My Journey to Cure my Acne
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A useful read   14 y  
An article I found about how to get clear skin
Hereís an article I found that sums up my beliefs about acne pretty well: If youíre looking for tips on how to get clear skin then this article will probably stand out from the rest. Unlike the other articles, Iím not going to insult your intelligence with miracle products to make a quick buck - what Iíve covered in this article is simply the best way to treat your acne that I have discovered after years of research. I Suffered From Acne at a very Young Age I started getting spots and what you would describe as mild acne at the age of 12, but little did I know then that it would p ...   read more

The acne equation   14 y  
The three componenets of the presence of acne
I have spent the last couple of years researching holistic ways in which I can cure my cystic acne, and that research has helped me to learn an awful lot about the body and more importantly why and how acne is caused. Here Iím just going to elaborate briefly on the acne equation: Any one of these components in their own right can cause acne, when more than one factor comes into play is when the really serious acne occurs. 1) Hormonal imbalance Excessive androgens in the system are incredibly toxic and must be removed from the system in one way or another. When everything is run ...   read more

EFA's aren't great for taste   14 y  
EFA's taste horrible!
Well, obviously not much to report yet because I only started taking them earlier this morning, however I have found out one key thing - I really hate the taste of these things! Itís got quite a nutty taste to it - which is apparently how itís supposed to taste when the oils arenít rancid so thatís good at least. Unfortunately when I put it on my food it completely changes the flavour of the whole meal - Iím in two minds as to whether I should just plug my nose, down the whole lot and eat the meal in its entirety afterwards. The things we do for acne! I really hope that this EFA s ...   read more

Started supplementing with EFA's   14 y  
Supplementation with Essential Fatty Acids to clear skin problems
Essentialy fatty acids are supposedly substances that the body canít produce but are essential to the processes of the body. One of the things they are used for is to create prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are used by the body to regulate hormones. This is important because unbalanced hormones are toxic. Itís the first time Iíve supplemented with this substance so Iím eager to see the results. Iíll be taking 3 tablespoons of Udoís essential oils per day - 1 tablespoon with each meal. I just had my first taste this morning and Iím not a fan, but anything to help cure this acne. ...   read more

My first step   14 y  
Overview of my first steps to clear cystic acne
I wasnít going to write this post straight away, but Iíve got a full day at work tomorrow so thought Iíd better write it tonight after all! So starting from next week Iíll be on phase 1 of my clear acne program. Iím following a program called Ēacne no moreĒ by Mike Walden and one of the first things it recommends I do is check my diet to make sure Iím not ingesting too many toxins. The theory is that if your body has too many toxins then they canít be filtered out by the liver, kidneys and intestines and so have to be excreted through the skin. This in turn blocks pores and thatís ...   read more

Introduction - My journey to cure my acne - Day 1!   14 y  
Introduction to my new blog - 28 year old conquers cystic acne (hopefully!)
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. To give you a very short introduction, I have been suffering from cystic acne since the age of around 14. It has been blighting my confidence for years; I am not 28 and still suffer from severe cystic acne on my face, chest and back. After years of different drugs - roaccutane, tetracycline, erythrymycin and Benzoyl peroxide to name a few, I have decided to finally look at alternative methods to improve my skin. I was originally inspired by an article I read on ezinearticles because it seemed to make a lot of sse to me. A couple of weeks of r ...   read more


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Cystic acne sufferer and his journey to cure his acne once and for all more...

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