a raw lifestyle for 20 years now, I don’t plan to EVER stop. But I do sometimes slip and I do sometimes fall. And when I do, I pick myself back up and get ON THE RAW AGAIN. I’ll share here adventures and recipes in my journey. My personal current ideal diet is what I call beegan (that is, vegan except that it also includes bee products and may or may not contain sea life from time to time -- the jury is out).… more...

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